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9.11 investigation


This is what Tom Kennedy, FEMA spokesman said to Dan Rather on Sep11th.
the media question must be:
If the FEMA was there one day before,why didn't they evacuate the South Tower?
Not one terrorist hijacker has been identified from his remains. All of their death certificates read, "John Doe."
And Cheney, Ashcroft, Bush, et al would have us believe that no US institution had any foreknowledge and that intelligence/law enforcement incompetence is a thing of the pre-9/11 past.
Even more telling than the scores of warnings before 9/11 are what the Bush Administration and US military did and did not do on 9/11.
And just as telling is what the Ashcroft justice department has not been able to accomplish despite the largest and costliest effort in DOJ history along with a battery of new broad powers to suspend suspects' rights:
1) No Osama Bin Laden.
2) During the entire Afghani war, the US forces captured exactly ONE of Osama Bin Laden's underlings and no other terrorist leaders.
3) No questioning of the Bin Laden family--instead the Bush administration was actively complicit in helping them avoid any scrutiny or questioning.
4) Token, if any, pressure on the Saudi government to cooperate with any 9/11 investigation and/or hand over other Saudi nationals who may have been involved in the effort.
5) Not one of the supposed 9/11 perpetrators has been positively identified.
6) Not one subsequently active terrorist cell has been busted by US intelligence or law enforcement.
7) Out of thousands of arrests and detentions, only a single suspect has been charged in connection with 9/11 or post-9/11 domestic terrorism--and this guy was a walking neon sign broadcasting the coming terrorist attack long before 9/11. In addition, the DOJ is scared to death that he will succeed in his bid to defend himself.
8) The utter failure of any DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA effort to turn up a single credible lead in the anthrax cases.
9) Absolutely no determination of who made hundreds of millions of dollars selling short on American and United Airlines stock just before 9/11.
It's a matter of minutes to impeach the whole government!!
..not weeks, not months, not 2004!!
The truth is out there and it was already in the media.
It's not about combining some dots anymore, it's about combining some articles!!
I don't care if it's me, or somewhere else of GZ or a republican or someone i really don't like, but someone of us must have the guts to continue calling up the media until they wake up of their brainwash and corruption.
1) The confirmation of Shutdown Flight 93
The Guardian already confirmed that flight 93 was shut down.
"..U.S. fighters were flying to intercept it, and possibly
shoot it down, when it crashed.."
< http://www.guardian.co.uk/uslatest/story/0,1282,-1754798,00.html>
I don't know why they wrote that and what their source was but
the media question must be:
If they shutdown flight93, why they had no time to shutdown the other planes in NYC?
If they had prior knowledge, why didn't they evacuate the South Tower?
(we know the answer: they let it happen on purpose)
2) The FEMA was already in NYC on monday.
This is what Tom Kennedy, FEMA spokesman said to Dan Rather on Sep11th.
the media question must be:
If the FEMA was there one day before,why didn't they evacuate the South Tower?
(we know the answer: they let it happen on purpose)
The CIA monitored two of the hijackers and wrote a "cable" about that on August 23rd, BUT Colleen's contact with the NSLU and FBIHQ was finished on August 28th.
The media question must be:
What happened within these 5 days?
(we know the answer: they let it happen on purpose)
The FBI ignored Kenneth Williams, Akai Collins, Colleen Rowleys and Robert Wrights warnings, all TOP people of the FBI.
Dale Watson, FBIHQ, former CIA ignored them.
The media question must be:
Why did he ignore the warnings and even sent a warning months earlier to the CIA?
(we know the answer: they let it happen on purpose)
John O'Neill received the memo of Colleen Rowley as well, while he still had his job.
But instead of making it public, he was forced by Jerry Hauer, a bioterrorism expert (started at least on Sep10th a job at the National Health Institute under Thommy Thompson) and Barry Mawn (resigned from FBI in November 2001) and obviously also Thomas Picking (took over the job of Louis Feesh in August 2001 before Robert Mueller took over in Sep11th), who works today as Top Security Chief at pharmacy monopolist Bristol Myers Squibb.
The media question must be:
Why all these TOP FBI people ignored the warnings?
(we know the answer: they let it happen on purpose)
We counted at least 40 early warnings incl. 8 high alerts on September 1oth.
MSNBC confirmed a high alert on Sep1oth at the Pentagon,
we know that the Language Institute in Monterey was on high alert, Officer Butler even accused Bush in a letter on May 25th, that he let the attack happen ON PURPOSE!!
This was even mentioned in the BBC. The full letter is at democrats.com
< http://www.bayarea.com/mld/mcherald/news/3396664.htm>
< http://www.democrats.com/view.cfm?id=7735>
< http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_2025000/2025939.stm>
The media question must be:
Why the Pentagon and Air Force ignored after a high alert to shutdown the planes? How much did they know and why did they ignore it?
(we know the answer: they let it happen on purpose)
WE know since months about 8-10 warnings by various intelligence services (The ISI, no surprise, wasn't in this list)
Now 4-5 have been reconfirmed again, for the 100th time.
The latest one was reconfirmed by Egypt and Jordania and the warning was sent AFTER the Williams and Rowley-Memos.
The media question must be:
Why the Pentagon and CIA ignored all these warnings?
(we know the answer: they let it happen on purpose)
Furthermore we know that Bush almost signed his ok to start a war against the Taliban a few days BEFORE Sep11th, Jeb Bush renewed Martial law BEFORE Seo11th, NA-Commander Massoud was killed BEFORE sep11th, the US ARMY arrived in the middle east BEFORE Sep11th, some FBI agents supported a 911-insider trading BEFORE sep11th (confirmed by NY POST), the White House took CIPRO ON sep11th, weeks BEFORE the first anthrax attack,
Professor Francis Boyle (professor of law at the University of Illinois and BioExpert) AND Barbara Rosenberg (Federation of American Scientists), both accused the CIA to support to send the ames spores of Fort Detrick.
< http://www.counterpunch.com/boyle0425.html>
The media question must be:
Why the media ignored all this infos?
(we know the answer: the media was forced not to think about it)
Bush ahd prior knowledge and lied.
It was a lie, that he had no prior knowledge.
It was a lie, that he thought the first crash must have been forced by a "bad pilot"
It was a lie, that he reacted immediately and called NYC. He waited 30 minutes before he handled. THERE is EVEN a FULL 30-MINUTE VIDEO about it.
He also lied that he saw the first plane crash live on TV.
Why was he and Dick Cheney for months against a 911-investigation.
The media question must be:
Why died he lie?
(we know the answer: because former governor Bush, elected with
a rigged election in Florida, let the attack happen on purpose)
Finally: there is and there was NEVER any evidence, that Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 911 and/or was in any way involved in the planning.
Noone ever gave us names, who planned the attack.
Even this new guy they presented us today as the NEW mastermind.
No ties, no evidence, no planning details, no bank accounts, even not the right citizenship (not Kuwait, but Pakistan) ,no further information.
And what about the passpord in the rubble, classified by Barry Mawn. Why this stupid lie?
What about the oil pipeline, confirmed by VARIOUS media now, why such a big secret about it?
What about the former UNOCAL consultants, who work for the US-GOV AND the afghanistan government since December 2001?
Why do they not talk about?
(we know the answer: because they let the attack happen on purpose)
THIS IS NO POLITICAL STRATEGY, it's no time for cynical discussions, WE TALK about murder.
THIS government has to be impeached now. THE HISTORY needed 15 years to reveal the truth about the Nazis, do you really wanna wait that long?
We even know, that it is only the tip of the iceberg.
It was onviously not only LIHOP, they planned the whole attack, the war, the anthrax vaccines and attack since 1997/8
Germany was under shock for years when they found out the truth about their government who killed millions of their own residents.
The shock of the americans, when they will learn the truth about 2,3000 people should be stronger than that.
This is a fight to save the democracy in the whole world.
It is our duty to increase the prsessure, before it will happen from "outside"
If the americans will fight and reveal their own lies, we can be proud of us again.
It is no time to wait for some biased media only.
WE have to call them up..EVERY DAY!
If we don't have the courage to do that, we're guilty as well.
Even if some of us will give up soon, because they fighted and investigated already on that sonce 9 months,we still have the "second generation" to fulfill this job for us.
It is a matter of minutes to sumup the most obvious LIVE on TV.
It is a matter of minutes to impeach the whole US-Government.
..just do it!!!

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FLOOD EVERY NEWSWIRE 06.Jun.2002 12:50

fed up

i too, am "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore"

take every single referenced article, link and piece of information you have--









its the only way to counter the corporate media ocean tides!