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drunk punk who hits sleeping childen is drinking again

For the punks and activists who do not already know this is meant to inform you of a sad situation that took place this march. And to update you on whats happeneing currently.
dear readers it is with a heavy heart that I this, but it must be done. I took my seven month daughter to a food not bombs benifeit show at the end of march. Before the concert even began she was assualted while she slept in her carrier on my back by a man who was very drunk. His defense was that he thought she was a doll. He repeatedly hit her while shouting die die die. This incident took place on saturday and on sunday we had a comunity meeting about what to do, we felt ejecting him FORCEFULLY from the show was not enough, we also did not want to involve the police cause this was the peoples issue. So we had the meeting and booth parents attended as well as witnesses and even the drunks friends. We decided to go to him do an intervention to get him into alcohol treatment and if he did not we would go from there. It was very organized talked about and diciplined, and it worked on tuesday night we went with him as he checked himself into treatment. During that day the mother and I did the sweat work and got him a bed if it worked out. It was all very emotional and extremelly stressfull on our family. Anyway what brings me here to you now is that he is drinking again and more than capable in fact it is inevitable that more such incidents will occur. He has been a severe alcoholic in the comunity as long as I can remember and it seems he can no longer see the difference between what is reality and what is not any more than he could tell the difference between a sreaming child and a doll. I guess that before I give the mans name I feel that maybe a meeting should be planned to discuss what we as the community should do with this man. Also I feel it is best to leave his name off of this because althogh I trust most of you out there I do not trust you all, and I feel that that violence is not the answer. I want to inform and to deal with this QUICKLY. I feel you may not be able to know how hard it is to have to keep dealing with this, but everyone needs to know that this person is out there. I will announce the meeting as soon as I work out the details. I look forward to hearing your comments
conventional tx does not work 06.Jun.2002 08:18

addiction educator

your method of dealing with the situation is admirable, but conventional tx of addictions does not work, or barely. it is basically like putting bush and his cronies into a drunk tank for a few days and expecting that they will emerge without the taste for power, corruption and control.

if this individual has been dealing with alcohol addiction for this long, and is confusing reality with fiction, there is a good chance that there is brain damage. sleeping it off for a few nights in a clean and sober bed ain't gonna touch this problem.

drinking feels good initially; a means to placate the chemicals in the brain. over time, it becomes a necessary evil, even when reality is so distorted and an individuals life is so chaotic. a classic story is a person with alcoholism who has a gun, a fifth of vodka and an AA book. they choose the gun because neither the alcohol or AA is working for them.

of course, it is more than a physiological problem, but that is where treatment must start. this person needs the kind of treatment that will begin repairation of the damaged and imbalanced nuerochemicals, so that they can begin thinking clearly and realize the depth of thier problem.

of course, treatment like this isn't free nor does it come cheap. and it is a long road. there is no quick and easy solution to dealing with addictions. ask anyone who has tried to kick nicotine. the brain is altered by the chemicals and goes seriously corrupt when the chemicals are no longer administered.

what this person needs is a clean and sober living environment where they will be nourished to the bone. no sugars, no junk food, no stimulants. instead lots of whole grains and vegis, herbal supplements (to feed the adrenals, pancreas, nervous system and brain), and loving encouragement.

thanks though for not involving the criminal system. it only further angers and antagonizes those brain chemicals.