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9.11 investigation

New Book--with footnoted sources--on 9-11 implicates Bush, NSA, CIA,...

New Book entitled: "The War On Freedom" available online
at  http://www.thewaronfreedom.org It's extensively
researched, footnoted to verifiable credible sources,
and thoroughly implicates Bush, the National Security
Council (NSA), CIA, FBI, and Pentagon/military in both
foreknowledge, and cover-up of 9-11.
We definitely need a thorough investigation of the events
associated with 9-11. Check out the new book "The War On
Freedom" available online at:  http://www.thewaronfreedom.org
Chapter four regarding Bush/NSA/CIA/FBI/Pentagon/stock
market/etc et al foreknowledge --and complicity--in the events
of 9-11 is available for downloading and printing/distributing.
It is extensively foot-noted to verifiable and credible sources.
This well researched book will be available in printed form
soon (mid to late June hopefully!). We can continue the debate
regarding government complicity endlessly, or we can begin to
do the research ourselves. More than that, we can follow the
lead of the activists in Eugene, OR and take the demand for an
investigation --and ideally the arrest of Bush, NSA, CIA, FBI
etc et al for murder, conspiracy, complicity, and high treason
(who are the real terror-ists anyway?!)--to the streets, in every
part of this so-called "nation". !Basta! What are we waiting for?
Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win!
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