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Peltier Event in Portland, OR

American Indian Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier, Fundraiser & Information
7pm - 10:30pm, June 27th The Red & Black Cafe
2138 SE Division, Portland Oregon
(503) 231-3899
$5 - $10 Donation requested (no one turned away)
This event is in remembrance of the 27th anniversary since the shoot-out on
the Pine Ridge Reservation that led to the deaths of two FBI agents, the
uninvestigated killing of an American Indian Movement activist, and the
Wrongful Conviction of Leonard Peltier

The Evening Will Include:

Guest American Indian Speakers from South Dakota:
Witnesses to the "Reign of Terror" on the Pine Ridge Reservation

Performances by Musicians:
Spider Moccasin, Trevino Brings Plenty

Performances by Spoken Word Poets:
Turiya Autry, M.Wescott Berton, Silas, Luke Warm Water

A Video by Chris Francisco: "Chases the Sun"
filmed at the Tacoma Peace Rally (Feb.2002)

$5 - $10 Donation requested (no one turned away)