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Why the Economy will soon Collapse

Hope you have been at least buying gold and silver coins, if not gold itself!!
Good afternoon indeed... ... I'm your host ... The Citizen... from www.citizenspokane.com.

This afternoons' show is about the new players within the New World Order.

The other day, I was listening to a tape made by Rick Wiles. His guest was a woman named Tatyana Koryagina. Mrs. Koryagina is a leading economist and major research fellow at the Institute of Macro Economics Research, which is under the Russian Ministry of Economic Development.

Dr. Koragina is a trusted advisor to Russia's President, Vladamir Putin. She gained prominence by accurately predicting the collapse of the Russian economy in 1998.

Then... on July 12th 2001, she predicted the collapse of the American economy after an attack on the US. This is pretty scary as she predicted this to happen on August 19th... which... ironically was only a few weeks before the attack on the World Trade Center.

When she was questioned about her credibility she had this to say... .and this is in her words as spoken during the interview.

OK... first of all, I want to tell you that I give this interview after I have spoken at two very important meetings or conferences. First one was held at the Institution devoted to the fight against organized crime in April. And the second speech I gave was at the Parliament hearing about the world economic crisis. For thirty years, I've been researching the shadow economy and for ten years I've been researching the organized crime. As a researcher, it was more an accident that I stumbled upon the discovery that all the financial crisis that have been taking place in the world lately were planned by something or somebody.

As I was researching the economic development of the world and I was researching the shadow economy and the organized crime, particularly the mafia, I started to work on the hypothesis that there are actually shadow structures that are interested in slowing down and collapsing the world economy.

(Now here is where it started to get interesting)... As I have been researching, I have started to stumble upon the works that led me to believe that there are structures and forces in the world that started to work in the end of the 19th century...

(The Frankfurt Scholars that came to the US in or about 1850-1933, who were transitional Marxists. People like Kurt Lewen, J.L. Morano, and others that called themselves The Institute For Social Change).

and throughout the 20th century (The birth of the current movement, which is Marxism on a more gentle, acceptable and palatable scale. People like Benjamin Blume, John Carol, James Coleman, James Block, and Bill Spady) that believed that the economical and industrial progress in the world is actually harmful for the people and the planet. (The phony ecologists) They believed that the economical development was way too fast and it needs to be slowed down. Also, the same structures were saying that the world was overpopulated and that is why they decided it needs to be taken care of. It needs to be slowed down and it needs to be dealt with. "

Dr. Koryagina went on to explain that the idea of using fundamentalists of any religion isn't new at all. We all remember the secret societies in the Middle-Ages that would assassinate people and pledge their lives to their charismatic leaders, willing to die for their cause. She stated that she wasn't at all convinced that Osama Bin Laden was entirely to blame for the WTC attack but rather he was more likely part of a plot and was used by this government and the secret societies as a focal point. This seemed logical to me, as we have now found out that he is not going to live long anyway due to severe kidney disease. He very well may be dead right now. As recently as last July, while on the FBI top ten most wanted list, he received dialysis at the American hospital in Dubai and was visited by no less than 15 CIA agents in his private room which is a rarity in those parts of the world. You have to ask yourself: why didn't they arrest him if he was such a wanted man?

Then Rick asked who these secret societies actually were. She said there were too many to name but one was called "The Dead Head." I have studied secret societies myself and even have a couple of family members who are members of such societies or groups but I have never heard of this group.

She wouldn't get much more specific but went on to say that these groups have realized that their slow growth movement has lost its appeal and is losing momentum. Her research showed that the American and world economies are going to literally explode and come to a total collapse very soon and they needed to do something to lay blame at some else's doorstep. She then said something that really piqued my interest and alluded to some of the players. She said, "For instance, who is responsible for the loss of 5 trillion dollars of the American peoples money in securities, in a collapsed market? She also brought up the issue of massive insider trading just days before the WTC attack and went on to say that there are volumes of documentation available beyond the mountain of evidence in her possession. She said the trail would lead directly to the most prestigious and wealthiest people in the world therefore they needed something to preoccupy the suspicious. Also mentioned was the coming rollacoster ride in oil prices due to the Israeli and Palestinian conflict that will no doubt erupt soon. Her belief in the world economy collapse is based on the estimation of the world wealth, about 450 trillion dollars by most economists account,in securities, futures, etc... and the known outcome of the worlds markets is only thirty trillion. This vast gap cannot be concealed much longer.

A great deal of what was said by Dr. Koragina was very logical when taken out of the context of terrorism rhetoric.

She pointed out that the complicity between the government of the US and the terrorist attack doesn't flesh out. She said a person who could get their hands on the necessary information needed to affect such an attack is not your average disgruntled religious fanatic. She also pointed out the fact that probably over a thousand people were involved at the highest levels of government to do this act, from a tactical viewpoint.

There have been upwards to 2000 articles and pieces of tell- tale evidence to support this and it isn't being discussed on the mainstream media. For instance, we know that all the air-bases were ordered to stand down when it was realized that 4 aircraft were far out of their flight pattern. We know the white house cabinet all sold their airlines stock days before the incident. We know Delmart Vreeland, now in jail in Canada, attempted to tell the US what targets were going to be hit, when they were going to be hit, and how. He put it into writing months before the attack, while in jail and I have a scan of that document as well as dozens of the better documentation articles on my website at www.citizenspokane.com. It seems everyone in the world, except the American public knew of what was going to happen. If in fact a thousand people were involved, and there might have been more, and it took three years in the planning, in the governments own words, it stands to reason that at least a few of these people actually had a conscience and the word got out. The evidence is monumental and to believe that one very ill Saudi dissident, religious, fanatic, could orchestrate this with a hand full of morons that can't even burn a flag or set their sneakers on fire, is simply not reasonable.

Dr. Koryagina said that it is inevitable that this can't be concealed forvery much longer but by the time the public awakens to the facts, they will be naked in the streets. The collapse of social security and the pension funds will amplify the misery and despair. Now we see Enron raided dry then collapsed, and the domino effect has already started. These predictions by this economist in Russia are most disturbing because they have been so accurate. All of this is documented well before the events took place. If she knew, then why didn't our illustrious leaders know?

Dr. Koryagina actually went into many of the very issues and established facts of historical nature that we in the patriot movement and freedom movement have been saying for years. She said her research has uncovered population reduction plots brought to fruition through genetically engineered disease, deliberate destruction of people and property, Chernoble being one incident among many, and that these Malthusian followers are of an ilk that is basically incomprehensible to normal people thus causing the general street person to disregard valid expose from people like us. They think us to be conspiracy theorists, right wing wackos, or demented to put forth the notion that humans can have such diabolical disregard for life.

Rick Wiles then asked, "If these people are so diabolical then how have they managed to put together this mastermind plot?

This is here it blew my socks off because she came right out of left field with her answer. I never expected nor had I ever thought of her answer but once again, what I already knew made this totally sensible and logical.

Dr. Koragina said, "Well basically, to answer your question we need to go back to the operation and structure of those secret societies, religious groups, and sects. Basically, their agenda, for many, many years, has been to insert their people into the highest levels of government. They have been doing it diligently and slowly. For example, the sect we know as Scientology is known for doing that. They either recruit people from the highest levels of government that are very influential people or they send their people who are already in the sect into the highest levels of government. And basically, over the years the situation has become as such that even the smallest sect or secret society or religious group has influence over one government, or one country, or over a group of countries of the world because their members have been inserted into the highest levels of government at the highest levels of influential society.

Rick asked, "Is the Russian government in the Kremlin fighting the same penetration by these sects? Is this something that Vladamir Putin is aware of and is he resisting it?

Dr. Koryagina: Well, first of all, I can't tell you want Vladamir Putin is aware of or what he is doing to fix the problem. I want to tell you, yes, the certain groups, sects, and organizations are trying to influence any decision that the government makes. There are reports that when the rubble defaulted when there was total collapse of the Russian economy, the Prime Minister of Russia, Kereyanko, according to the German sources, was heavily involved in and a recruiter for, the Scientologists. That might have been the connection to the collapse of the Rubble back then.

Rick: Are you saying that the Prime Minister was a recruiter for Scientology?

Dr. Koryagina: Yes, this information appeared in the Russian press and they cited German sources that Prime Minister Keryenko was indeed a member of Scientology sect. And I know Russian malitia Russian police are trying to take care of the development of sects and that have special divisions that are trying to minimize the affects of those sects in the country.

Dr. Koryagina went on to say that the illuminati and Free Masons that are such a focus of many globalization watchers are actually the organizations of the past. She did, however say that the new organizations work a bit differently that those old groups. The new players in the New World Order gang are concentrate on getting control of the psyche and are using mind control of many descriptions.

I want you to think about this while we take a musical break from this heavy but entirely revealing subject. To think that someone as far away as Russia and operating in a generally oppressive country, can come up with corroborating information that is actually more in depth, up to date but totally consistent with what the freedom movement and globalization watchers have been saying for years. It'll make you think about how lazy and apathetic we have become as a free society.


When we come back, I'll tell you a bit about the Scientologists, some personal knowledge and historical facts that I bet you didn't know.


Welcome back and I'd like to remind you that this program is being brought to you by Propaganda Matrix and I'm Citizen Spokane from www.citizenspokane.com. All of the issues and facts offered here can be found on my comprehensive website. I have transcripts of this interview by Rick Wiles of Russian Economist Tatyana Koryagina for a modest donation to help keep the site up and running, I'll be glad to send you a copy. Visit the Citizen Store at www.citizenspokane.com to see all the great info that you can get when you help me by supporting the effort to fight the new world order.

Now lets get into the matter of this Church of Scientology. I know most of you have heard about them because people like Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, and John Travolta are all members and you are probably saying, they seem pretty nice and I like their movies but they are the Church's insertions into the image machine and what better place than the cinema?

They definitely have a different side to them. Just ask a man named Fishman and see what he and many other "non-conformists" that have tried to escape the group have to say. I met a woman a few years ago when I was in Amsterdam named Karin. She told me about a raid on her ISP, XS4all. It seems the Scientologists took exception to the fact that a friend of hers named Fonss had a copy of the Fishman Affidavit on his website. Since this case was adjudicated, the papers became public and he thought people should know what the COS was really about. They showed up one night with a German cop, a Dutch prosecutor, two thugs, and a couple of city police. They barged in and started to rip the extremely sensitive and expensive equipment from the racks. Server systems often cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars when a company is large. This started the fight because XS4all contended, and rightfully so, that the contents of Fonss website are of no concern to them as long as he pays the bill. Karin has a website that is dedicated to exposing the scientologists and I have mirrored it on citizenspokane.com. When I first looked at the site several years ago, there were dozens of links, all full of material, documents, testimonials, and of course, The famous Fishman Affidavit.

Here's what Karin had to say about them on her front page. Since I first saw this site, most of the links have disappeared or are no longer hot. The reason is because the COS has harassed the owners, sued them, had them followed, their homes burglerized, and beaten by private thugs. However, it no longer serves any purpose as the Affidavit has been copied and mirrored by the hundreds and all over the world. Here is a synopsis by Karin.

The Church of Scientology (or: CoS; or: Cof$ as their opponents call it) sells its followers expensive courses, which, if students study them carefully, are supposed to set them free ('clear' them). A former CoS-follower, Fishman, was brought before the court because he committed several crimes in order to get the money to pay for these courses. Scientology urged him to get the money any which way he could. They also assigned him to kill somebody, and failing that, ordered him to commit suicide.
When Fishman had to testify in court, he used parts of Scientology-documents to prove he had been brainwashed by the Church. These Scientology documents thereby became public material: anybody could go to the court library and read them. The Church, fearing that its sacred secrets would be revealed, had some of their people going to the library every day to lend these documents, thereby preventing other people (read: non-Scientologists) to read them. Nevertheless, the Fishman Affidavit got copied and has been traveling Internet ever since.
The funny thing is, when you read the document, you'll just see a bunch of gibberish. Apart from the instructions of how to treat non-Scientologists - almost every means is allowed to silence them; lying is common sense; cheating is part and parcel - there's just this silly and badly written science-fiction tale about Xenu who controls all of us people; except (of course) the few Scientologist who managed to 'clear' themselves. Well, L. Ron Hubbard was an sf-author, but not a very good one (and jeez, I happen to like the genre).
But the real story is that Scientology does not want their followers to know what's in store for them: they forbid everybody to read this material, stating that it would kill those who are not yet ready for it, but probably because people may stop believing Scientology once they've read this lousy s.f. stuff. Also, followers may never know what's in store for them. And of course Scientology asks massive amounts of money for the privilege of reading this.

Scientology does not argue with people who do not agree with them. They prefer to harass, start crazy lawsuits, have people followed by private detectives, and generally intimidate them. (See especially Exhibit B in the Fishman Affidavit: On Control and Lying) Currently, they are waging a war against Internet: trying to remove newsgroups, canceling messages, raiding providers. Their motto is: 'Never defend, always attack' and they are bent on ruining people who criticize them.
Scientology has ordered various raids on providers or computer systems from which documents exposing Scientology were available; most notably FactNet, a group of people who are putting together an on-line archive about Scientology.
A couple off months ago Scientology raided my provider, XS4all, telling them to remove the Fishman Affidavit from the homepage of one of their clients, Fonss. XS4all refused to do so, stating that the content of people's homepage is of no concern to them and that they are not responsible. Fonss voluntarily (well, what would you do if you knew the Church was after you?) removed the Fishman Affidavit but provided a link on his page to another place where it could be obtained.
Ever since, the Fishman Affidavit is popping up everywhere. It's a dragon: when you cut one head of, it grows seven new ones. I hereby present another copy of this dragon.

Contained within the Fishman Affidavit, there are seven other Affidavits that are hair raising accounts of COS attacks and brainwashing.

Here is a brief explanation of their own private policing agencies:
In December 1953, Scientology was first incorporated as a religious body in Camden, New Jersey. Less than 18 months later, the new Church had its first intelligence agency - a remarkably swift evolution considering that the Catholic Church took 1500 years to create its own Inquisition. Since 1955, Scientology has had a highly organised mechanism to gather intelligence and administer "Justice and Punishment" to its perceived foes. This has been achieved through three agencies within the Church of Scientology. The following short essays present a historical view of each and exposes the inner workings of Scientology's secret service as it has developed over the last 40 years.
Intelligence activities on behalf of Scientology were first carried out by the Hubbard Communications Office, the Scientology agency responsible for co-ordinating executive policy. It ran a small but ambitious intelligence system to monitor friends and enemies alike, and to harass perceived opponents. Its methods were outlined in the 10-page Manual Of Justice (marked "Confidential - for HCO personnel only" and still in use), written by Hubbard in 1959. The copyright on this publication expired in the 1980s, so it can freely be downloaded and reproduced.
In 1960-61, the HCO's intelligence section was supplemented by three new innovations: Special Zone Departments, to implement Hubbard's "Special Zone Plan" of infiltration, the Department of Government Affairs, into which the Special Zone Departments were merged after only two months, and which was in turn superceded in March 1961 by the Department of Official Affairs. The purpose of this rapidly-evolving Department was made absolutely plain: "we have here in actuality the equivalent of a Ministry of Propaganda and Security", as Hubbard put it in an HCO Policy Letter of 13 March 1961. Its goal was to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by high level ability to control and in its absence by low level ability to overwhelm & Introvert such agencies & Control such agencies. Scientology is the only game on Earth where everybody wins. There is no overt [sin] in bringing good order.
[Hubbard, HCO Policy Letter of 15 August 1960, Department of Government Affairs]
But the need for something better became all too visible when, in 1965-66, L. Ron Hubbard was faced by threats from within (defectors setting up their own brands of Scientology) and from without (antagonistic governments and press). The publication in October 1965 of the report by the Australian state of Victoria's official board of inquiry into Scientology was a disaster for Scientology, but one which could hopefully be contained. It was not. On 7 February 1966, Lord Balniel asked the British Minister of Health, "whether he will initiate an inquiry into the scope and practice in this country of so-called Scientology, and the practice of psychology for fee or reward by persons who have no medical or psychological qualifications ... in view of the scathing criticism by an official board of inquiry in Australia into the so-called practice of Scientology, surely the right hon. Gentleman considers that it is in the public interest to hold a similar type of inquiry in this country?"
Hubbard was outraged and clearly very worried that the fire started in Melbourne would spread further (as it did, to Canada, New Zealand and South Africa as well as to Britain and two other Australian states). Ten days after Lord Balneil asked his question, Hubbard established a Public Investigation Section - that is, a section to investigate the public, not to publicly conduct investigations. Its stated purpose was "TO HELP LRH [Hubbard] INVESTIGATE PUBLIC MATTERS AND INDIVIDUALS WHICH SEEM TO IMPEDE HUMAN LIBERTY SO THAT SUCH MATTERS MAY BE EXPOSED AND TO FURNISH INTELLIGENCE REQUIRED IN GUIDING THE PROGRESS OF SCIENTOLOGY" [emphasis in original]. Hubbard outlined how this was to be achieved:
The determination of what a project is is simple - what agency or group is attacking Scientology? As Scientology stands for freedom, those who don't want freedom tend to attack it. The Section investigates the attacking group's individual members and sees that the results of the investigation get adequate legal action and publicity.
The mechanism employed is very straightforward. We never use the data to threaten to expose. We simply collect it and expose.
Experience with the section will show that very sordid motives lie behind such attacks and that individuals of the attacking groups have a very great deal to hide. Thus the section always has a huge quantity of matters to be discovered and is not likely to run out of cases to investigate, providing only that it does not depart from this formula:

1. Note what public or private group is attacking Scientology.
2. Get a project warrant from the Advisory Council Area or WW to investigate it.
3. Collect as many case histories as possible on the individuals of that group, specializing on those that can be led to criminal prosecution by state or world agencies.
4. See that enough of the data is made available to the state or world agencies to obtain convictions.
5. See that excellent press coverage is given the disclosures over as long a period of time as possible. 6. See that HCO and Scientology are given full credit for protecting human rights and liberty.
[Hubbard, HCO Policy Letter of 17 February 1966, Public Investigation Section]
But the Public Investigation Section met almost immediately with disaster: although one of its tasks was to catalogue "derogatory news stories appearing that week", it soon found itself the subject of press condemnation. Vic Filson, a non-Scientologist private investigator, was recruited to establish an investigation section to target psychiatrists and other enemies, starting with Lord Balniel. He lasted only a week and promptly sold his story to the low-brow tabloid The People.
After this false start, there was really only one thing for Hubbard to do: create his own private intelligence agency, staffed solely by Scientologists and organisationally separate from the Hubbard Communications Office. This he did on 1 March 1966, bestowing on his third wife Mary Sue the grandiose title of "The Guardian".

It should be mentioned that this world-wide organization now brings in approximately 4 million dollars per day. They have extensive real estate holdings which they use to set nomadic brainwashing clinics. There were several arrests in St Petersburg Florida while I was living in Tampa. They were in the news all the time as defectors would get lose and run through the streets half crazed. They kidnapped a couple from their home and were, on one occasion arrested and raided for the murder of a young woman that was allegedly starved to death. Their arrests and court cases, in most instances, are kept very quite and seem to go unnoticed.

It seems to me that Dr. Koryagina has finally brought to light a very disturbing happening. The conjoining of this group of gangsters disguised as a church with the operatives of the new world order. One can only imagine what life might be with a one world religion like this one being protected and nurtured by the New World Order.


I'd like to close this afternoon with a song I feel is fitting. It seems the more you learn the more you realize that we must fight the new world order tooth and nail and to the death if necessary. Remember to consult www.citizenspokane.com if you would like to read the extensive files on this Church of Cash as their foes like to call it.

See ya next week with an explanation of the CPS and why they get away with stealing our future.

Russian Economist Tatyana Koryagina Uncovers New Players
in the New World Order Drama
Transcript of *True World Order* Broadcast on February 14th 2002 by J. Morgan Duty of CitizenSpokane.com in Association with PropagandaMatrix.com