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imperialism & war


providing the best in banned and underground music. oi, metal, punk, psychobilly and traditional nordic and celtic music.
uf records provides the best outlet for banned and true underground music on the west coast.

coming releases include:

eric owens - love and heroes -
traditional celtic music with harp, flute and more

revoilution - volume one - a ken mieske benfit cd
includes songs by viking of sweden, intimidation one, jew slaughter, final war, definate hate, the eastsiders, vae victus of germany, warfare 88 and more.

many of our cd's are banned in europe! visit a label promoting true free speech. we'll carry any title or sign any band of any style or political persuasion (if they are good) from black power rap to white power oi!, from the extreme left to nazi we don't care. our cd's sell cheaper than any, i mean any, other distro/label in the world, prices a working person can afford!

support uf records and folk the system!

homepage: homepage: http://WWW.UPFRONTRECORDS.ORG