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A very intersting analysis of who is funding the so-called "Alternative" or "progressive" media in the United States. It turns out they are connected to various American Establishment foundations with links to the Democratic Party and the goddamn CIA no less!

This perhaps might explain why certain well-known "progressive" media pundits have come down so hard on those "conspiracy theorists" questioning the 9-11 attacks and the possible involvement of the American government/Bush Regime in these attacks.
Liberal Establishment Foundations, "Alternative" Media and Pacifica Radio:
Investigative Journalist Bob Feldman Follows the Money Trail


The plan to centralize control of Pacifica Radio stations and to " mainstream" the organization into an inside-the-beltway player actually began to take shape during the tenure of Pat Scott's predecessor David Salniker, who now heads the Tides Foundation. Tides, as well as other "Liberal" foundations such as the MacArthur and Schumann Foundation have positioned themselves to have a major influence in the "alternative" media establishment by providing significant funding to Pacifica, as well as the Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) and the Institute for Alternative Journalism (IAJ). This is of particlualr concern, as Bob Feldman's piece belows outlines, because these foundations have ties to multi-nationals, the CIA and the Democratic Party establishment.

In 1992, Salniker presided over a plan of program centralization called "A Strategy for National Programming. (SNP) " This followed on a groundwork of financial and fundraising centralization which was already being put into place by Dick Bunce, who had been placed in the newly created position of National Development Director. In an introduction to the SNP, Bunce projected that an increase in large foundation grants could be achieved by emulating NPR.

Bob Feldman is a Massachusetts based investigative journalist who has researched the background of some of these so-called "progressive" foundations, where their money comes from, and how it is influencing the media sources they fund. In a letter published in the September 1998 issue of Z Magazine, Bob mentioned Democracy Now! had received funding from the Carnegie Foundation. We contacted Bob, who provided additional information regarding Carnegie and other foundation funders (L.G. 9/30/98)


Glad to hear that you're sharing information about the role liberal establishment foundations have been playing in the alternative media world in recent years. Ironically, today on Democracy Now (which I generally like, despite its reluctance to report critically on the activities of liberal "progressive" establishment foundations) yet another former or present executive of the Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting [FAIR] group, Martin Lee, was given airtime on the show.

Yet I suspect that most folks who listen to either Democracy Now, Pacifica Network News or the Pacifica Radio-aired CounterSpin show of FAIR haven't been informed by the hosts of these shows that the FAIR/CounterSpin group has received the following foundation grants in recent years:

A $150,000 grant from PBS Commentator Bill Moyers Schumann Foundation on Sept. 25, 1995;
A $30,000 grant from the MacArthur Foundation (which is directed by ABC Radio News Commentator Paul Harvey) on October 3, 1995;
A $15,000 grant from the Schumann Foundation on April 8, 1996; and
A $45,000 grant from the MacArthur Foundation on May 14, 1996.
In addition, Working Assets also gave FAIR/CounterSpin a $59,723 grant on April 15, 1996.

Multi-billion dollar foundations like the MacArthur Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation (which was directed by Clinton Administration Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin and Undersecretary of State Strobe Talbott until 1993) can encourage Pacifica radio producers to engage in self censorship with respect to providing their listeners with critical coverage of the profit-making, tax dodging, news management and grant distribution activity of these powerful Establishment institutions--by directly or indirectly funding shows like Democracy Now and FAIR/CounterSpin. Bill Moyers can discourage the FAIR media watchdog group from monitoring his PBS programs too critically over its Pacifica-aired CounterSpin program by funneling his Schumann Foundation's tax-exempt grant money to FAIR.

A conflict-of-interest may exist between providing Pacifica listeners with critical reporting about the role the Carnegie, MacArthur and Schumann Foundation plays in U.S. political life and society and the vested interest that groups like FAIR/CounterSpin have in not encouraging Pacifica listeners to examine how their foundations funders obtain and distribute their tax-exempt money.

The Chicago based MacArthur Foundation, for instance, made $500 million from the co-op/condominium conversion/gentrification process in Manhattan in the 1980s and operated the 10,000 unit Fresh Meadows apartment complex in partnership with the late billionaire Harry Helmsley's real estate firm until 1995. In addition, a current consultant to the MacArthur Foundation, Northwestern University President Henry Bienen, was employed as a CIA consultant between 1982 and 1989, according to Who's Who In America.

Yet I suspect Pacifica listeners rarely hear any discussion about some of these facts over the Pacifica network airwaves. In fact, when I appeared on a Pacifica-aired radio show, Undercurrents, in 1991 to discuss with FAIR executive director Jeff Cohen an article I had written (for the Lower East Side alternative newspaper Downtown) about the Rockefeller family's connection to a Times- Mirror-Newsday director, Mr. Cohen actually defended the Rockefeller family linked Newsday--without disclosing to Pacifica listeners that FAIR was then being subsidized by a $20,000 grant from the Rockefeller Family Fund.

Feel free to share the info about FAIR's liberal Establishment foundation sponsors with Pacifica listeners since--unlike even the Schumann Foundation sponsored liberal Columbia Journalism Review--FAIR's Extra! magazine doesn't often print the names of its foundation sponsors on its inside cover, for some strange reason.

You ask about the Tides Foundation. Well, in recent years the FAIR organization that produces the CounterSpin show which Pacifica airs has also been funded by the Tides Foundation. In 1994 the Tides Foundation gave FAIR an $11,000 grant. On August 30, 1995 the Tides Foundation gave FAIR a $5,000 grant. And On January 18, 1996, an additional grant of $20,000 was funneled to the group that produces the Pacifica-aired CounterSpin by the Tides Foundation. And I suspect that few folks who criticize the Tides Foundation's activities from a radical left perspective have been given much airtime on CounterSpin in recent years.

The U.S. Trust Co. of Boston which invests the Tides Foundation's "socially responsible" portfolio of corporate stocks regards the BP/British Petroleum oil company as a "socially responsible" entity, despite BP's involvement in the exploitation of Middle East oil resources and the fact that a large chunk of BP stock is owned by the Al-Sabah family government of Kuwait Inc. One of the directors of the U.S. Trust Co. of Boston's parent company, U.S. Trust Co. of NY Director Richard Tucker, is both an American Petroleum Institute Director and a Mobil director.

Coincidentally, the person at the U.S. Trust Co. of Boston who is manager of the Women's Equity Mutual Fund portfolio, Cheryl Smith, is also a director of the Resist group which decides which progressive groups in New England are to receive small grants to fund their work.

Another alternative media group which receives a lot of bread from the foundation of former Lyndon Johnson Administration Press Secretary Bill Moyers--is the Institute for Alternative Journalism. In 1994, for instance, Moyers' Schumann Foundation gave the IAJ a $35,000 grant. And in 1996 a second grant of $200,000 was funneled to the Institute for Alternative Journalism to help fund its "Media and Democracy Congress" by Moyers' Schumann Foundation. Coincidentally, Bill Moyers was the fellow who chaired one of the main evening panel discussions at the October 1997 "Media and Democracy Congress" in NYC, although--as a radical woman activist friend of mine commented before the conference--"what's alternative about Bill Moyers?"

Bob Feldman


homepage: homepage: http://www.radio4all.org/fp/foundations-feldman.htm

CIA funding the pseudo-left 05.Jun.2002 10:33


I guess that having spent most of one's life abroad makes one privy to info on our government that most Americans do not receive. I remember as far back as age ten (I am currently over 50) having to fight with "local kids" because they would make "bad" comments about "our" CIA. These bastards have been killing, lying, cheating, rigging, misinforming, inventing, transforming, distorting and otherwise making reality hell for every country in the world for half a century. They are the epitome of evil for 95 percent of the world but we kept our mouths shut because the fringe benefits of their activity (we thought in our typically isolationist and selfish manner) comes down to all of us. Well, the chickens have come home to roost! They are evil and because we let them do all their filthy work in our name, it made all of us by default evil. And now we are supposed to act surprised and say, "Oh my goodness! I didn't know that they were like that. I didn't think they would actually come into the US and do all of the things that they have been doing in the rest of the planet." But why not?

What in God's previously green Earth gave us the idea that we could support evil and reap the benefits and none of the responsibility? They have bought or blown up newspapers all over the world and they can not do that here? Why not? They have created fake left political parties all over the world and they can not do that here? Why not? The ethnocentrism, even in the left, that presupposes that Americans can go and assasinate and wreak havoc with the entire planet and not be affected by it is tantamount to sheer stupidity - it is the heigth of immaturity, of blind selfishness; in short all the pre-requisites for evil except conscious decision and I wonder about that. We are not the greatest in the world; we have too much karma with the planet to call ourselves great and that goes as deep into our identity as Americans as anything that George Washington did to cherry trees.

Now it may actually be too late to go back to zero and start over again - if it is not, we are within sight of the time and planetary tolerance limit. While we are toying with a way to avoid re-shaping our egos and identities they are going full steam ahead - they know that it is all or bust now. If they do not obtain full power on the planet then they will soon loose it all but the rest of us are still trying to figure out what we can salvage from the evil period instead of paying up NOW. Oh Pogo!! Where are you now that we need you! We have seen the enemy and he is us. Can we at least pretend to begin to change so that future generations do not have to start from behind zero? This is the real stuff that declines and falls are made of. Is our moral strength depleted?

As an aside, the only way foreigners can tell who or what is or is not CIA when it becomes obvious that they are messing up is that they look for a partial compromise that is just a little short of total overhaul; they pretend to want change but are never quite on the full change bandwagon; they always point to the wishy-washy politicians (whom they have already bought) that present themselves as the solution that is NOT RADICAL AND EXTREME. They fear the extreme because it is the only time that they are vulnerable. Let us not call "left" these agents provacateur or prostitutes. Let us also avoid a sweeping condemnation of all RADICAL left which they will be looking for us to do in the midst of revelations which they may have themselves promoted. But first look inside to see where there are similariteis with ourselves and let us clean ourselves.

I Knew it! 05.Jun.2002 12:28

more questions please

I KNEW something was up with these groups! Democracy Now, which is, unfortunately, the best news program we have right now, presents only one side of the AIDS issue, the corporate side. Whoever calls the shots at DN has so far only presented the corporate side of the AIDS pandemic, which is that AIDS drugs are safe and should be available for people in poor countries who are being diagnosed at alarming rates.

This is the corporate position and the position of the Center for Disease Control ("CDC"). Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the unproven belief that AIDS drugs helps those diagnosed with HIV. However, there are over 6,000 dissidents around the world who have debunked the AIDS myths, including leading dissidents like Dr. Peter Duisberg. But all but one of the health shows on Pacifica radio keeps presenting the side that calls for pushing the AIDS drugs. Dissidents have documented for many years that AIDS drugs have responsible for the sickness and deaths of people diagnosed as having AIDS, not the disease itself.

Dissidents argue that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is mainly due to malnutrition and lack of access to clean water and proper health care. They also argue that doctors in poor countries are diagnosing people who suffer from tuberculosis or malaria or other quality of life diseases are being thrown into the category of HIV/AIDS in large numbers and exploited by greedy pharmaceutical corporations who are trying to force poor countries to take out IMF loans to pay for drugs that harm their people. This radical position is frowned upon by most radicals and establishment left organizations.

These "radicals" won't even do the research to back up their pro-drug stance, but they'll give you the official government position as if it were the gospel truth and slam all those who disagree as "anti-gay" or "racist". By the way, isn't the CDC the same agency that approved the administering of syphlis injections to otherwise healthy black male soldiers in Tuskeegee, Alabama? Information on the Tuskeegee Experiments can be found on the internet for those who doubt that the government could do such a thing.

Many dissidents also believe that the left taking this position will ultimately lead to the genocide of sub-Saharan Africa and other "disposable" parts of the world, because people are not dying of "AIDS", they're really dying from the toxicity of so-called life extending drugs like AZT. There is a mountain of documentation compiled on Gary Null's web site  http://www.garynull.com but the paid-off "progressives" refuse to go there.

What's going on?

Left of Left 07.Jun.2002 14:15


I'm left of left. I'm so far to the left nobody can touch me. U can't touch this! My leftism is so pure, so unadulterated, it's purer than CIA heroin from Afghanistan.

You progressive media types are all a bunch of right wingers in my book. I purge you. I purge you from everything. I purge myself. That's right. I'm so leftist I realize that even I have rightist tendencies so I announce a Cultural Revolution against myself. I put myself in a reeducation camp.

I'm so leftist I purge myself of rightism by shooting myself. That's right. I'm so leftist I don't even exist. I am pure spiritual ether in a cloud of perpetual leftism. Ah, freedom!

CIA money? Where can I get some! 07.Jun.2002 15:31

candle candlepaa@usa.com

Where in the above article is there an explanation for a CIA connection to these foundations? I read the article twice and I didn't see it. Either the evidence is too weak to support the argument or the author is such a terrible writer he can't make his point clear.

Yes, money can influence decisions, even in the independent press. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Anyone that has ever worked for any organization that needs money to operate knows this fundamental truth about capitalism.

However, every media organization that takes a grant from a big foundation is beholden to the CIA? Whatever.

This sounds like sour grapes. I think the author of this article is bitter because the foundations rejected his grant application.

Hey, more questions please..... 09.Jun.2002 14:06


You offer Gary Null's website as an alternative outlet of information, compared to Democracy Now. But I'm hearing them both on the same radio station.

Gary Null has a good radio show in the afternoon here in the DC area. Some of the shit he talks about, it is long before I stop listening sometimes.