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Animals in dire need of help! "Sanctuary" shut down for neglect.

The Ark Animal Sanctuary in Tillamook has finally been closed down due to chronic, extreme neglect of its animals. Assistance desperately needed to treat sick animals and find them homes!
Forwarded from IDA and Ark Haven SanctuaryŚ Please help, if you can just take one animal and please forward to others who can help.

I have more information about the "sanctuary" that is being closed down due to animal neglect. From the information that I have been getting animals are dying rapidly and are in dire need of foster or permanent homes. Tomorrow morning at ten am, Wednesday, June 5, the Sheriff and animal activists will be on hand at the Ark Animal Sanctuary in Tillamook to remove and relocate the 420 animals that have been suffering at this false sanctuary.

If you can make it to help these folks please call Therese Cook at 503 543-5310 or on her cell phone at 503 752-2243.

The 420 animals include:
- 50 Horses
- 20-30 Dogs
- Feral Cats
- Domesticated Cats
- Steer and Cows
- Monkey
- Reptiles
- Bunnies
- Birds
- Chickens
- Peacocks (lots of babies)

If there is anyway that you could help foster or keep any of these animals please call Wayne Geiger at 503-842-6357 or Therese Cook at the phone numbers above.

A donation account will be set up on Wednesday at Washington Mutual Bank in Tillamook and will be called the Ark Animal Relief Fund. Donations are greatly needed to help these animals. You can go to your local Washington Mutual Bank to make a donation.

A small animal veterinarian is needed to be at Ark Animal Sanctuary in Tillamook tomorrow morning to help tend to the injured and sick animals. If you are a vet or know of one please pass this information on.

Please pass the word!

In Peace,
Laurie M. Lown
Northwest Regional Director
In Defense of Animals
6312 SW Capitol Hwy, No. 419
Portland, Oregon 97219

503 293-1853

Sharon Warner Methvin, PhD
Animal Protection Institute-NW
917 SW Oak St., #406
Portland, OR 97205
Voice: 503-246-2588 Fax: 503-452-4070
Email:  Sharon4api@msn.com
Web: www.api4animals.org
good article 06.Jun.2002 22:10

animals are people too

i would be more than happy to foster an animal, however i already have 8 dogs (just took another one in last week), 2 cats, and one rat. and that's the lowest amount wev'e had in several yrs. i'm talking turtles, foxes, raccoons, horses, ponys, iguanas, dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and a few others.

anyways, very good article.