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9.11 investigation

Let's Step Out Of The Box For A Moment, Shall We

Let's Step Out Of The Box For A Moment, Shall We.
A reply To The Anticonspiratorialist.
by Jon Phale.
June 3, 2002.
Sharing my deep skepticism about 9-11 with others, I can't help but notice the way some people reach frantically for ways to make a conspiracy scenario as implausible as possible. The narrowest and most literal definition of the term 'conspiracy' is easily their favorite device. Bringing it to bear on this argument, they divert it directly into their favorite cul-de-sac: "too many people would have to know, and there's no way it could be kept quiet." Since this 'too many people' premise isn't logically inevitable, and since the hemorrhaging of the official story actually seems to be deepening their convictions, those convictions appear to be a product of denial: these unfortunates have blinded themselves to the possibility that America's entire civic culture, a thing unto which they have staked their lives and their hopes, might actually be rotten to the core; a seething mire of duplicity. Sad thing is, anyone old enough to remember Watergate shouldn't need reminding..

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Out of the box? 06.Jun.2002 14:41

Steve the Green

In the immediate months following 9/11, I found a literal mountain of evidence that suggested that the Bush administration was well aware of specific terrorist threats from numerous "very credible" sources.

When I attempted to share this information, I was called everything from a pinko commie to an America hating conspiracy wacko.

Eventually our so-called "liberally biased media" caught up with the internet and began to investigate many of these claims. Once these investigations revealed what many of us knew already, the Bush administration tried desperately to defuse the situation by claiming that the threats they were aware of were "nonspecific, general, and vague" and could not have possibly been used to prevent the attacks.

One small problem though! The closer the mainstream press looked, the more they found that indicated the Bush administration had been less than forthcoming about their knowledge of the threats.

Little by little, the mainstream press caught up with the so-called internet conspiracy wackos and began to report the facts that had been availble for months.

Then when FBI agents "memos" about investigations into Zacharias Mouassiou and the Phoenix flight schools were being stopped by the "higher ups" became a mainstream story, we saw the Bush administration change it's strategy to one of blame.
Then when the director of the CIA (Tenant) conceded that they might of been able to prevent 9/11 had they only connected all the dots! The Bush administration went on this very transparent and "Reagan-esque" campaign to assure the American public that they supported investigations, not into the administrations role in a possible coverup mind you, but to insure that these "errors" did not happen again.

Now we begin the rediculous "dog and pony" show by the house and senate intelligence committee which is supposed to convince the American people that our congress is living up to it's oversight responsibilities. LOL

If anyone thinks that these hearings will reveal anything of any real substance, I've got some great "wetlands" property in South Florida you might be interested in.

The truth is that we need an independent and complete congressional investigation into what happend with our intelligence failures prior to 9/11 and what role if any the Bush administration played in those.

Despite the attempts to stain us with the title of "conspiracy wackos" or playing partisan politics, (just as they did when we screamed that they knew about 9/11 before the mainstream media finally caught up) we need to fight against the "powers that be" who will try to hide the truth in this case.

Remember these are the same people who called for multiple investigations and hearings into our last president despite the fact they had zero evidence of his criminal wrongdoing.

But to be fair to them, a guy getting a blowjob is certainly a much more serious issue than something as silly as our "national security"

Aloha, Oregon