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Knock, knock, knocking on no one's door

With the Congressional campaigns coming on Bill Clinton's knocking on the door.
I hear you knocking but you can't come in, Bill.
Bill Clinton
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
430 South Capitol Street, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

June 4, 2002


In acknowledging your most recent request for support of the upcoming Congressional campaigns I must share with you my views. After a coup as the 'election' of 2000 you do not go on with business as usual. What follows is why the Democratic Party will continue to loose. Because I will not compromise or trade these views off, and I am not alone, the Democrats will not win even when all the votes are counted. So turn left take five big steps to the middle and keep walking. My other views are best understood by reviewing a communication with Sen. Paul Wellstone last December, see how ineffective the democrats were in the selling off of America. Thanks alot for hiding.

By the way Bill why does the Democratic Party think I'm one of them. When I register with the Green Party, after the "election" I am sent a Democratic Party primary ballot.

Here is the Wellstone stuff and please keep in touch now that I know we are friends.

Sen. Paul Wellstone,

In addressing your request for support, of your re-election bid to the United States Senate I have a few points to share, my friend.

Apathy and Greed do not make good cornerstones for a society. But Greed Rules in America. Like Arctic pack ice in August the civil liberties, which gave us hope, are disappearing. Or is it that they were only there if we didn't need them? Now as we wait for the no-knock at the door search-arrest-conviction we can pause and take a hard look. You've got look for good in life. The good here will be that middle class whites can get some appreciation, of what fellow Americans, in the inner cites, have had to live with all their lives. The Badge and Bully Brigade (those dedicated to the abuse of power, and a damn fine pension or two, three). Those who would rather burn a book then read it, unless it's a training manual on pain and death, are having their day. I guess we call it Homeland Defense because Fatherland Defense is too honest and sexist.

So with this in mind let us take a look at your survey, 'Do you agree with me on these issues'. Although the survey ask me to indicate below on a "restricted" (popular word in these times) scale of AGREE, DISAGREE, and NOT SURE. I need to take the time to respond in a way others trying to keep a job, or trying find a job can't. I have italicized your questions so the agencies reading your mail can more readily tell my words from yours.

1. I believe the time for universal health care is long past due. With more than 40 million Americans lacking even the most minimal health coverage—many millions of them children—we are paying far too high a price to ensure profits for the insurance companies and the giant HMO's

A Good way to phrase it "... care is long past due." It's all about money, not health care. The Congress has been like a whorehouse at low tide on this issue. Sweaty, tired and well... , you get the idea. Hell it's one of the things we still lead the world in. We are the only industrialized nation not to have a National Health Care Program.

2. It is wrong for our fellow Americans to work hard for long hours and still be unable to support their families. Our country needs a substantial increase in the
minimum wage.

A This is that Greed thing again. Sure the Big Boys with the Bucks say Screw'm. I have a way that just might work. Some night toward the end of a congressional session, when you are having one of those all-nighters, to act like you are getting something done, and it is really late, about the time of night a little more of the Bill of Rights gets erased, slip-in a rider clause that gives every "fellow American" earning under ten bucks an hour free guns and unlimited ammunition. Put it on some military appropriation's bill - should breeze right through.

3. School "vouchers" under any other name will still weaken America's already ailing public education system. We are already starving many of our schools of the resources they need to ensure a quality education for all our children. New federal resources for public education are essential.

A This is that Apathy thing again. New federal resources for public education are essential. Jefferson wrote of the importance of an informed society. Ever since Nixon education funding has been getting cut. I was educated in the postwar era (WWII, when we still numbered them, like now we could say DWII) when "the system" wanted people to think for themselves. Then we as a generation took to the streets for civil rights and to end an unjust and illegal war. Education cuts entered the picture. The other point is not spending tax dollars on private, or church run schools. On this hear James Madison, "The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries."

4. The hardworking women and men in our armed forces deserve competitive pay and benefits. It is right to devote additional resources to support them. But it is wrong to pour tens of billions of dollars into dangerous and costly new weapons systems, which serve neither their well-being nor ours.

A Three hots and a cot - and some pocket money, was good enough when the Greatest Generation was fighting Hitler. The living conditions in the military are a throw back to when minorities and 'poor white's only shot at a job was 'da army'. Sure pay the troops (see question 2). The problem is military pensions, the defense of liberty is it's own reward. A little sidebar here, how can the generation that gave us the bomb (A and H almost N), TV dinners and Walt Disney be considered the Greatest Generation. Well at least, then, they fought fascism instead of practicing it. (Mostly).

5. Human rights - the finest expression of the values that have sustained our nation since its birth - are the best long-range basis for U. S. foreign policy. When instead our policy serves narrow economic and political interests, we undermine the chances for shaping a world in which our children and grandchildren can live in peace.

A OK. Foreign policy first. It is their land (for now) but its our F-----G OIL. That's why it is called US foreign policy US against THEM. We are 1/26 of the earth's population trying to get by on 1/3 of it resources.

Why is One World Market, the Global Economy or Globalization ok but One Big Union isn't?

"Human rights - the finest expression of the values that have sustained our nation since its birth" What birth we talk'n about? Two weeks ago a M.D., Ph.D. from OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University) on his way to a symposium was thrown off of an Alaska Airlines flight because a passenger did not like the way he looked. He is a man of Greek heritage (the look), and a neurologist. I can see how studying the brain would alarm some people.

Our fathers of this nation started with a concept of human rights, white, male landowners have the right to vote. Most human rights in this country are a lot younger than the nation. And Civil Liberty, as we used the term, did not exist, before Roger Baldwin formed the ACLU, God bless him. (In this context God does not mean Gold, Oil and Drugs as say the CIA uses the term)

6. At a time when the disparities in personal wealth between the rich and poor are greater than ever, it is unconscionable for our government to legislate tax relief that delivers nearly one-third of its benefits to the top one percent of U.S society.

A This is that Greed thing again. And this is that Apathy thing again. As Noam Chomsky has said the top twenty percent of our society are permitted to think they "elect" candidates. Well after Florida maybe not. But how retarded does a nation's education system have to be for a population not to see through this one. Six generation later 'Give us your tired, your weak ... . ', has become Give us your taxes so we can make our richest "fellow Americans" richer. Rich people need money that's what keeps them rich. Poor people don't need money. If they had money they would'nt... ..

7. Big Oil and other major energy producers receive tens of billions in corporate welfare. Our county does not need more incentives for oil and coal companies to despoil the environment; rather we need incentives to conserve energy and to produce it in environmentally friendly ways, tapping renewable technologies such as wind, geothermal, biomass, and solar.

A Please note: I am typing this in Microsoft Word which does not recognize "biomass" as a word. Big surprise. The facts are simple, the crime perpetuated on the American people is great. The current resident of the White House, has his home on the range in Texas totally off of the grid, running on solar and geothermal energy. I gander to say he does not want cheap energy for the goosed. Energy companies have been buying alternative energy patents since the late sixties, thereby controlling the use and access of these technologies. It is time for all alternative energy patents to be declared public domain. This will help punish those who have excelled in greed. To get it up and running let's make decentralize alternative energy for the home owner double tax free. Hey, Paul what this saves in balance of trade payments alone will be a non-polluting jump start to the economy.

8. When it comes to Social Security and Medicare, our nation's top priorities must be to guarantee payments for all participating workers; to preserve, protect, and strengthen these systems and to resist hazardous schemes to privatize them.

A The Health Insurance Companies use twenty-five cents (1/4) on the dollar to administer their 'plans', then comes profit from the sick, then something called "coverage". The federal government runs Medicare for something like eight cents on the dollar (1/20). 'Coverage' is not what you may think, it is a way of not providing health care. It is from that same lexicon of: Peacekeeper - the name of a missile system, Catsup is a vegetable, war is peace and a long list of stable crap that has been shoveled at the American people. (Stable crap refers to the view one gets looking forward from the backbench of the Congress, and nothing about real horses.)

9. Ending "soft money" contributions to political parties and independent committees is only the first in campaign finance reform. If we are to restore the health and vibrancy of American democracy, we must level the playing field by ensuring that all candidates—regardless of how rich or poor—have access to adequate funds to run competitive campaigns. That means a system of public financing of elections.

A Pigs might fly or Chomsky will have a prime time news hour on a major network, before campaign finance reform is a fact. Would these "elections" have all of the votes counted, by the same method? We need the United Nations to monitor our elections. If it is good enough for Central America and Bosnia, it's good enough for Florida.

10. Despite the complaints of scientists supported by polluting industries, there is an international consensus in the scientific community that global warming caused by human activities is not only real but poses an enormous threat to the future stability of our climate. It is imperative that the United States join other nations throughout the world in taking aggressive steps to curtail the burning of fossil fuels that worsens global warming.

A What do you call it when Corporate interest and individuals poison water, contaminate land, destroy streams, thin and hole the ozone layer, drunk-drive a super tanker onto the rocks, loose a thousand pounds of weapons grade
plutonium. Isn't that terrorism? By the way under the Patriot Act a statement like
"... taking aggressive steps to curtail the burning of fossil fuels... " may be considered an assault on our economy and you are therefore aiding terrorist. 'Patriot Act 'good name for it. Patriot from paternal, of the father, you know that fatherland thing, again. 'Act' a theatrical event.

I would like to thank you in advance for taking the time read this, good luck to you. Good luck to us all. Here are some real sound bites to remember:

Gandhi said to the effect, throughout all of human history tyrants and repression have always been defeated.

RFK "Some men see the world as it is and ask why, I dream of things that aren't
and ask why not"

"Anyone can do this" Diane Wilson a fourth-generation shrimper and mother of five. Diane was arrested while defending her low-income community from the likes of Dupont, Union Carbide and Alcoa Aluminum. Her words end with.

"There's a lot more people are capable of than they think. It's the reasonable woman who adapts herself to the world, and the unreasonable woman who adapts the world to herself. I'm telling all of you women to be unreasonable!"

If there is to be a future it rests in Peace.