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Proposal: Color Codes of Complicity

An idea to distinguish between various theories about US government "foreknowledge" about the September 11 attacks.
After September 11, the new Office of Fatherl-, er, Homeland Security created a color-code chart to indicate the level of a terror alert. Seeing as how there are a range of opinions about what the Bush Administration knew about the impending September 11 attacks, I though it might be a good idea to use another color chart to indicate the level of "foreknowledge" the government had.

Which condition do you think was true?

WHITE - Total innocence. The government had no idea at all that any terrorists would strike the United States. (By this point no one should believe this.)

YELLOW - On the trail of suspicions. The government or parts of it were aware that something was going down, but they couldn't figure out the details.

ORANGE - Allowing a crime. The government could figure out some of the details of the pending attack, but thought it would be a simple hijacking. Thinking that no one (except the hijackers) would be hurt, some members of the government allowed it to happen. They did this to scare the public into accepting repressive domestic legislation, a military arms build-up, and a war against Afghanistan.

RED - Allowing a disaster. Like orange, except the government - or parts of it - knew that the planes would be flown into buildings. They let it happen just the same.

BLACK - Treason. The government or some parts of it actually planned or instigated the September 11 attacks.

You can probably come up with gradations of "dark" and "light" within each color, if you have subcategories of scenarios.

Use this as a shorthand when indicating your position. "I believe yellow," etcetera.

homepage: homepage: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/03/20020312-1.html

I like that plan! 04.Jun.2002 13:27

Ms. Orange-Red

That has to be one of the most innocuous, helpful suggestions of late. Definitely a little ray of light and humor in a canyon defined by false dichotomy and vitrol.

I vote for... 05.Jun.2002 06:30

Black/red flag


The US Government at the highest levels had concrete and criminal foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks and deliberately allowed them to happen.

Moreover, given the United States's historic and CONTINUING use of Islamic terrorists as proxies around the world (i.e Yugoslavia), there is every reason to suspect the USA funded, shielded, and deliberately provided support for the 9-11 attackers.

Finally, concerning the forgotten Anthrax issue, there is increasing evidence which links the Anthrax attack to either an individual associated with the US government and military--or to the US Government and military itself.

Again, more damning evidence of American sponsorship of terrorism itself.

White to yellow 29.Apr.2003 14:58


I think that the government is constanly getting threats. From home and abroad. I think that the manner in which the 9/11 attacks occured indicates that the U.S. government did not know about them before hand. Remember a plane hit the Pentagon. You would think that the Pentagon would act to protect itself.