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the fascist corporations have been running these terrorist operations over seas for many years now they are making a major action here in the u.s. round up time for all disenters death camps are in your near future
round up time..what did u exspect the u.s. is run buy the fascist corporations we let it happen ... we are slaves !!!! soon they be rounding up all those who threaten their bottom line, theyve already started,and are making the lists its no joke its happening !!!! its time to go underground .... form small cells to gather data on the m.o. of the fascists an find ways to counter their oppression trust no one unless you have good reason too
Hey, look, IMC-Portland editors! 04.Jun.2002 10:10


Another story for you to feature in the center column!

response from a portland imc feature uploader 04.Jun.2002 11:48

a portland imc feature uploader

Thanks for the recommendation, but the center column is best for breaking news. This is old stuff !!


Thanks John 04.Jun.2002 16:31


Thank you Mr. Asscraft I am So, Sooo, Sooooooo, frighten by death camps. Help me stop. Gee come on over and fuck my sister. I give up. No, no, not death camps when you can use Pinto's and Explorers. Hey why not just fuck up the air.