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9.11 investigation

Jeb's FL cracking down on "terrorists"

A Bush critic gets foot powder in her utility bill payment (which included a signed personal check) and suddenly she's getting DNA taken because she was trying to perpetrate an Anthrax scare or something. Yeah, that's really logical...

By Cheryl Seal

It isn't often we get to present a first hand, "as it actually happened" account of the Nazi-esque activity of the Bush Justice Dept. Usually, the victims are swept away and disappear before anyone can get enough info to tell their stories - like those 1,200 or so folks who were rounded up on varying pretexts after 9/11. But here is a real life event for you, in the words of those involved, in real time.

In April, I received the following email letter from a fan in Florida, Warren Gammel. His initial reason for writing was a column I did on the way the religious rightwingnuts in the U.S. have been working to encourage the violence in the Middle East as a way to "accelerate" Armageddon and thereby fulfill their decidedly paranoiac interpretation of scripture. But included in Warren's communication was a story that will SHOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF. The story involves Dian Hardison, a pioneering woman scientist who made two mistakes: 1. she spoke out against the Bush administration and 2. She lives in Jeb Bush's Florida.

Monday, April 8:


This is the first time I've ever written you although I've read many of your past columns and sent the ones I really like out to friends. Apparently, a lot of other people also read your column as this one was sent to me by another friend today. All I know - speaking from my experience working with the criminally insane - is that religous conspiracy theories are one of the hallmark defining characteristics of true mental illness. I think many of our world leaders fall into this category and that's what frightens me so much.

I think you may find this to be of interest: I was the one that sent on of your other columns - the one about nuclear waste transportation - out to my friends. It provoked a response from "the Diehard." [Dems.com Note: "Diehard" wrote me a letter outlining her views on nuclear waste disposal]. Her real name is Dian Hardison, and she used to be a Navy weapons expert . She also spent 17 years as a hazardous materials engineer at Kennedy Space Center until she got axed for her politically outspoken views which were not popular with some of the higher ups in the conservative NASA management. She's really quite knowledgable and very intelligent and we frequently have friendly flame wars about nuclear issues, which I tend to be much more conservative on - like yourself - than she is. I don't agree with Dian on all issues, but I like her because she has fire in her belly and I enjoy her provocative outbursts -especially when she's blasting George W. Bush!

Do a google search on Dian Hardison and I think you'll be quite surprised -I sure the hell was! Sadly, she's recently come under an even more serious type of threat for her outspoken views, and I'm pasting an email (below) that I received from her on Saturday morning - subject: "Yep! They're After Me!" along with my response and her follow up. Saturday afternoon I sent these 3 emails along with a heading out to everyone I know.I think this is outrageous and it's an important issue all the "sheeple" need to wake up to - that voicing unpopular and dissenting opinions is a clear and present danger to one's health and liberty in Bush's Amerika. The fascist takeover is underway and progressing right on schedule!

This would be a very timely topic for your column. Dian is seeking as much publicity about this as possible, and she has told me to spread the word. So if this is an issue you'd like to address, feel free to use her messages.I edited two words (#*%& ) because she was understandably extremely upset when she was writing.

Warren Gammel
Ocala, Florida

DEMOCRATS.COM NOTE: First, a word about Ms. Hardison. She is one remarkable lady - check out this link:  http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/space/frontiers/hardison.html She is bright, outspoken, independent and female - a combination the Bush crew abhors. You can be bright and female (like Condi Rice), but independent and outspoken (unless in defense of the GOP "alpha males") - FORGET IT! Hardison proves that Bush and Co. not only have an agenda against dissenters, but just may be reserving special ire for outspoken FEMALE dissenters.

Here is a string that includes the letter Dian wrote describing her experience with the Ashcroft brigade, along with an e-mail interchange between her and Warren:

Dian Hardison Meets the Bush Gestapo

Written April 6:

So there I was, as I usually am on a Friday night, curled up with a book and a couple of cats, when two armed thugs bang on my door, read me a two-page search warrant while I'm standing there barefoot, go through my house, and haul me off to a clinic to take two vials of blood for a DNA test. I am now accused of being a terrorist, i.e., the "Manufacture, possession, sale, delivery, display, use, or attempted or threatened use of a weapon of mass destruction or hoax weapon of mass destruction," because - get this - there was apparently some foot powder in my water bill payment.

How did foot powder get in my water bill envelope? My filing system is rather haphazard, that is to say, every flat surface is treated as a horizontal filing cabinet, so I do most of my paperwork, such as sorting mail and paying bills, sitting cross-legged on the couch. There's foot powder all over the couch, and on the cats for that matter, and spread around anything any of us has stepped on.The better question would be: what Bush-voting MORON believes anyone besides themselves is STUPID enough to make a threat in an envelope with a PERSONAL IMPRINTED AND SIGNED CHECK in it? And what the #*%& are they going to compare my blood DNA to, the %*&# bank account number on the check?

They don't have to have a reason. With the illegally appointed dictator-wanna-be throwing temper tantrums, and his thieving brother running the state under martial law, all they have to do is decide they don't like you.


Warren's Response

April 6


Is this for real? If it is, it sounds as if the terrorists have already won. "Let's start rounding up all the dissidents." Has every one has gonestark raving mad and lost all of their senses? I'm surprised they didn't impound your files and hard drive. And of what use is DNA testing - other than to humiliate you? When I worked in Florida Department of Corrections we only did DNA testing on convicted violent offenders.

This is outrageous!


Dian's Reply

April 6

That's the point, the Bushiosi HAVE already won. Most people are refusing to believe it. I hope to make enough news with this to get people's attention before I get locked up. Remember that under the Bush acts, they don't have to prove anything to keep you detained "for the duration."Their search warrant didn't cover anything in the house, though that didn't keep them from poking around, but point is well taken, I had better back all my writings up on disk and hide them.

Spread the word - it CAN happen to you.


DEMOCRATS.COM NOTE: I sent the info to a few places I thought it might help, then heard nothing more...until now:

The Bush Gestapo Strikes!

Letter from Warren to Cheryl, May 30 - same day Ashcroft announces new "guidelines" for pursuing "terrorists":


In case you're interested, here's an update.

After receiving an email this morning from diehard informing me she had been arrested by Cocoa Florida police for terrorism, I called Brevard County jail and diehard (aka Dian Hardison) is being held on $5000.00 bond for perpetrating a hoax terrorist threat (some foot powder accidently got into her water department bill return envelope). She will be appearing before a judge tomorrow morning.

What a crock of shit. This is harrassment pure and simple. The take over by the police state goons is complete.

Warren Gammel
Ocala Florida

CALL, EMAIL, OR FAX JEB BUSH, JOHN ASHCROFT, THE BREVARD COUNTY POLICE! We don't advise writing a letter - this bunch of wackos may think you're committing a terrorist act if you leave a finger smudge over the stamp!

LET'S ACT NOW OR DIAN HARDISON WILL BE JUST THE FIRST OF MANY - and, just as in Nazi Germany, they will come for the best and brightest first.

321-633-2006: Brevard County Justice Services
321-633- 2056 Brevard County Community Safety
Jeb Bush: 850/488/7146
Fax: 850-487-0801
John Ashcroft's office: 202-353-1555