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Forest Protection Week Call In Day Tomorrow

Over fifty forest activists from all regions are on the Hill this week, calling on Congress to protect the National Forests and to stop the Administration's pro- logging, anti-protection agenda. You can support these grassroots activists by calling your Representatives and Senators tomorrow and all this week echoing the protection messages that are being delivered on the Hill.
Subject: Forest Protection Week Call In Day Tomorrow
Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 00:14:39 +0000
From: Steve Holmer < wafcdc@americanlands.org>

To: All Activists
From: Steve Holmer
Date: June 3, 2002
Subject: Forest Protection Week Call In Day Tomorrow

Please call the Capitol Switchboard at
202/224-3121 and ask for your
Representative or Senator. When you are
connected, ask for the staff
person who handles forest issues. Please urge
them to:

1. Be an original sponsor of the Roadless Area
Protection Act of 2002.
If they indicate that they are already signed on,
please thank them.

2. Oppose any expansion of controversial
stewardship contracting
authorities that encourage increased and
uncontrolled logging.
Stewardship contracting language which was
recently dropped from the
final Farm bill may now reappear as an
anti-environmental rider on the
Interior appropriations bill.

3. Support requiring that 90% of the acres
treated by mechanical fuel
reduction be in the wildland/urban interface zone
to protect lives and
homes. The Forest Service has misspent over $800
million dollars
Congress allocated to protect homes by diverting
the funds for logging,
unrelated activities and mechanical fuel
reduction treatments (logging)
far from communities at risk.

4. Cosponsor the National Forest Protection and
Restoration Act, H.R.
1494 or IN THE SENATE - Ask if the Senator will
support the introduction
of the bill in the Senate. The legislation
sponsored by Reps. Cynthia
McKinney (D-GA) and Jim Leach (R-IA) proposes to
phase out commercial
logging over a two year period and would redirect
$1.3 billion in annual
logging subsidies to fund restoration activities,
worker training
programs, and the development of alternative

5. Support dedicating $10 million of the Forest
Service law enforcement
budget specifically for off-road vehicle
enforcement. ORV users
continue to create illegal trails on the National
Forests. Two National
Forests have reported that hundreds of thousands
of dollars are needed
to repair the existing damage. Without adequate
enforcement to keep
motorized vehicles on the trails, the costs to
restore these lands will
only continue to grow.

Your calls will make a real difference and will
be very much appreciated
by your friends and allies walking the halls of
Congress this week.
Please contact me at
mailto: wafcdc@americanlands.org or 202/547-9105
with any updates on where your Rep. or Senators
stand on these forest
protection issues. Thanks for all your efforts.

Steve Holmer
Campaign Coordinator
American Lands
726 7th Street SE
Washington, D.C. 20003
202/547-9213 fax
mailto: wafcdc@americanlands.org