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Peltier Parole Letter Writing Campaign Organized by Eugene Students

Several University of Oregon students in Eugene have begun an aggressive letter writing campaign to show solidarity with the wrongfully-imprisoned Leonard Peltier, whose next parole hearing will be around the end of this month. Tabling has been remarkably successful, with at least a hundred letters projected to be written as a result of today's effort. If we could get a hundred more for each of the next four days this week...(!) The effort is scheduled to take place throughout the week. Read more...
All people are encouraged to write on behalf of wrongfully imprisoned AIM (American Indian Movement) activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier, whose two-consecutive life sentences for crimes he did not commit are a true miscarriage of the (in)justice system. He will be up for parole later this month, around the 25th or so, so any and all letters to the parole board are greatly needed! (download the letter from the website below)
Eugene activists have taken up the call to action, launching a week long makeshift letter-writing campaign, independent of any organization. The tabling effort consists of solely of 3 or 4 concerned students (one recently evicted and now temporarily homeless). The response has been better than anticipated. Perhaps 100 letters may be sent out as a result of today's effort alone.
Leonard has been imprisoned for over 26 years for the murder of two FBI agents on Jumping Bull property in the Pine Ridge Reservation - murders he clearly didn't commit. Over 6,000 secret documents have been kept from the courts, documents which could well prove his innocence. Ballistics evidence proves that he did not fire the weapon that killed the agents; other evidence
can be read about at the website listed below.
More on his case can be found at www.freepeltier.org.
Peace and love!

homepage: homepage: http://www.freepeltier.org

photo of peltier for feature 03.Jun.2002 21:10

photo rebel boy

photo of peltier for feature
photo of peltier for feature

Sorry 04.Jun.2002 13:18

Pat Kincaid laughter@aol.com

>Ballistics evidence proves that he did not fire the >weapon that killed the agents."

He was convicted of aiding and abetting in the murders of both agents. The jury was not required to find that he pulled the trigger or not.

Though Peltier has blamed a myserious 'Mister X' - who he still refuses to name - maybe it's Mumia?

The agents were shot at literally hundreds of times, and fatally shot at point-blank range, while laying wounded on the ground.

Peltier's parole will be denied - and he will continue to rot in jail - as he so richly deserves.

See you at your funeral, Lenny - if nothing better is on t.v.

still up to your old tricks? 06.Jun.2002 23:09

laffing at you

still up to your old tricks, huh Splat?? you know, "splat" as in the sound shit makes when it hits the floor.

"The jury was not required to find that he pulled the trigger"?

that sounds fair.

Pat, good thing you are but one small zit on the world's ass. a little man in a big man's world.