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No on Fast Track activists need help.

Corvallis No on Fast Track activists need your help!
Here are two No on Fast Track activists from Corvallis, (in photo), and we are asking for your help. Here we are standing on the Capitol steps in Salem and looking into a future expansion of NAFTA, Chapter 11, FTAA and GATTS if we do not defeat the Fast Track bill heading to conference in the US House. We all must CALL all the Oregon Representatives and let them know how very very important this issue is to Oregonians. Please call and urge others to call Rep. David Wu at 503 326-2901 and Rep. Earl Blumenauer at 503 231-2300 and Rep. Darlene Hooley at 503 588-9100 and Rep. Peter DeFazio at 1-800-944-9603 and thank them for believing in a democratic Oregon and voting to defeat Fast Track the first time it was before the House in December. It passed then by only ONE VOTE so do not think that your call is not important. It may be your one call that makes the difference this time around. If you make just one call to Congress this year then make this the call and take action. Urge them to vote aganist giving Fast Track to Bush. Corporate America is going all out to lobby them to get them to change their votes and if they don't hear strongly from us then they just might do it. Also do not let Republican Walden get away with his first vote for FT and let him know that Oregon is watching. Call Walden at 1800-776-4646. If we fail to act on this then we are in for an ugly ride as we get Fast Tracked right into FTAA and worse by the end of this year. CALL please, its important.
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