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Astoria Post Office reclaimed!

The Astoria Peace Gathering Lives!
Since early February, a few to twenty people gather at the Astoria Post Office every Friday for an hour to witness for peace. Some carry signs, like "Nuclear War Kills Everything", "Why War, Why Not Peace?"; some sing. Responses from drivers on the very busy street are almost all positive. Sometimes people stop and give us flowers, newspaper clippings, shake our hands. Last week, a man who said he represented the Post Master told us to get off the PO property. We complied for a minute, then regrouped. This week, after he heard from several feisty citizens, including a 70-year-old lawyer who is a gathering regular,the Post Master retracted his order, so long as the gathering was"peaceful", and thare was no "littering"(we often pick up garbage from the site, though it's difficult since there's no place to dispose of it). We hope this is happening in lots of other places. Small and big town witnessing is essential in this squeeze on hearts and minds. We must keep these brushfires burning!
thank you astoria activists! 03.Jun.2002 17:37


It's great to hear that things are happening out on the coast! Sounds like you have some great people out there in support of peace... I've often felt that being an activist in a small town takes a lot more guts that for us folks padded by a sizable peace community such as portlands. Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

Symbolisim redefined 05.Sep.2004 01:58

an Inquiring mind

With the Bush administration adopting Orwellian logic of black is white as defined by program title distortions 'clear skies' leave no child behind' and 'Healthy Forests'
When drivers in passing, are trying to indicate the lack of support for our dissenting anti war presence, weekly, year round,
They should realize that their >Thumb down hand gesture< is the new symbol of consent !