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BD Walk

Bush Daddy Walk: He walks like a moron, talks like a moron, leading them to die!
My Daddy said that Bush Daddy's "walk" began to cut a more destructive swath when Bush Daddy's stupidity compelled some anonymous commentor to mention "my meds" after "Bush Daddy Suicide" (182222), posted as "Bracelets for Ithaca's Punk Rogues" (Id=E9??? They delete this stuff too!) on Ithaca IMC. I told the commentor that I supposed that he thought Nicholas Exarchou (62371) was a doctor, and I challenged him to find a legitimate doctor who I had seen in my 15 months of unlawful hospitalization. Flash floods in "Nicky's" stronghold of Vestal Hills makes me wonder if "Georgie" got "Nicky" picked up for "impersonating a doctor". Like the rest of Bush Daddy Tribe, "Nicky" apparently refrains from reading a word that I write (Is. 29:11-12) and adheres to the chemical-mongering "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15) of the Nicolaitans (Rev. 2:6, 15) that assures that their stupidity lives forever.

Bush Daddy has apparently been the designated the "destroyer" (Is. 33:1); thus he felt that he had to keep destroying in order to stave off his own destruction. If Bush Daddy's stupidity has resulted in Messiah Exarchou being taken out of the way (2 Thess. 2:7-8), will the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots of the "closeted" Third Reich (174299) lose their chance to uphold "Nicky" as the "second coming of Justice Brandeis"? Bush Daddy says that "Nicky" was not the legitimate illegitimate son of Justice Brandeis and his wife, but rather the illegitimate "seed of Justice Brandeis that was born abroad. Since there are apparently a lot more Justice Brandeis look-a-likes where "Nicky" came from, it would probably be a shame to waste this opportunity to confirm that "Nicky" is "primo Messiah material". It's really not worth watching these morons disrespecting each other, especially when they are trying to obtain "protected species" status for morons. Wherever they walk, they cut a destructive "swath".

Since there is no one doing good (Ps. 53), I have directed my attention to a different type of "seed", juvenile oak seedlings. You recall how the sulphurous barrage of BDT mortally wounded Watchman Norm's (Hosea 9:8; 29190) sacred "river oaks" in Norm's Hooterville? BDT has yet to atone for that one. I, on the other hand, am very respectful of oak trees, whether they are the river oaks of yesteryear or true oaks, and have prepared the following descriptive piece to accompany any of my seedlings that may send forth roots to semi-permanently embrace the earth.

I cut down a few of God's majestic oak trees during the two or three years that I spent cutting firewood; thus I feel that it would be a good idea to bring the oak back to the status that it had in the past. I have also ball-and-burlapped some of the biggest trees ever to be transplanted; and I am doing my part to prove that the oak tree shouldn't be dug up at any point. It is best to put them in their permanent home as soon as possible. Have you ever seen the meager and mangled roots on a ball-and-burlapped oak tree? I believe that the answer is in planting juvenile seedlings and allowing the tree to shoot for its potential in its selected location from the very beginning. These two liter containers are ideal for these seedlings for two to four weeks of good summer growth. Full sun is ideal for these oaks, with the exception of the "silver oak" , a variant of white oak, which seems to do best in partial shade , at least for the first year of its life. Since these trees suffer from wet roots, they require a thorough watering only once every few days. If the upper layer of soil dries out , watering just enough to wet that layer and promote root growth in that area is preferable to watering heavier, for these roots will rot quickly in soil that stays saturated too long. On the other hand, once the roots fill the containers, they dry out very quickly; thus it is best to get them permanently planted as soon as the root ball system is easy to get out in one piece. It is not uncommon for a juvenile oak seedling to become a three or four foot bush that packs a five gallon bucket with roots. Whatever the case, these seedlings will do best in a rich loamy well-drained soil. These oak seedlings will flower and produce seeds later this summer. If someone pisses on it and kills it after it has began to flower, it should still produce mature seeds. The object of the juvenile oak bush is to produce a mature yearling stalk; thus if you have a ten inch oak bush in September; you should find a single ten inch stalk with small dormant leaf buds at the beginning of the tree's second year of life. On the White Oak, the 3-4 inch mature leaves of the second year will have typical oak leaf shape with a curvy undulating margin. I suspect that the "slow growing" reputation of the oak may be refuted by an oak that is enabled to "reach for the sky while grabbing the earth with all its might". And take heart that if this seedling produces mature seed and then gets killed before it produces a mature stalk, the site that the dead seedling occupied will still produce numerous tiny juvenile oaks the next year. You too can also use a knife to dig these baby seedlings from the soil and put them in a better location, or in a container like this. If you trim a few lower branches in the first few years of a young oak's life, I bet that you could get a few of them to grow 20 feet in four years. If you have ever loved an oak tree, you know that these trees are what makes the world go 'round.

So there it is! That describes my "walk" as an alien in Israel, the kingdom of the Lord of Sarah and Jennifer (93509). May the Lord be pleased.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS: Bush Daddy has revealed that the Practice March of the Army of the Lord will be an on-going event and that people have been buying up houses along the route, thinking that they will be the ones who decide the fate of each marcher who comes by.

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