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PDX Media Jammers Take On Coors Brewing

Overnight, Portland Media Jammers "correct" a billboard at the corner of SE 11th and Madison.
PDX Media Jammers Take On Coors Brewing
PDX Media Jammers Take On Coors Brewing

Summer Exposure 02.Jun.2002 13:57

peace rebel boy

The Coors Light billboard seems to be part of the beer company's "Summer Exposure" ad campaign, which features lots of skin and little responsibility or respect. Check it out at www.coorslight.com. You need to put in your birthday to enter this site. It's amazing how crass and shallow advertising continues to get.

Thanks! 02.Jun.2002 14:38


These are the worst so far so thanks to all who deface them! Someone got another one at SE 25th and Holgate too. Hey, culturejammers, there's an easy-to reach one on SW Arthur near Corbett Ave. across the street from ADP.

share your work, photographically 02.Jun.2002 15:02

culture jammer fan club

post all your photos of culture jamming to indymedia so we can see them and enjoy !! also, Adbusters magazine prints photos of edited billboards, too. check 'em out at  http://www.adbusters.org

original ad 02.Jun.2002 18:53


any idea what the original billboard said? "Here's ???"

Here's To Twins 02.Jun.2002 20:04

Hovering :: dMtiMc

The ad campaign goes "Here's To Twins"

The motto should be... 03.Jun.2002 00:52


"Here's to crappy beer."

Does ANYONE in Portland drink that swill? If you want cheap beer, we have PBR, and we have almost any other kind of beer you could ever want to drink.

Let them throw their money away advertising here.

Twins really are great 03.Jun.2002 06:17

Seth Weinberg Cook@buffalo.com

It's funny what you people get upset at. What a miserable existence it must be to get angry at the sight of hot, hot women, even in commercial contexts. But I guess it should be expected in a city like Portland, a city so accepting of women who intentionally try to make themselves look bad. I hope to meet all of you and your fat-ankled partners over here in Moscow some day.


Seth Weinberg
Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia

get a clue seth 03.Jun.2002 08:22


and so we should exploit women to sell cheap beer? i don't think so...

the thick strong ankles of russian women and women everywhere are beautiful - helps keep us grounded and able to kick butt it we need to

way to go. 03.Jun.2002 09:13


I'd seen that on the bus the last week or so and was dying to get something done about it. I'm glad someone did. Right on you guys!

Please 03.Jun.2002 14:10

Seth Weinberg Cook@buffalo.com

Womyn [sic], I would be more willing to pay attention to your comments if you would adhere to rules and norms of capitalization and punctuation. I'm sure others would agree.

Oh, and you should know that Russian women aren't proud of fat ankles. In fact, they are actually proud of their petite ankles. They are also happy to show themselves off when they are well-groomed and well-dressed. It's really remarkable. It's neat when women and men can be sexual without without any irony or political hang-ups. And it is also neat to see two hot blonde twins, regardless of context.

To any guys out there reading this, you really have to leave the States for a while to notice the difference. Come to Russia and you'll have a tough time looking at your womyn-friend ever again.


Moscow, Russia

your rules 03.Jun.2002 17:17


rules and norms of capitalization and punctuation? are you kidding seth? those things are about as meaningless and superficial as is your thinking about womyn.

do you suppose to know ALL russian womyn and their thoughts on their bodies? regardless, it matters not the thickness of a womyn's ankles. what we ought to be most concerned about is the thick-headedness of someone's brain that permits thoughts of exploitation of a womyn's body: twins, blondes, petite or "fat" ankles.

being sexual is a whole lot different than posing sexually for the sole purpose of selling a product. womyn are more than their "ankles" hair color, and body parts.

Comment 03.Jun.2002 19:05


Seth --- are you sure that isn't Moscow, IDAHO that you are from? Seems more appropriate given your point of view and Idaho's closer proximity to Coors headquarters.

Anyway, thanks to the folks who corrected the billboard; there are others around --- hope those get corrected also.

Geography 03.Jun.2002 20:26

Seth Weinberg Cook@buffalo.com

Dear Observer,

Yes, I am sure. It is Moscow, Russia.


Moscow, Russia

Coors, and what makes Seth tick. 03.Jun.2002 22:12


The Coors corporation must've made some kind of deal with Portland to saturate us with their thoroughly unoriginal, offensive & annoying advertising. There are something like ten "twins" billboards around Portland, not to mention "niche marketing" billboards directed at men (the official drink of "men's night out", showing a bunch of yuppies in a mosh pit).

Before the Twins was the anorexic club girl, remember her? The image was digitally altered to make her look emaciated, with an unusually large forearm to make the Coors bottle look really big.

Does anyone know what's up with that? How do corpos get the power to spread their message so ubiquitously?


And, Seth, why don't you show your mother that billboard and explain exactly why you like it so much. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to learn how you've incorporated that image into your lonely masturbation fantasies.

cheers, you sick bastard. get a life.

Kill the Billboards 03.Jun.2002 22:46


i agree, we need to kill the billboards (in line with "kill your television".) even those who refuse to tune into the tube are being forced to stomach the advertising that exploits all of life.

Hovering :: dMtiMc had a grand idea. maybe this individual could give us some clues on how to deface, destroy, dismantle, etc. these billboards.

Advertising 03.Jun.2002 23:45

Seth Weinberg Cook@buffalo.com

Chimpy writes: "The Coors corporation must've made some kind of deal with Portland to saturate us with their thoroughly unoriginal, offensive & annoying advertising."

First, is your beef with the idea of advertising itself or with the quality of the advertising? Would thoroughly original, unoffensive and pleasant advertising be suitable to your tastes? What about a billboard advertising an Indigio Girls album with a picture of a womyn on it? Would that be OK? What if the womyn was attractive to someone looking at the billboard? Would that be sexual exploitation?

Second, with whom exactly do you suggest Coors has made "some kind of deal"? Portland's local government? The residents of Portland? The Blazers? Were you in on this deal? I wasn't, but I don't live in Portland any more.

On another note, why should I be embarrased to tell my mother that I find the women attractive? And why would that necessitate my telling her about my masturbation fantasies, lonely or not?

Finally, it sounds like there are a lot of these billboards around town. I agree that a bunch of huge billboards can be obnoxious, especially in an asthetically pleasing city like Portland, which generally takes seriously issues of city planning. But why play up the sexual exploitation aspect? Why is it so distasteful to show some hot women when trying to sell something? At the very least, come up with some creative way to vandalize the billboards. You all are so predictable.

Anyway, thanks for giving me a chance to post here. I'm serious when I say that you all should really take a chance to come to Russia. Come and learn the language and learn about another culture. I think many of you would appreciate the different values here. After a while here, vandalizing a billboard because it features attractive women will seem really absurd.

Best to you all!


Moscow, Russia

reply to seth 04.Jun.2002 01:04

chimpy again

Fair enough, I'll respond.

Coors has a lot of money so they can force us all to behold their advertising against our will. And it is against our will: it is literally impossible to go outside in this city without seeing a billboard. That in itself is unjust.

As for the women, those two surgically and digitally enhanced "twins" (and who knows if they really are twins anyway) embody standards of beauty: flat stomaches, tans, massive breasts, patriotism, female male stimulating female homoerotica, etc. that oppress all women. Why? Because no one really looks like that. Those Portland women you speak of aren't trying to look ugly, they're women without makeup, shaven legs and armpits, or clothes designed to accentuate secondary sexual characteristics for adolescent minded cretins such as yourself.

This might scare the hell out of you, but there are women who are actually happy with themselves just the way they are.

It's not about freedom and sexuality, it's about the idealized image of women that you have been brought up with and accept as normal. And it IS all about masturbation because all that add really is saying is FUCK ME. Don't pretend to be naive about it.

What makes those two twins "hot", anyway? Where did you get the idea that people who looked like that were somehow more attractive than those who didn't take on all those pretantions? Probably Playboy. Or something like Playboy. You spent a good part of your adolescence masturbating while looking at images of women like the Coors twins, so the association with women who look like them and sexual stimulation / attractiveness is firmly impregnated in your mind.

I'm wasting my time here: I'm not going to continue this thoroughly ridiculous debate. But I'll leave you with this, Seth, why don't you ask yourself why women have to do so many things to be attractive to you: why do they have to dress a certain way, alter their bodies, shave off hair, etc.? Why can't people just be as they are? Is there something about unadorned folk who don't resemble people pictured in advertisements that makes them dirty or foreign to you? If so, is that fair to anyone, including youself?

right on! chimpy 04.Jun.2002 07:56


womyn used for advertising purposes may not even be real anymore. with computer imagery as it is, any image can be made to look real.

this being said, there are beautiful womyn in the world, everywhere, regardless of our physicality. i am particularly bias, i must admit, to the beauty of womyn who do not cater to our societies image of what it means to be beauitful. unshaven, no makeup, no synthetic anything, reveals the natural beauty of womyn.

it is beyond sad to me that some womyn find it necesary to alter themselves in order to be accepted. and seth, guys like you perpetuate this in womyn. if you really love womyn, love them as they are.

step number one, throw out all the pornographic images that society has impregnated your mind with. they are distasteful, false and oh, so demeaning.

My observations 06.Jun.2002 13:21


Hello folks. I actually went looking for this discussion. I've witnessed the billboards and their subsequent vandalism. I found them all very amusing, but it's still destruction of private property. If I had a miniature version of that billboard as a bumper sticker on my car, and someone was caught vandalizing it, that's a crime, folks. Don't get me wrong...I think nearly all advertising is insipid, vapid, and banal. It panders to the worst in humanity, because advertisers learned long ago that sin sells. It is for this reason that my house is free from television broadcasting. The clever bits aren't worth the acres of garbage one has to wallow through.
So what's the solution? Here's mine: I don't buy their product. If I were really sincere, I would send a postcard to Coors explaining exactly why I don't buy their product. Vandalizing the billboards is merely a source of amusement for Portlanders. I wish I could believe that it actually affects Coors revenue beyond the replacement cost, but I just don't. The people that agree with you (of which I am one) already refuse to open their wallets for Coors and the people that don't are going to buy it just the same.

Oh, and if conventions of punctuation and grammar are meaningless and inconsequential, then spelling can't be far behind and the difference between women and womyn becomes likewise meaningless and inconsequential. Words mean things :)

You don't get it, Paintball 06.Jun.2002 15:10

Lady Liberty

You don't get the objective behind culture jamming, do you? It has nothing to do with sending some sort of message or complaint to a corporation that really wouldn't give a shit nor is it about entertaining the public.

It's goal is to educate the public by bringing home the real intent behind the advertisement using the advertisement itself. It's about snapping consumers out of their hypnotic state of shop-til-you-drop by altering an image they expect to see with what the corporations really don't want them to see. Its meant to help people see themselves as human beings who are here on this planet to live with, learn from and love one another and not as shallow, materialistic consumers whose only purpose is to feed the rich. Follow?

Check out  http://www.adbusters.org to learn more about culture jamming.

Here's to Incest! 07.Jun.2002 01:25

Charles Garland charles@intownpres.org

I guess I have been desensitized to the objectification of women in advertising--but that is reson enough to despise these ads. The thing that surprises me so much is that the ads seem to glorify incest. Twins are sisters! The message of that ad is not, "Have sex with me!", but, "Have sex with us!"

Incest 07.Jun.2002 04:59

Seth Weinberg Cook@buffalo.com

You are right. The ad does say: "Have sex with us." I took that to mean standard male-female intercourse, however, done in alternating fashion. While having sex with one of the twins, the other would be waiting in the next room. They would then switch places until the Viagra ran out. I may be wrong, but I thought that message was pretty clear.


Moscow, Russia

Censorship??? 09.Jun.2002 13:07


Chimpy writes, and I quote:


Geez, how narrow minded can you be? If you don't like an idea or a message, great. But don't to try restrict the ideas that I am exposed to. *I* can make up my own mind, and ignore that which needs to be ignored.

I don't much care for the religious nut who, on sunny Friday afternoons, hangs out near my office yelling (ok, maybe just speaking *very* loud) at every passerby to inform them of the road to salvation. At best noise pollution, in my opinion. But it is a public space, and his right to express his ideas, however distasteful some might find them.

You advocate the use of physical force to suppress a message that you abhor.

Will there be a book-burning soon?

Portland, Oregon

RE: Jizzlips 09.Jun.2002 21:28

Lady Liberty

Jizzlips wrote: "If you don't like an idea or a message, great. But don't to try restrict the ideas that I am exposed to."

Restricting your exposure to ideas? In other words, a person's right NOT to have their senses assaulted by the daily bombardment of corporate billboard advertisements is like an infringement on your right to allow corporations to brainwash you?

Look, if you want "exposure" to this crap so badly you can always CHOOSE to buy a subscription to Skank magazine or something. You have that choice.

On the other hand, those of us who are sick and tired of the commercialization of our cities and towns DO NOT have a choice when corporations stick billboard eyesores in the sky. Comprende?


Exposure to ideas?! 11.Jun.2002 11:32

Joe Schmoe

I see your point, about the religious man shouting on the corner, and if Coors had launched an add campaign which included transmitting information about links between sex and alcohol, well I might think it wasn't the best thing they ever did, but I wouldn't think it was right to change it.

But... this isn't some political stance I disagree with, its not even an activity that I think is in poor taste, it is blatantly sexist advertising. If it gets changed, its not an idea that is being censored, it is an ad getting vandalized. Let's look at things clearly.

Thank you, Seth! 13.Jun.2002 13:27


I'm glad you have a brain, Seth. These people who rip into a frenzy over a billboard need to cut down on their caffeine intake. Exploiting women...ha! Only those that allow themselves to get worked up over something as simple as a billboard. These people should start their own PC advertising agency instead of becoming vandals. Pathetic.

Poor little Victims 25.Jun.2002 17:26


Poor Little Jizz, I am sorry for you. Your rights have been stripped? I figure with your head in the sand you shouldn't be able to look up at those billboards. What is the big deal here? A picture of two females, cheers to twins! Can't it be a compliment? Out of all the twins in the world, would you rather have the Olsen twins up there?

If you are fighting to protect your poor little feelings from advertising, then move. It is called free speech. If the billboards are in your way, then call the company that put them there, OBIE Media, or AE Media. They are the ones that get paid for selling the space.

By the way, do all you you bitch about the Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller, Black Velvet ads too?

If you deface the ads, you are committing a crime punishable by law, thats being responsible. Oh, and the brewery doesn't have to pay for fixing the singage, the media company does. DUH!

I can't imagine your life. Whine, bitch, moan and cry. The world isn't my oyster. GOD! If the message violates you, DON'T BY THE PRODUCT! But then what would you drink before you cap yourself from your miserable existance.

Oh yeah, Chimpy you are an idiot. Your statements sound as grade school as your education level."WE MUST DESTROY THESE BILLBOARDS. WE DIDN'T CHOOSE TO HAVE THEM UP IN OUR FACES EVERY TIME WE GO OUTSIDE. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT."

The advertising worked! You remembered the other girl from the previous ad. Let me ask you something, what do you choose to have in your face every time you walk outside? They have every right to put those up, just like on the bus, buildings, bus benches, taxis etc. Guess you better stay inside today, doesn't look to good to go outside and be victimized. And if you think Coors has alot of money, how many times have you seen Anheuser-Busch products advertised? Bud, Bud Light, Busch, Michelob, Doc Otis on and on.

My last word. The Twins are cool and attractive. Does that make me buy there beer? NO. Do I have more productive things to do than whine about someones ad? YES. I found this site thru the GooGle Search engine looking for the twins names!


Lithen Up 27.Jun.2002 16:51

AJ aumael@hotmail.com

Chimpy you're a pratt, they have every right. In fact they purchased the right. If you don't like them don't look at them.

While I find the defacements amusing I'll be the last person offering sympathy to anyone busted commiting the crime. I'd like to see a judges face after chimpy started spouting this "they have no right we must destroy them" drivel in his own defense.


BEAUTIFUL THING! 06.Aug.2002 15:22


what i know is that when i see a pair of beautiful blond twins that are as pretty as these ones, on a giant billboard, regardless of how they are dressed. i think beautiful!!!!!
beautiful!!! beautiful!!!

if it were a pair of twins that weighed 350 lbs each no one would think it was beautiful unless they were some other type of mammal. these women are beautiful and if you have a problem with this it is because blonds do have more fun and because you wish you looked as good as they do!!!

you spite them because you know that your husband and every other man in this country thats not gay wouldn't mind this poster on the wall of his garage!!!!

here is to seth and everyone else who knows beauty when they see it!!!!!

stupid teenagers 10.Oct.2002 18:15


"I found this site thru the GooGle Search engine looking for the twins names!"

Why? Are you going to call them? Get to know them? Or download pictures of them so you can jack off?