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"We are sponsoring a drive to collect books and software for the children in the refugee camps in both languages English and Arabic. We are collecting books and software in the academic fields of mathematics, science, social studies and other relevant subjects." --from the Book Campaign of the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund  http://pcwf.virtualactivism.org/books.htm
I got the following e-mail on Thursday (5/30/02) from my friend Bob in Corvallis, Oregon:

"I would like to do a textbook collection for Bir Zeit University and for our sisters and brothers in other schools in Palestine. ...I am putting out this e-mail in the hope that we can pull something together quickly. ...I will make sure that the books get to their destination in time for our sisters and brothers to use them. ...We need people to donate science, social science and humanities textbooks in good condition... Please let me know ASAP if you can assist. You can read about our efforts on  http://pcwf.virtualactivism.org "

I immediately got ahold of the bookstore at Southern Oregon University in Ashland and by Friday afternoon was able to pick up three boxes of books (pre-calculus and accompanying study guides), and I then drove them up north to rendezvous with Bob. It was just that simple!

In this time of terrible violence in the mideast many of us feel there is so little we can do. Here is something positive that can be done! The school year is ending now, for high schools and for universities. Make contact with one near you and find out if there are books which are being discontinued that be donated to this wonderful cause. Do it. Make a difference. It is just that simple!

homepage: homepage: http://pcwf.virtualactivism.org
address: address: ashland, oregon, usa

photo of books wes got to donate 02.Jun.2002 13:40

photo rebel boy

photo of books wes got to donate
photo of books wes got to donate
photo of books wes got to donate

They are not interested dumbass 02.Jun.2002 18:47


They are only interested in books that tells them that killing Jews is their duty and blowing themselfs up for Alah is also a duty.

don't listen to idiots 02.Jun.2002 23:23


you guys are doing a great service here. Anyone that says otherwise is an idiot. PEACE, and i mean it. Thanks for the good work.

Give me a break, folks 03.Jun.2002 08:03

Hal Weiner and that is my name preachbydeeds@aol.com

The racist and deliberately provocative statements
by some folks saying, " they only want to blow people
up " are not only insulting, degrading and wrong, they
also tell me how young you are.

Every single thing that is being said about
Arab Americans ( and Arab and Islamic people in
general, Arabs are a ten percent minority in Islam,
it spanning all races of the world ) was said in the
same tone about the Japanese and Japanese Americans following the bombing of Pearl Harbor in
1941. Most all of you were not born then. I had the misfortune to be seven at the time, and remember vividly the racist posters for war bonds with yellow faced buck toothed Japanese, and characatures. Check out the literature of the time on the Internet. It is all here.

Try Google.com and input Japanese Internment camp and see what you get.

The current enthusiasm for enlarging the domestic
spying abilities of the FBI and/or the CIA do not impress me. Stripping all of us of protections for our civil liberties, pissing on the Constitution, one of the favorite hobbies of Attorney General Ashcroft and the Bush Administration, is not only not going to catch terrorists it is a precurser to interning decent citizens and resident aliens, just as they did before. Think I am paranoid? Just bookmark this comment for two to three years down the road after the NEX T attack. ( oh yes, Virginia, you don't have to be a genius to know there is going to be one). I don't know where, when or how, and haven't a clue. I guess that qualifies me to be an Advisor.

Try thinking. For some of you it will be a refreshing
new experience. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Just watch the developing debacle in Afghanistan. When you snuggle up to a warlord the reward is not democracy. It is too high a price to pay to get Osama Bin Laden. We would be a lot better off spending the money to alleviate the horrible conditions in the camps in the Holy Land where the Palestinians have been warehoused for half a century and more.

He who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind.

Hal Weiner

Aye Witness - a Photo Ministry

thank you wes 03.Jun.2002 08:18

peace rebel girl

thanks wes for your far reaching efforts. ultra cool

i will chime in with adam and hal here and say to santos, wake up from the aMErican LIE and stop perpetuating violence in the world. attitudes like that only further the problems.

sand niggers 03.Jun.2002 11:06


Savages don't need books, they need a shotgun blast in the mouth.

You sure this is gonna help them? 03.Jun.2002 12:31


American textbooks especially regarding history contain much misinformation and only seek to misrepresent it.

hey baba 03.Jun.2002 14:33


baba and all,

I hope you/we can understand that hatred and violence in any form is no path to peace. seems like you might be living in some isolation from the world. i encourage you, us to aproach what you fear so much with openness. it is fear from wich hatred grows. understanding and openness is the antidote.

baba, may you find peace in and peace in the world.

Congratulations and good job 03.Jun.2002 15:06

valuable work being done

Granted there are flagrant errors and misrepresentations in American textbooks but that variety of naysaying is both inappropriate and ridiculous. For one, college-level textbooks have, in recent years, become much more fair and balanced in terms of narrative and representation. More importantly, however, the simple "forget those books" mentality would basically have these students not have any books at all. It seems a bit petty to assert that because some of the books do not fit into the anarchist dogma that this sort of bookdrive is meaningless. Please, just give credit to good work.

Excellent job, book drive organizers; keep it up!

To: "Valuable Work Being Done" 03.Jun.2002 23:09

what are you talking about?

You wrote:
"It seems a bit petty to assert that because some of the books do not fit into the anarchist dogma that this sort of bookdrive is meaningless."

The author you are calling petty wrote:
"You sure this is gonna help them? American textbooks especially regarding history contain much misinformation and only seek to misrepresent it."

Where is the assertion that "some of the books do not fit into the anarchist dogma"? Are you attacking a straw man here? Did some anarchist really piss you off one time?

This is usual behavior for indymedia 04.Jun.2002 12:39


The whole idea behind textbooks in my opinion is unnecessary. Instead of conducting research and reading books for themselves students are just handed a textbook with information aggregated already for them and discouraged from reading. The books you are forced to read in school can affect your disposition towards reading, most people do not like reading books they are forced to read.

I remember my high school Literature book never mentioned that Henry David Thoreau was an individualists anarchist, despite devoting over 100 pages to him. It talked about Transcendentalism, but not a single word that he was an anti-authoritarian which was a very important aspect of his life without which his actions cannot be understood.

This is understandable when you understand that the modern education system evolved in order to destroy the guild system and produce unthinking coolies for the new factories cropping up. This is why I question the need for textbooks and schoolbooks, not because of some "anarchist dogma". Indymedia is full of garbage attacks like this. The education system is meant to inure people into a society that is inherently unfair.