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911 warnings were blocked from reaching Bush

911 warnings were blocked from reaching Bush

911 warnings were blocked from reaching Bush.

This is a Transcript of the May 30 2002 Democracy Now Radio Show
hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez http://www.democracynow.org
Does "Arab National" plus "Flight School" necessarily Equal "Threat"?

David MacMichael talks about Who blocked the 911 warnings to Bush.
David MacMichael is a former CIA analyst,
former analyst for the National Intelligence Council 1981-1983, and
founding member of the Association of National Security Alumni
a former organization of former CIA and FBI officers
devoted to the reform of the intelligence system that
had absolutely no effect (not for lack of trying) and so disbanded in1990.

David MacMichael:
"The second point I wish to make in this, is to distinguish between,
and this is I think, at the center of, the current mater, about 911, and such events,
is to distinguish between, the role ... domestically of the FBI, as a gather of intelligence,
that is information in accordance with certain parameters
that are set up by the consumers of intelligence,
which are the decision makers within the country about
what constitutes possible threats to National Security or to the National Interest.
The gathering of information on that, and
their undertaking legal action as a law enforcement body.
And this is one of the things we have to distinguish very much
between the Central Intelligence Agency and the Director of Central Intelligence,
who of course coordinates the Intelligence activities,
of all the 19 or so organizations that make up the system,
and include the FBI, by the way,
as intelligence gathers.
The CIA has within the United States, no action responsibilities.
It's responsibility thru the National Intelligence Council,
is warning of decision makers,
that's it's primary responsibility, by the way,
at the National Intelligence Council level,
is to warn of clear and evident threats to National Security or National Interest.
And at that point, the decision makers must institute action or take response,
and this is what appears to have been, the break down, at that time of 911,
because it seems very clear that
a great deal of information, and a great deal of warning, went to the decision makers,
And it's at that National Security Council level,
and the person at whom I would, frankly be pointing a finger here, ... is
the National Security Advisor, Miss. Condoleezza Rice, on the basis of the evidence,
was persistently turning away, those
such as Director of Central Intelligence, George Tenet,
such as former Senator Gary Hart, who along with Senator Rudman,
had headed the Hart Rudman Commission,
which produced it's report early in 2001,
who were making these warnings.
Published just before September 11 2001
http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usassi/ssipubs/pubs2001/hartrud/hartrud.pdf ]
So what we have here is not an Intelligence failure, I do not believe,
I don't believe we had a significant intrusion into Constitutional liberties.
What we had was the turning of an apparent blind eye,
and in hind sight this is easy to say of course,
but a turning of a blind eye
to a great deal of very pertinent Intelligence that was brought forward ... ."
[ ] Second Seminar on Intelligence Reform 1996
http://www.ciponline.org/seminar.htm 1991
[ ] CIA: Out of Control

Now why would someone turn a blind eye 02.Jun.2002 02:30


Just what in the world would possess a security person to turn a blind eye to terrorist warnings? I just don't understand why they would do such a thing.

Re Mippy 02.Jun.2002 12:29

J Mayler

I assume that you have mastered irony, but just in case- war is good for the military industrial complex who paid for the idiot president to win, in order to have war you need a enemy and some patriotic fervour at home.
The trajic events of September the 11th provided both of these things in a post cold war climate that was begining to cool down in a peaceful way.

But.... 02.Jun.2002 18:06


You're scaring me. I want my mommy.

Re: 9-11 warnings blocked from reaching Bush 03.Jun.2002 00:19

Bob Fuller

No doubt Oily George would've stopped those pesky terrorists... if he'd only known... Bwahahahaha!!!

Mippy 04.Jun.2002 04:02


questionsquestions.net should help, but it's not easy to break away from the mainstream, and can be a little scary- i only just did it myself