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From the Fresnes prison in France
Manuel Pérez Martínez,
Secretary General of the Communist Party of Spain (reconstituted)
I am not going to take a long time over the "legal" aspects (which 1 do not share nor are they my responsibility) in this letter, but the process, which has begun here with the arrest of the activists and members of the PCE(r), in France, against my Party, as a "prolongation" of the one that has been taking place in Spain for more than 25 years. I underline the word "Party" because that is precisely the question: to criminalize a revolutionary proletarian political organization. This is something that has been shown by the police summary proceedings.
For that reaeon, I would like to state from the beginning that, as I have declared before the French police and also confirmed before the judge Bruguière. I feel myself "guilty" of the "crime" of being a Communist since I was fourteen years of age and having fought from that moment, together with my comrades, the unjust "order" of the bourgeoisie. I would also like to state that I have not the least of intention of renouncing my feelings as a communist militant. And even less, as it will be understood, of "repenting" of the fact that I have consequently fought and attacked for forty years a regime, so tyrannical as the one that is dominating Spain. So, while I have the strength and as far as the circunstances will permit me, I am going to continue to struggle against the cruelest enemies of my class and of the whole mankind.
There can be no doubt, no ambiguity about that "guilt" that I have acquired and which I am very proud of.
In think that it is necessary to mention some political aspects of this process that is being carried out against my Party, Communist Party of Spain (reconstituted). These political aspects either are not taken into account or they go unnoticed to the majority of the people and, however, they are, or, at least I consider them very important. First, I would like to emphasize that it is a political process and that it was gestated and started by a political decision, in which ihe Spanish state took the initiative from the beginning. This is a fact that must be taken into account.
It is necessary to denounce the political and economic pressures the Spanish state is exercising over the French authorities. Whit this, they are trying to implicate them in the so-called "antiterrorist struggle" or the dirty war that the Spanish state is developing to overwhelm and impede any kind of protest and the democratic, social and political claims of the workers of Spain, by means of the systematic use of violence and state terrorism.
Notice the well-known fact that the Spanish state sent its murder squads to France on many occasions, so that they commit every kind of misdeeds and criminal actions (murders, kidnappings, extortion) against all the Basque refugees and a lot of French citizens were also affected by them. In the same way in 1979 two militants of my Party (Francisco Javier Martín Eizaguirre and Aurelio Fernández Cario) were murdered in Paris by the hired assassins sent by the Spanish police.
It is clear that all those criminal, terrorist actions were committed by the order of a state of the "international community". Their main purpose was forcing French collaboration in the repression of the Basque national movement as well as the working class and people's movement in Spain.
The creation, financing and direction of the GAL by the Spanish state started at the beginning of the 1980's (during the "socialist" government of Felipe González) and they pursued the same objective of directly involving the French state in this dirty war. This fact was even recognized by the Spanish judges, who are not at all suspicious of getting on well with the people's movement. At the same time, that organization, the GAL, which formed part ot the Spanish state terrorist connection, was formally "dissolved" at the moment it became unnecessary, when the French collaboration in the "struggle against terrorism" was settled. It is clear that, from that moment on, the French state would give them a much more effective (and "legal" of course) collaboration than the one that the mercenaries and criminals, previously hired to the same end, had given to them.
This is reality which cannot be hidden, however much they try. The Spanish state is a fascist state at present and it still uses the same methods to repress the working class and the people's movement as before all that, in spite of ihe "political reform" or the cosmetic methods employed. This reality is becoming apparent in Spain every day. It would be enough with the facts that I have just mentioned to throw out all the police lies and false charges that they are using against my Party, as well as to reveal the mainly political nature of such a "judicial" plot.
If, by chance, there were some doubts about it, I would like to remind the "absent-minded" that Spain (its people and working class) was the only country in Europe that resisted the inner fascism in a cruel Civil War that lasted nearly three yesrs. I would also like to remind people, that after the war was finished, with the triumph of Franco's mercenary armies, the victorious fascists shot, after torturing them, more than 200.000 Spanish republicans. Most of these people were workers and peasants. Those are the official; figures, in which missing people and other numerous victims of the fascist terror who died in prisons, in labor camps and in exile, abandoned by all the so-called "democrats", are not included!
On the other hand, I do nct think it will be necessary to demonstrate that the Spanish fascist state was the only one in the world that remained "untouched" in its open terrorist form for more than forty years. However, the present owners of power as well as of the biggest of the country's riches (piled up with the people's blood) did not have the least shame to "condemn" it, even if it was just a "formal" question in the name of that "democracy" and that "new law state" they say that they are defending. It is natural that they believe in that way because, as Franco's "legitimate" heirs, they are afraid, and they have all the more reasons for it, since it could give way to a process by the crimes committed against humanity in Spain. And, therefore, they would undoubtedly be accused in that process as well.
All this reality and a lot of things, such as lack of rights that the workers are still suffering from, the nationalities oppression, the systematic use of torture and the existence of political prisons are conditioning the social and political life in our country. All those questions aggravate the class struggle and they give rise to a an Anti-fascist Resistance Movement, which is extensive and getting better orqanized every day.
Certainly, the collaboration that the French bourgeoisie is giving to the Spanish oligarchy and fascism is not "free". On the contrary, there are a lot of economic and geostrategic interests concerned, which are concealed under the "European Union" stamp. However, we know very well that the Spanish oligarchy, apart from the advantages of profits that they are getting from the intensification of their relationship with Europe, They are not really interested in the "European Project". The Spanish oligarchy main interest is to try and "reconquer" or to recolonize South America, where they have invested the biggest part of their "surplus" capital. Of course, to get that "little place under the sun" of the new imperialism, the Spanish oligarchy must have their protector's permission: that of the Yankee gendarme, that rules the area in an almost complete way. This is the reason why Aznar's Spanish Government is submitting to the USA's political and military orders. And this is also the reason why the Spanish government is acting, together with England's government, as Yankee's "Trojan Horse" at the "European Union". It is also for that reason that they do not waste any opportunity to sabotage the German and French partners initiatives in order to create a new European imperialist power, capable of competing with the USA, to fight for world dominion.
It is really evident that the French monopolist bourgeoisie did not act cautiously in relation to the Spanish oligarchy and fascism. Of course, they are absolutely wrong if they think that, on collaborating with them in the "anti-terrorist struggle", they are going to attract them to their own field of alliance. That is a policy that is condemned to failure beforehand.
But what crimes are we accused of?
They threw against us, the militants of the PCE(r) imprisoned in France, the accusation being members of a "malefactor association", involved in "terrorism" acts. The only reason for this is the fact that we support, from a political and moral point of view. the anti-fascist resistance armed struggie that is developing in Spain since the 1940s. They have nearly accused us of inventing class struggle in all of its forms.
However, as I have pointed out at the beginning of this letier, as much as the police examinations as the judicial ones I was subjected to, only our revolutionary political ideas and the struggle history of our Party were brought up. In the same way, they were brought up when they imposed long sentences on us, as the one I myself served in Spain for committing the same "crimes", as well as the tortures, all kind of vexations, the continuos police persecution and the numerous murders of militants we suffered for the same cause for more than 25 years.
Where is the evidence for all the charges? Of the "terrorism crimes" that they attribute to us? Our moral and political support to the heroic anti-Fascist armed resistance in Spain is not a crime but a duty to every democrat and revolutionary person. It is about a just and legitimate struggle, a right that is consecrated by all the democratic constitutions: the right of the people on earth to have the right to raise arms against tyranny. We, the Communists of Spain will never give up that right!
Moreover, it is oddly enough that even the Spanish judges do not dare to cast that accusation against the PCE(r) at the present, because it was shown groudlesssome hundreds of times. Another good reason is undoubtedly, the growing influence of our Party among the working class and other working sectors. They know well the activities carried out by our Party in order to defend their interests in its more than 25 years of existence.
A "malefactor association" that is regularly publishing a newspaper (Resistencia) as well as a magazine (Antorcha) and numerous books and leaflets. A "malefactor association" for which a lot of martyrs of the working class and people's cause gave their lives. This organization has in prison tens of its militants submitted to the constant torture of long periods of isolation, that surpass 20 years in some cases. Their "crime" is that of being loyal to their class and their communist ideals, not accepting the mean "offerings" of "rehsbilitation" that the state tries to impose to them. A "malefactor associafion" that is shoddy recognized for its revolutionary political integrity and its proletarian internationalism by the revolutionary proletariat in different countries.
Such are some facts of rea!ity and the charges they impute to us for which we are going te he "judged" and condemned.

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Leftists are sooo long-winded zzzzzzzz 01.Jun.2002 18:35


My God - communists (indeed leftists of all stripes) are long-winded. I think at heart you people are all preachers - you all think you have something to teach the world - yet you have nothing to say - you just rant.

Please just tell me in 25 words or less - do communists believe in violence and unlawful behaviour to suppress their enemies? If so, then the enemies of communism have every right to advocate and use violence and unlawful means to stop you.

So quit whining.