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Activists demand boycott of Umpqua Bank

From the open publishing newswire: "On Wednesday, 26 June, fifteen of us gathered at the Lloyd Center Umpqua Bank to demand a boycott of the Roseburg-based chain. Why boycott Umpqua bank? The chairman of the bank's board, Allyn Ford, is also the owner of Scott Timer and Roseburg Forest Products. Further, the largest shareholders of the bank are Lynn and Milton Herbert, owners of Herbert Lumber, which will decide the fate of old growth forests in Cottage Grove's municipal watershed. Hence the label 'stUmpua'. Ford is receiving a 'replacement volume' sale is called North Winberry and the plans call for clearcutting 300 acres of 200-600 year old trees. This trade is in violation of the Rescission Act which requires that replacement volumes be of 'like kind, value and volume'; Siuslaw is second growth, and North Winberry is old growth.

"We handed out flyers to folks on the sidewalk and in cars [and] talked to people about the issues. Response was mostly positive. Who wants to cut down more old growth?

"These Boycott stUmpqua demonstrations have been happening every Wednesday afternoon at the Lloyd Center stUmpqua bank on 15th and Weidler NE. This was the biggest turn-out in a few weeks. Starting next week, folks will be gathering from Noon to 1 to educate a different set of customers. Please come out and join us sometime !! This is a great high-visibility action that involves education and outreach to save old growth in Oregon." [ Full story & PHOTOS ]