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Hardwick (Hoersch) Helps ARA

Please Read
I would appreciate it if you would make a correction to your gallery entry regarding Keith Carney. Keith and I no longer bear any affiliation—Not a friendly one, at least. To give you a little bit of background, this
all began about two or three months ago, largely due to Keith's girlfriend, Jeana (despite what other excuses Keith may come up with). I'll start from the beginning. For a few years, Keith dated a girl who was a real loser with a real problem with shoplifting and drugs. The day after Keith was released on bail for the stickering, he broke off this relationship. That same night,he met our neighbor's cousin, Jeana. Jeana was a homeless, skinny 'raver-girl' who was quite strung out and 'squatting' at her pot-selling cousin's house. She and Keith 'hooked up' that night, and within a week or two, she had
moved in with him at his parent's home. After about a month or two, she finally got a job at Burger King in Brown's Mills. Instead of going to work like she said, Keith's dad found out that Jeana was still doing drugs with a few of
the non-White kids in the neighborhood. Keith kicked her to the curb and sent her back to her mom's house, who took her in again. (She's an 18
year old high school drop out.) Within a few weeks, she and Keith were back together, despite his knowledge of her drug use and despite his
knowledge of the company that she was keeping. Hell, just this past December she had been
having sex with a Puerto Rican in my old neighborhood (his name is John) for drugs—while she was Keith's "girlfriend". Knowing all of this, my husband and I refused to have her around in our home. I don't know what exactly
spawned Keith's sudden 'hatred' of me, but he began to talk a lot of shit, I am guessing it's because of this girl. I've never done Keith wrong. Hell, when he got put in jail for stickering, I wasn't even living in Philly, yet I stayed until I knew that he was out (bail was $10,000). After I went back to Virginia, Keith went back to court a few days later. He was arraigned and his bail was raised to $50,000.
Oh, yeah... I only received one beat down when it was about 15 to 1... I didn't see any fists when I've been spotted all these times in Philly, now have I? That one was the last I've seen... that was about a year and a half ago. J


From: Administration
To: "Erica Hardwick"
Subject: Re: Keith
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 10:53:48 -0400
Well, in all sincerity, I am sorry to hear about all that shit with you and Keith. I will make sure that is noted. As for the thing about any other fights, that goes too. What I was told was that you and Keith was at this show
back in February, I believe, passing out flyers (Don't think they were NA because you were out by then) at a death metal show and someone confronted you. I didn't think it was so much of a beatdown as it was a scuffle, but I will strike
the reference.
About the show in Philly--It was a black metal show-Dimmu Borgir-at the Trocadero. The idiot I went with picked a fight with the only nig in the joint and got thrown out. I had stood up for him (and apparantly knocked a bouncer to the floor in the meantime) so I got thrown out, too. I had passed out some flyers about Hendrik Mobus and Absurd's new album at this show. There weren't any other confrontations there. Anytime you want to know ANYTHING about Keith, let me know. He's a real piece of shit as far as I
am concerned.


From: Administration
To: "Erica Hardwick"
Subject: Re: Keith
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 13:40:30 -0400
That was YOUR crew? I knew someone who went to that show and she said that someone beat up a bouncer and was thrown out. She didn't see the
altercation,and she said it in passing so there was nothing else I heard about it.Okay, I know about that. As for Keith, if you are down with telling me things about him, I will appreciate it. And with the exception of the last email where I posted your account of the falling out, like with everyone I speak with my source will
be kept confidential, That is my word, and if anything you can trust me to keep that. I need to know his address, and his phone number. Hell, I want to know the car he drives if he has one and where he works. I also need to know status
of his case if you know it, and a docket number if you have it. Finally what is the status of the Eastern Hammerskins and what crew is he rolling with? That is what I can think of for now.
At 03:15 PM 05/14/2002 -0400, you wrote:
you have his address right. His phone # is 609-893-0592--I can't tell you anymore because of your posting my personal account that I gave you,
everyone would think I was playing on your side and it would start too much shit. If you have Yahoo messenger, IM me on the screen name communists_are_evil.

From: Administration
To: "Erica Hardwick"
Subject: Re: Keith
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 15:23:34 -0400
I will have to IM you later on this evening. I also took the account off because I am not going to have you fucked with by your own on account of us. Our thing is about getting any and all info out there and that was where I was going with that.

At 03:36 PM 05/14/2002 -0400, you wrote:

I'm getting ready to log off line. I'm considering giving you a phone # to just call me on, but it is my mother's house (I am in VA right now) and I don't want to put her in any kind of position to be harrassed by your ARA
folks. I may be back online later on tonight, but I don't fuck with the internet much anymore unless I am really bored. It will be late if I am and you will probably be asleep. I would prefer a telephone conversation or IM with you rather than e-mail...you can understand how I might not fully trust you. ("Our thing is about getting any and all info out there and that was
where I was going with that. ") It would be nice if you could find some weasely way to
put that out there about Keith. I'm getting offline now, but if you catch me online, IM me, OK? Or leave me a phone # that I can reach you on.



What a joke 27.Oct.2005 19:54

old friend

Erica finally ran out of white hate group leaders who will have her, so she had to change sides. Then they wont have her because shes a thief, a drunk & too violent to claim shes promoting peace