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Open Letter to COINTELPRO

A letter to those whose job it is to spam sites like this.
How do you sleep at night? You must have done enough reading here, and have enough knowledge from your own respective agencies to know that the men who sign your paycheck are the men that allowed 3,000 innocent people to be massacred at the World Trade Center. Many of those people ran in there to save others. These are people who I image you would have been very proud to know.

Like John O'Neill. The top investigator of the bin Laden case, he made it all the way to deputy director of the FBI. Then, just as the case was starting to sizzle the boys in charge told him to back off, they wanted to negotiate a pipeline deal with the Taleban. Disgusted with the Bureau for pandering to terrorists, O'Neill voiced his indignation to the authors of "Bin Laden: the Forbidden Truth" which will be coming out in English this July. Days from September 11th, O'Neill took a job as head of security at the World Trade Center, as he was convinced that terrorists would strike the building again as they did in 1993. His body was one of the few to be recovered from the rubble.

I come from a family of public servants, and I've always been distressed by the tendency of activists to focus their hatred on "the Pigs," when after all they're just following orders so they can feed their families. The ones pulling the strings haven't had to worry about a paycheck a day in their lives -- they are positively gorged with blood money from drugs, oil, and arms shipments. Psychological studies show that people can be made to do things against their conscience just because an authority figure told them so. Is that the case with you?

These are the times that try men's souls. Review whatever justifications you've made to yourself carefully. Are you going to be a hero like Colleen Rowley, or a chickenshit trying to fuck with a few people's rights to free speech?


Jody Paulso
Spam is as Spam does 31.May.2002 12:29

android9 android9@hotmail.com

Funny, this is the same person who defended the "right" of Nazis to post to the main wire and be featured, in the name of "openess", against "censorship" of "free speech".

(See comments re: "The Worst of the Wire" a couple days back on the wire)

Right-wing extremists hate Bush for refusing to throw the zeig-heil, and have totally joined the "anti-government" chorus re: 911. These are the same people up in arms over Ruby Ridge and Waco, but remaining totally unsypathetic re: Move and other sides of the same issue.

Even if Tim McVeigh was a COINTELPRO set up to make them look bad, like they claim (which I am not buying), that does not let them off the hook.

They scream bloody murder over their "right" to be fascist religious whackos, armed to the teeth, spewing hate propaganda, and acting on it, as well...

Anarchy is not about "freedom" to be a Fascist! The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend, unless we are some kind of opportunist Machiavellian pigs with no prinicples.

911 should be investigated and exposed, but this does not mean we are in solidarity with Fascists who are also calling for that!

Pat Buchannon opposes NAFTA, but do you really want a coalition with him and his Aryan Nations staff? I don't think so.

You may want to try to appeal to and win over his constituency, but that will not be accomplished by giving him undue props, out of some misguided notion of "respect" for his "right" to an "opinion".

Fascism is politically incorrect, and should be severely suppressed! That's not about being mean, or becoming "just like them". Its about revolutionary justice and popular democratic consensus that Nazis suck, and just like capitalists and other anti-democratic unjust, exploitive oppressors, ripoffs, and eco-rapers, they should eat shit and die.

You can try to be "nice" about it, and see how far you get!

Android9 31.May.2002 22:24

stick that jackboot up your ass

enough of your "anarchism isn't about fuckall dowhateveryouwant bourgeoisindividualism" dogma and "we will suppress with coersion 'anti-revolutionaries'" bullshit. it's spammed all over this fucking site, almost verbatim. is it straight out of the "Definitive Anarchy for Dummies" book or what?

Freedom from Groupthink 01.Jun.2002 04:18


Who is Android9? I'm happy for you that you are an Android - but I am not. I value freedom - and I value the diversity that necessarily comes with it. That includes diversity of thought.

Stop telling free people how they must think and what they must believe. You belong in some totalitarian state. You must be very happy with the way the US is going - ever more police - ever more thought crimes - ever more surveilance.

I am not an anarchist - but neither am I an android - I can think, speak, and write and that's what I intend to do - so get over it.


NAZI RIGHTS NOW!! NAZI RIGHTS NOW!!! 01.Jun.2002 04:41

fuuuuuck that

gee, thats really dumb to go off about the name android chooses to post under. and saying that he belongs in a totalitarian state and must be happy about all the police and surveillance has absolutely no logical support whatsoever. and, ah, i can see where you guys are coming from with the whole absolute free speech thing...I don't necessarily think that the government should impose any formal negative sanctions for any kind of speech or expression, I don't believe in official, institutionally enforced social norms and codes of behavior. However, I would hope that somebody spewing words of intolerance and hate, calling for genocidal ethnic cleansing or supporting any aspect of hitlers holocaust would be subject to some serious informal sanctions at the hands of his or her ideological opposition, namely getting kicked the shit out of by a bunch of anti-nazis and booted the fuck out of town. you may say they have their rights and liberties but there's a difference between being an activist for social justice having the ability to speak out against all forms of oppression and being a nazi fuckhead who would enjoy seeing everybody who doesn't look like them hanging from a lamppost. there's no room for that shit in any of MY fucking psychological space, not to hear it, not to think it's okay to let them spout it off and attempt to influence impressionable young people to fall into their circle of hate-driven violence. FUCK THAT!! if you think they have the right to distribute their literature and spread their message, then you obviously do not oppose the augmentation of their movement and resulting hateviolence.

maybe I belong in a totalitarian state...maybe you think I'm stoked on the police and surveillance state...but I'm not cool with the idea of more and organized NAZIs and am willing to SAY that, and willing to FIGHT it.
got it? not cool.

Android9 again - hiding behind another name 01.Jun.2002 07:06


Android9 (intolerant of anyone who disagrees) has replied (under another name) - displaying his limited vocabulary, primitive rhetorical style, and violence-prone nature.

Someone has a problem with "intolerance and hate" here Mr. Android - and it isn't me.

"absolute free speech...intolerance and hate...genocidal ethnic cleansing...hitlers holocaust...kicked the shit out of...booted the fuck out of town...nazi fuckhead...hanging from a lamppost...shit...MY fucking psychological space...hate-driven violence...FUCK THAT!!"




NOT ANDROID9 01.Jun.2002 13:52

the above poster

It was I who posted the words above, not android9, whoever that is. I have a question, edric...are you an fbi agent trying to cause a ruckus on indymedia? because if you aren't, you sure are making them happy that they don't have to spend any of their time posting unfounded arguments and attacking what other people say just to cause disputes. you're doing a great job of that. maybe you didn't really understand, but the whole hate filled violence and hanging from lampposts thing....that's what nazi's want, man. and if there's one thing i'm intolerant of, it's that. are you equating me being intolerant of neo-nazi's with their intolerance of any person who isn't a blond haired blue eyed white christian. if so, please, I ask of you to spend your next post defending that logic instead of attacking my personal anti-racists beliefs.
nazi's kill people. they're ready to fight and many carry arms. if there ever comes a time when they, despite their ignorance, are organized enough to become a threat to other people, i hope their ideological opposition doesn't think twenty people holding signs will stop them.
please respond thoughtfully.
thank you
-not android9

Then defend freedom - not thought control 01.Jun.2002 15:21


Then stand up for freedom instead of political correctness.

You do not have the right to live in a socety in which everyone thinks like you - but that seems to be what you are advocating.

It is you people screaming about "Nazis, racism, social justice, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and terrorism" and all your other favorite buzzwords - who are causing the terrifying growth of America's Federal Police State - FBI, CIA, DIA, COINTELPRO, and numerous other police agencies - all designed to make sure we think the way you want us to. You people are responsible for political correctness - you are fanatics.

Nobody tells me what I can read, think, say, or believe - nobody - and nobody tells me where I can live either. This is America - we are about freedom.


Hey, Andy! 01.Jun.2002 20:58

Jody Paulson

I never defended the Nazi or Nazi-immitation posts that spam the global newswire. But they are easily ignored, and they were being trotted out as an excuse to either 1) not contribute to the global newswire or 2) slide down the slippery slope of censoring content, which I fear has already begun to be a problem there. That doesn't give the COINTELPRO people any justification for what they're doing, however. Spam is the least of what they do ... but they use it as an excuse to call for censorship, or in the case of the global open newswire yanking the voice of the people off the front page.

Re: Nazi Rights Now 02.Jun.2002 23:37

Bob Fuller

fuuuuck that wrote:

"if you think they have the right to distribute their literature and spread their message, then you obviously do not oppose the augmentation of their movement and resulting hateviolence."

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
- 1st Amendment of the US Constitution

Yeah, they have the right.

good point 02.Jun.2002 23:59

fuuuck that

it's good that you point that out. that they do have the right as supposedly observed by the government granted under the first ammendment. though the legitimacy of that documents words in current context can be disputed, the first ammendment does indeed grant nazis the right to disseminate their ideology as anyone would. However, you'll note I mentioned i am not in favor of the governments imposition of formal sanctions on any kind of speech or expression. One of the best things about this system of free speech is that it allows for the mobilization of any ideas opposition. I simply consider myself and many others to hold a kind of moral and ideological opposition to that of neo nazis. thus I speak out against them. I would hope that there are others elsewhere than my living room that would agree.

Chasing our collective tail. 03.Jun.2002 23:40


Are we for GOVERNING others thoughts and speach
or are we for governing our selves?

Android and! It makes me want to cry when you go off on your tyrannical rants. Really- Your scaring the kids. You think everybodys a nazi sympathizer that doesn't stick up for your program of coercion and suppression? I got news for you it ain't true. Can we confront nazi sentiment in our communities without suppressing it?
Ask your local priest- sentiments suppressed only fester and take root. I think your idea of going to the nazi's neighborhood and educating thier neighbors could be a lot more effective, especially if done tit for tat to thier attempts at organizing here. Maybee you don't see the difference between challenging thier ideas- and challenging thier right to have them? Maybee nazi's are somehow less human? Less deserving of the right to determine thier own thoughts?..
Where does this train of logic lead you?
Needless to say - I won't go there- and I'm not alone.
Does this mean that I'm not gonna go to the anti-fashist protests here locally? That I won't be wearing my boots? NO!!! Chances are I'll have your back just the same. I don't agree with all your hair brained ideas about the nessecity of suppression. Weather it's for your collective- or our movement- (strange dichotomy huh?) this don't make me and my people nazi lovers. It don't make us GA folks counter revolutionaries that should go on your (BLACK?) list- really..
There's good and bad to everything- it would help our movement as ANARCHISTS if you chose to stop slandering yourself. By slandering others.


Re: Good Point 04.Jun.2002 00:40

Bob Fuller

Obviously, it's becoming more and more of a "theoretical right," as the Nazis in DC continue to flush all our rights down the drain. I was just saying that you can't shut people up, without becoming a Nazi yourself. Hand me that ammo clip, and don't bogart that joint, bro.