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9.11 investigation


Repost of article#183583 on global IMC. Agent: FBI Could Have Prevented 9-11. These revelations dwarf the Phoenix and Minneapolis memo scandals. This is truly
To see the press conference, visit C-Span and look on their
terrorism links and or domestic security links.


The ram link is:


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The press conference is being rebroadcast right now
on C-Span. It is truy astounding. The Judicial Watch
rep is accusing the FBI administrator of outright crimes,
which should be prosecuted, and which should be
called treasonous. This is pretty heavy stuff.

They said, whenever they lodged complaints
about superiors, they were told


by the higher ups.

Apparently, Judicial Watch has been calling for
investigation of the many Islamic charities for
over eight years, for money laundering,
and they have been obstructed
at every turn.

People within the FBI who pushed for investigations
were summarily demoted. It's fascinating!!! This is
a real bomb shell. Is it sinking in? Is the media catching
on? This story should crack the FBI in two, and if they
can trace this obstruction to Bush, i.e. allowing the
Bin Laden's to leave the US without question, it may
be the end for Bush.

<Hypocrisy of Congress,> he says < is equal to that of the
Bush administration.> Congress has been given this
information, but they were afraid to release it.

<Islamic money laundering was deliberately ignored.>

<The Big Banks were accomodated, the Muslim Terrorists
were depositing money in these banks, and the administration
looked the other way deliberately>

<Both Bush and Clinton were guilty>

I am just giving you a few quotes.

<Bush Senior even stayed at the Bin Laden
family home in Saudi Arabia. The Bush family
and the Saudi's are as close as you can imagine.>

Judicial Watch is as radical, or more radical,
than the most severe leftist critics of Bush.

They are basically blaming the whole 9-11 tragedy
on corruption, exposing the financial corruption
which has existed in money laundering, our banking
system, Clinton and Bush's desire to look the other
way to protect the banks, and the FBI's deliberate
decision to obstruct investigations into both terrorism
and money laundering.

<Agent Wright will soon tell everything as soon
as you reporters print this story. He will tell
everything in a matter of days.>

Agent: FBI Could HavePrevented 9-11

Wes Vernon, NewsMax.com
Friday, May 31, 2002

WASHINGTON A veteran FBI agent
Thursday charged that corruption inside
the bureau derailed investigations that
could have averted the terrorist attacks
on America on Sept. 11. His lawyers said
the FBI had evidence that the World
Trade Center was a possible terrorist

In a memo written 91 days before Sept.
11, the man, Special Agent Robert G.
Wright Jr., warned that Americans would
die as a result of the FBI's failure to
investigate terrorists living in this country.

Wright went public at a press conference
even though FBI Director Robert Mueller
ordered him to stay in Chicago and
threatened him with criminal prosecution
if he spoke publicly about the agency's

"The FBI is not protecting the American
people," declared Wright at a conference
sponsored by his attorneys at the public
interest law firm Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch Chairman and General
Counsel Larry Klayman termed Mueller's
comments Wednesday, that open
criticism of him and other top FBI brass
was welcome, were nothing more than
"politically convenient statements."

'They Got Caught'

"They said that because they got caught
with their hands in the cookie jar,"
declared Klayman, referring to a memo
written by FBI legal counsel Coleen
Rowley. She alleged in a memo that the
FBI could have prevented the 9-11
attacks and that Mueller, though new to
the job, has covered up for senior FBI

Klayman said Mueller's reorganization
plan announced this week was noting
more than "icing over a stale cake."

Wright produced a sworn statement
relating to an FBI agent who refused to
record a telephone conversation during
the meeting with a suspect in an FBI
criminal investigation related to terrorism.

Muslim Agent 'Does Not Record
Another Muslim'!

The agent in question is quoted in two
sworn statements, one by Wright and the
other by retired agent Barry Carmody, as
refusing to record the conversation
because "a Muslim does not record
another Muslim."

Carmody's statement said that refusal
"may have negatively impacted the
conduct of the FBI's investigation. I
informed FBI headquarters twice about
this incident in 1998 and again in 2000,
but I am aware of no disciplinary action
being taken against him in this matter."

Wright, whose whistle-blowing was first
reported by NewsMax.com weeks ago,
urged the Bush administration and
Congress to "consider removing terrorism
investigative matters from the hands of
the FBI. For reasons of consistency,
reliability and national security, these
responsibilities should be assigned to a
new federal Anti-Terrorism Agency."

The assets of the Drug Enforcement
Agency could be used to fund an
anti-terrorism agency, he said. "Simply
switch the terrorism responsibilities of the
FBI with the nation's illegal drug

FBI's Gross Incompetenee

"Knowing what I know," Wright
continued, "I can confidently say that until
the investigative responsibilities for
terrorism are transferred from the FBI, I
will not feel safe."

The agent, stationed in Chicago and now
demoted to "meaningless paper-pushing"
work, according to Klayman, charged the
FBI "cannot identify and prevent acts of
terrorism against the United States and
its citizens at home and abroad."

Even worse, he said, there is "virtually
no effort on the part of the FBI's
International Terrorism Unit to neutralize
known and suspected terrorists residing
in the United States. Unfortunately, more
terrorist attacks against the American
interests, coupled with the loss of
American lives, will have to occur before
those in power give this matter the
urgent attention it deserves."

By phone from his law office in Chicago,
Wright's lead attorney, David Schippers,
who represented the House Judiciary
Committee in its impeachment of Bill
Clinton, chided the FBI for dropping the
ball in dealing with domestic and
international radical Islamic "charities" that
were laundering money on American soil
through U.S. financial institutions and
other channels.

Stopping Muslim Terrorism Isn't P.C.

Had the bureau not been cowed by
"political correctness," Schippers said, the
money for much terrorist activity "would
have been cut off."

In his opening statement, Judicial
Watch's Klayman said the FBI had
threatened Wright with his job if he were
to go ahead and tell his story either in
media statements or in a book he has
been writing.

When Wright attempted to travel to
Washington on his own time to meet with
members of Congress about the FBI's
incompetence and dereliction of duty
regarding terrorism during the week after
Sept. 11, his attorneys were threatened
by the Justice Department, which
oversees the bureau.

Klayman says Attorney General John
Ashcroft should be required to answer
for that interference. Moreover, the FBI
informed Wright he could not travel
outside of the Chicago division without
the express permission of the bureau.

The Judicial Watch counsel said the FBI
did have intelligence about terrorist
activity planned against the World Trade
Center and "other monuments."

Wright listed several major failures of the
FBI. They included lack of high-quality
managers and modern computer
technology, failure to modernize
investigative objectives to deal with the
new terrorist threat, too many
investigative violations, incompetent
managers not held accountable for their
mistakes, an internal affairs unit that was
"bias[ed] and unfair" to whistle-blowers
and others, criminal conflicts that have
"contributed to the preventable deaths of
American citizens," and FBI duplication of
the investigative jurisdictions of other
federal law enforcement agencies such
as the DEA and the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco and Firearms.

"I love America, and likewise I love the
FBI, particularly its purpose and mission"
Wright told reporters at the National
Press Club, "However, the mission has
been seriously jeopardized to the point
where American lives have been
needlessly lost."

At the news conference, in answer to
questions from NewsMax.com, Klayman
said he hoped Congress would use its
subpoena powers to require Wright and
responsible officials to testify.

He also told NewsMax that if the FBI
tries to drive Wright out of the bureau by
isolating him and passing him up for
promotions, "he will be a rich man,"
because Judicial Watch would take
necessary legal action to see that the
powers that be do not get away with this
familiar bureaucratic tactic of retaliation.
bad situation. 31.May.2002 07:44

this thing here

all the criticism of the F.B.I., sounding like "they couldn't do their job because..." is playing right in the hands of those who want to strengthen its powers, and after yesterday, already have.

was the F.B.I. hampered because it "couldn't do it's job because of legal and civil rights concerns", as the administration would have us believe?

or was it "prevented from doing it's job because of... conspiracy, or conflicts of interest, pressure, or something..."?

this is the question. and the administration is forcing the answer to its benefit...

dont get sidetracked 31.May.2002 10:52


it is important to speak up on this issue

the questions are revolving only around FBI incompetence, and not willful complicity. . .which is what the evidence points more towards

the democrats, and media etc will happily go after the incompetence line, and avoid the complicity line. . .because then the systemic structure is not challenged

it is vital for the deeper questions to be asked. . .and by people, to people. . .

also, the whole thing is still assuming middle easterners did it. . .when there is no proof of that

the anthrax letters are a proven example of a conspiratorial attempt to frame arabs

and the notion of FBI incompetence does not resolve fundamental flaws in the official story like the fact that the pilots that the FBI said did it, were lousy pilots and not capable of flying the planes according the the people who trained them!

how the US had already planned to attack Afghanistan well before sept 11th

and who made the insider trades