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forest defense

green anarchy tour 2002

get involved with the tour please post and print graphic send graphic as attachments in emails
green anarchy tour 2002 by tour collective 4:38pm Thu May 30 '02 gatour02@yahoo get involved with the tour post print and send as an attachment to lists or anyone interested


give us a break 02.Jun.2002 14:41

any anarchist not from the eugene click

has anyone looked at this site?
its a bunch of crap-posturing from a bunch
(actually about 6 or 7) zine makers.

"Sophisticated propagnda mill" Wait, is Green Anarchy actually bragging about their magazine being 'propaganda'?

response from tour collective 08.Jun.2002 17:28

savage savage_of_babylon@hotmail.com

for those who question our forms of resistance we are not from the zine green anarchy. evry one of us are actual front line forest defenders. yes we do have contact with the distributers of GA. that we admit but we dont produce it as the actual members do. again we are eco warriors who all came together with our extreme perspectives of eco defense. please contact me for more information or any question critisisms, etc. i would gladly repsond to you.