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Slide show for Children...interesting

checka' DIS!
.. 30.May.2002 17:22


I wouldn't put to much stock in it mate. Most of childrens political views, and most other views of how the world is stem from their parents e.g. the grand dragon of the kkk has a child...well lets just say you probaly wont see him in any gay rights marches. I think there is more to fear in the message going to adults through the media.

Sure... 31.May.2002 14:47

Agent Orange

But did you read the "Alien Secrets"?!?!
The strange thing is that if you follow any of these reports, what their telling these kids is more informative than the evening news! Disclosure Project really did have 20 some-odd government officials, military & intelligence personel and corporate witnesses come forward to speak on their experiences with the ET/UFO phenomenom. If you think I'm a total loon, prove me wrong--go to the DP website at www.disclosureproject.org and tell me there isn't something here that activists should concerned about...

Opions start when your young 01.Jun.2002 18:06


The government is starting to aim towards a younger audience, because the sooner they start to learn "the facts" the stronger their opions will be as they get older, and the more they'll believe it. I, too, have found many things alarming about today's youth and their beliefs. i asked somewhere around 50 highschool students about if they had heard about the war between india and pakistan, only a very few had, and even less actually cared. i think that we need to make the truth more available to a younger audience, and to start educating them about the facts earlier.