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9.11 investigation

March and rally in Eugene on Friday to expose 9.11 LIES

People are meeting at the EMU on campus at 4:30 to march to the Federal Building downtown. The theme: "9/11 LIES". Get out there and demand the truth !!
click here to download PDF posterThe 9.11 issue is heating up. Though many people have been suspicious about the fishiness of the government's official story for some time now, it wasn't until the corporate media started asking questions a couple weeks ago that the issue started to get some of the attention it deserves. What's being revealed as we start looking under stones? A lot of clues that have been pointed out by Mike Ruppert, whatreallyhappened.com, and Cynthia McKinney, among others. It's a small victory in the search for truth that their research now has a better chance of getting a fair hearing.

What's also emerging is the non-partisan nature of this issue. It's true that a few of the most boisterous 9.11 investigators have been what some people would call "right-wing". That label was used by skeptics on "the Left" as a way of dismissing the questions they were raising. I don't know about you, but if someone wakes me up because my house is on fire, I'm not going to ask them who they voted for or how they feel about abortion. I'm just going to thank them for saving my life.

Well folks, the 9.11 cover-up is a big ol' fire, and we need to wake everybody up. This isn't about politics, it's about TRUTH. We can't let skittish "leftists" scare us into not investigating, and we can't let Democrats turn an investigation into a partisan issue. We must ally ourselves with everyone we can. The TRUTH is more important than any label. Yes, it's time to hold hands with Republicans. The larger our numbers, the more our voices will be heard.

The American Hegemony is engaging in a classic imperial over-reach right now, trying to bite off more than it can chew, and they've given us a great chance to pull 'em down and bring 'em to justice. They've been sloppy. They haven't covered their tracks very well. We can catch 'em.

That's why we must get out on the street, write our representatives, hold teach-ins, show videos, send letters to the editor, shout from the rooftops -- every tactic we can think of. There's a lot of suspicious people out there, waiting to be activated. Let's not let this moment slip by !! Together, we can demand the truth !!

This Friday in Eugene, people will be gathering at the EMU on the campus at 4:30 and marching to the Federal Building. The theme: "9.11 Lies". This will be the third consecutive Friday action in Eugene on this issue. Organizers invite you to "bring signs and your rage". Hope to see you there !!

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