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Boycott Abercrombie Campaign

Anti-Abercrombie & Fitch campaign started up by college students, and being expressed around the country
When I was at Faith in Action's peace vigil today, a young woman asked me to sign a petition for the "NATIONAL ABERCROMBIE BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN". Having never been a fan of Abercrombie's corporate omnipresence and their Hamptons-esque brand of snobby glamour, I gladly signed.

This particular campaign is organized by the National Abercrombie Campaign (NAC) of Columbus, Ohio, and takes aim at a series of tee-shirts that the organization feels "promote racial stereotypes". Indeed, the "Asian" series features a shirt that says, "WONG BROTHERS: TWO WONGS CAN MAKE IT WHITE", with mid-Century style charicatures of Asians on it. The campaign is supported by a coalition of concerned students from colleges and universities across the nation.

The NAC describes the situation this way: "Asian Americans are already stereotyped on TV, film and other media as uncultured foreigners who can't speak English correctly. In promoting this myth in their new line of graphic T's, Abercrombie promotes this and other negative racist stereotypes. College students launched an admirable nation-wide protest against Abercrombie in order to let Abercrombie know that consumers and Asian Americans will not tolerate this form of stereotyping and racism."

NAC is demanding that Abercrombie & Fitch "permanently remove the entire line of offensive 'Asian' T-shirts", "publish a public apology from the Company's Chief Executive in the form of an one-page advertisement in all major national newspapers", "encourage consumers to return 'Asian' T-shirts", donate money to "non-profit organizations which promote racial awareness", "increase diversity in the Company's catalogues", "develop an educational advertisement campaign which promotes the diversity of our nation", and "ensure company-wide sensitivity to minority issues", among other things.

The young woman I talked to filled a whole page with signatures while I was there. Great going !! There are many forms of activism, and its always great to see kids getting involved.

For more information on the campaign, and to download petitions of your own, visit: boycottaf.com. This site also offers quarter sheets, coverage of Abercrombie protests across the country, and store locations for planning your own actions.

Hmmm, I thought... 30.May.2002 06:46


I thought that Abercrombie had already pulled this line of shirts. I know that recently they've come under alot of flack for selling thongs to first graders. Not that any of this should be a surprise.

You know, (as an aside) Abercrombie and Fitch was where Ernest Hemingway bought the shotgun that he used to commit suicide? I'm a firm believer that A&F should start up a "Hemingway Suicide" line of clothing.

could be, but... 30.May.2002 08:26


could be, Zed. I was going off the website, which says, "The shirts were supposed have been pulled off the A&F Website as well as all 311 Abercrombie stores in America ... but according to the following info, the shirts are still on sale -- and are even being worn by employees!"

There's a link there to more info.

The website is at:  http://www.boycottaf.com/

big picture? 30.May.2002 15:27

revphil revphil@freegeek.org

This is a copy of the letter I sent to the national campaign HQ:

you guys should relax a little. Every time you say hate speech you choke away a little of our 1st amendment. Don't
you think this over sensitivity to our petty differences stratifies race that much more? Personally I love my gook

besides there are plenty of more disturbing things about A&F to protest.


PRO ABERCROMBIE!!!!! 25.Jul.2005 13:58


listen everyone Abercrombie clothing is not politically offensive to any one and if you think it is then you are wrong because "Asian American t shirts" were not mad to offend asian americans there were made so that everone gets a laugh.I understand that A&F clothing can stereo type people, for instance they have dumb blonde t shirts and cow boy t shirts and many other stereo types. But what you have to understand is that these t shirts were not made to offend anyone they were made all in good fun,. and if you find it offensive at all then you are just overly sensitive and that is a problem you should look for some psyhological help for.

bs! 04.Nov.2005 08:12

brittany brittanykingsbury@yahoo.com

i think that 2 and there are other t-shirts that have comments like that why do you have to hate on abercrombie!? u guys have t-shirts like that 2 in ur country u dont c us hating on ur store do u so shut ur comments 2 ur self!