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Portland Renewable Energy and Light

The link to PhilosopherSeed.org will bring you to two short video clips. One is of Dan Meek, a local attorney; the other is Lloyd Marbet.
Each is about 3 minutes in length.
Recently Dan Meek and Lloyd Marbet made a presentation at the First Unitarian Church in Portland concerning the criminal corporation, Enron, and the future of Portland General Electric.

Each clip is about three minutes long. Dan Meek defines the criminal behavior of Enron.

Lloyd Marbet introduces the idea of a People's Utility District, he calls, Portland Renewable Energy and Light. Both he and Dan will be working towards this goal in the near future and invite anyone and everyone to join them in this effort.

Dan Meek 503-293-9021
Lloyd Marbet 503-637-3549

homepage: homepage: http://www.philosopherseed.org/video.htm