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Borg timber sale protest - with Photos

Estacada, OR: At 8:45 am May 29th, 15 activists with the Cascadia Forest Alliance and other groups protested the auction of the Borg timber sale in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

On Wed, 15 people met to protest the Borg Timber Sale and speak up about illegal issues surrounding the sale.

The auction took place at the Estacada Ranger Station, which was locked up tight.

One person was allowed in to witness the sale, which went through as Thomas Creek Lumber & Log Company purchased the rights to cut the Borg timber sale for the minimum bid price.

Though all the window blinds were closed, and the rangers were holed up inside, the activists stood right outside the room where the sale was conducted. Right at 9 am as the sale commenced, everyone chanted loudly "If you buy Borg, you buy us!"

There was one surly fellow taking photos of everyone. Which agency he was with? Undaunted the activists confronted him about how fundamentally wrong what he, and the forest serVice is doing.

Before the sale started, one 'civilian' tried to physically deter the protestors but they pushed right past him, and one officer, to his small credit, told him he had no right to stop the public from being there.

The same forest serVice officer tried to stop the chanters claiming it was illegal to interrupt business. . .as if business is some sacred act. Everyone just became louder.

Though the building was locked, guarded and windows closed, the people made their presence known and felt. Everyone went back around to the building front saying, "We'll be back!"

After the sale, the media showed up. Channel 49 and 8 and they conducted interviews.

The activists were very direct in stating how wrong it is what the forest serVice is doing. Though the sale went through, it was an empowering action and made a clear statement.