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Call to Arms

**A Call To Arms**Not the only way to Feel**But for those who have
become sick and tired of comlacency, pacifism, and inactivity
Communiqu #1

start doing
in your name, thousands of civilians are murdered annually, if not by our government, by our allies with our financial backing. We play a part in this, however small. We live unwillingly in this faux democracy. And no matter how radical our principles, through inactivity we become complicit in these atrocities. We can not allow this fucked up cycle to continue unabated. Tens of thousands take the streets in europe to protest the practices of our illegitimate government. We don't have those numbers... so it's up to us.

1.) the next couple of months are not going to pass us by in a drunken stupor; the summer time is electric. It's the season where the greatest influx of 'kids' come to portland, you know, lots of people with plenty of time on their hands. You and two, three, or twenty of your friends can come up with something to fill up some empty afternoon or evening and make this town more exciting for everyone. We have come to the realization, however late, that no one is going to create an active threat to the power structures in this system. There will not be a single, pivotal event that brings the injustice, killing and ecocide to a screeching halt. Its up to us, as individuals, as autonomous cells, groups of friends etc... this summer is going to be off the hook, and its up to us, its up to YOU.
2.) There are multitudes of fun projects that people have taken part in in the past, with varying degrees of illegality. here are a few ideas, but don't feel limited to what we suggest, start small, plan ahead, and if all goes well you'll never see the inside of a jail cell.
a.] does it frustrate you that one can only display art publicly if one has the resources to rent 'advertising space' on a billboard? Make art a threat again. Alter any billboard sponsored by multi-nationals or corrupt gov't organizations [all of them]

b.] drop banners from every smog-choked overpass in this carsick town, say something intelligent, say something stupid, fuck with their heads.

c.] show a sign of defiance to the growing military industrial complex, redesign the offices and windows of all the recruitment centers in your area of town.

d.] any property destruction, slash tires, break windows, spray paint anything and everything, start fires, stop traffic, whatever you can think of, its definitely needed

3.] we have caught some disease, actually we have diagnosed it, and the cure is in each one of our hearts, it courses through our veins every morning, it burns our lungs when we breathe, it makes us think we are powerless sometimes, but right now it feels like
!@$$%^&*^^%$%$^&*^^%&%%&ԆӆI?? &#HH???????
we are not going to become quickly complacent, or become frustrated with past failures, this is our city, our world, and the time for us to show some resistance, in any and all ways, is now, today, tomorrow, and every moment until we die, or the state ends our lives prematurely

**frustrated, fed up, and fuckin' ready to start some shit**
good, it's about time. 29.May.2002 14:25

just be careful

got it?

A Call to Attack 29.May.2002 14:33


In regards to A call to Arms, I give my agreement and admiration to the individual or number of individuals who posted this decree. However, i think we must examine our position and status in this country, and the first thing we must realize is that a CALL TO ARMS is an open invitation to the masses of oppressed peoples to seize and operate firepower on our oppressors. Firepower meaning rifles,explosives, heavy artillery etc. I am quite sure that the oppressed masses are not in a position to live up to such an invitation yet, given the current political atmosphere we are governed by. I am not interested in watching our brothers and sisters mown down by enemy firepower, which would most likely be the case.
The reason why i state this? Because i am a firm believer in the idea of constructing a movement that has religiously adopted a protocol of intelligence and security, and not nostalgia and spectacle. We are not in Spain, and this is not 1936.
ATTACK can be manifested in any form, whether it is thru the use of rifles or a spray paint can. Rifles are more involved when a True call to arms has been put forth, but a brick or spray paint can be employed at any time and with less damaging results to its user. An ATTACK can do just as much damage to the state if not more than a small regiment of folks with a few guns.
I think we have to be clear of what we mean when we say such things. And i also think that before anybody advocates for ATTACKS there should be a strong encouragement put forth to learn and understand as much as can be learned from security culture. I also think that we should NEVER underestimate the power that the state has.

The Summer of Shame 29.May.2002 18:35


YES enough of 'trying' to have a dialogue with the 'silent majority'. Summer's here and the time is right for Violent Revolution. But first a word for safety, fuck-off, No. Don't get burnt rolling tires soaked with gasoline (america's life blood)down your flavorite hill. Another thing not to do is releasing smoke pots found at any marine supply store(Boating USA, West Marine)at Regal Cinema's, or malls. This would shock the masses with bright orange smoke. What ever you do don't shoot epoxy into office door locks. For safety's sake drive below the speed limit, people are being kill for that gasoline, conserve not consume. And let's be damn sure that the light's green when we are the first in line at a light, others will follow. Signage good, good most people know the're being bullshited by the resident the're just a little afraid these days, help liberate their minds. Do not throw paint balloons at police cars. The officers spend a lot of time keeping the cars clean, it helps give the illusion of order. But the most important thing is get involved. Do not quitely, all that's at stake is the future of the world. Shame on america the only thing faster than a colapsing WTC building was the defense of the constitution by those hired to guard it.

huh? 29.May.2002 23:02


Zorro, what are you talking about? it seems that in your attempt to be sarcastic(if that was your attempt), you've come across rather unclear than rather keen. could you clarify your position please?

A call for more attacks 30.May.2002 02:35

big bob

Daily actions to fight the man and get the things you need. Here's what i do.

I publish a revolutionary zine without ads or money. Money is the root of all evil so I want to avoid it at all cost. Everything is free including the computer I make it on. I put out my anti-capitalist rants for free while some bureaucratic state office finds all the toner and paper gone out of their copy machines every other week. See I use the system to destroy it.

Jeez I'm getting hungry! I better go down to the big supper market and steal some food. While I'm there I write anti-capitalist messages all over, distribute my zines, and then walk out with free food. My favorite shopping trick is to get the homeless involved. Stores hate homeless people and assume they all steal things. Plus they stink and drive the high priced shoppers to other stores. So I use the store's discrimination against them.

I ask my new found homeless friends for a list of everything they want and then send them in first. They walk around and talk really loud and get all the employees watching them. Then I walk in, get everything I want, get everything on the list, and walk right out the door. I meet up with my new homeless friends a few blocks away and give them everything they wanted. This trick also works in stores with cameras everywhere. Chances are there is only one guy watching it (if at all), and he's watching all the homeless people and doesn't see me getting fatter by the second.

I also realize my homeless friends need a place to sleep. I find an abandoned house or building and break into it. If it's good enough to sleep in then I get supplies to clean it up a little. I also drive them out to the furniture store and dumpster some mattresses. Now these people with a home love my revolutionary ideals and want to be revolutionaries themselves. All that and I never bowed to the system once. I even siphoned the gas for the ride to the furniture store.

I don't usually drive much and prefer a bike. But with a bike you have to deal with crazy car drivers on roads without bike lanes. So I go to the local hardware store and steal some little stripes of metal, some string, duck tape, and as much white spray paint as I can carry. I also take some spray caps off of other products to find the widest spray. With the metal pieces I make a little cage for the spray can and attach it to my bike. I attach the string to the metal and tape it over the nozzle so that when it is pulled paint will come out. Then I tape the can securely in the little cage. With everything ready to go and the can thoroughly shaken, I go make my own bike lanes and write, "this was put here by a revolutionary" at both ends.

When I'm not doing that, I'm out spray painting revolutionary messages all over town. Every place but houses and churches are good targets. No one cares about capitalist or state property, but they do care about houses and churches. It's not good to insult the people you are trying to awaken. Everywhere else I put it up faster than they can paint over it. I'm still working on getting my graffiti to look better than the typical political scribbles.

I also like to garden in vacant lots. I thought it was kind of a hippy thing to do at first, but it is really nice to watch plants grow and eat them for free. Most suburban or rural stores leave their soil out all night. Seeds are really easy to steal, and plants are usually outside ready for you to pick up and walk off with.

I like drinking beer, but beer is big and bulky. Sometimes I just fill a shopping cart full of beer and walk out the door with it during the busiest time of day. Other times I use the store's discrimination to do the same thing. Sometimes they catch me and call after me. I put on my most dumbfounded and embarrassed look and either tell them I just simply forgot, or I tell them that it should be free and run off. After all it isn't stealing until you get through the door.

To get free entertainment I either sneak in or become friends with the door people. Often people are willing to trade a favor for a favor. They know what I want, but the hard part is finding out what they want. Most often it is something really simple like a big fat cookie. No problem.

I could go on and on about the other things I do, but I want to continue doing them so I'll stop it right there. My point is that people like revolutionary ideas if they're put into action and consistent. If people come in contact with revolutionary actions then they can see how they personally benefit from revolution. It also puts a little excitement back in people's lives while making this place a little nicer and free. I think my next project will be building wheelchair ramps to increase the accessibility of revolution.

On an endnote, I haven't figured out a way to rip off the healthcare industry. Luckily I haven't had to use it, but this is an important obstacle to overcome. Hopefully people can put their heads together and share the knowledge.

Wrong windows 30.May.2002 14:14


The only thing thats keeping a full scale revolution from breaking out, is the lacking in means of gettin folks organized, and ya know, talking to other folks outside their families. People are not talking anymore, and when they do, they talk only about safe subjects e.g. the fuckin ball game last night, or other mundane utterly unimportant jargon. For this I blame MOSTLY the media and their message of fear, procaiming the system the only safe haven which exists to save us from eachother. So I say we are breaking the wrong bloody windows. Maybe we should aim those bricks at our local tv news stations. Put those fuckers under seige until they start telling the truth. Then we will have our revolution. Then we will have an effective call to arms.

this is great 30.May.2002 18:14


this is a great thread we have going here- now that it's summer I've been jonesing for some input on creative little revolutionary tactics I could do every day. I'm sure this will help inspire all those bored little high school shits on their vacation. It never ceases to amaze me when I see some new piece of anarchist graffiti in portland. And it's funny, because that's all the graffiti you really see. here's my contribution- steal from the goodwill. the goodwill takes donations from rich people and sells them to poor people for as much as they can possible get, and all the money goes to some huge corporation. They also get funding from the gov't because they employ disabled people and ex convicts. there are no cameras, and there's never anyone watching the dressing rooms. I feel no guilt when I steal there- hello! they paid nothing for any of their merchandise.

just passing through 30.May.2002 19:05


PatienceLost -

Q. "Zorro, what are you talking about? it seems that in your attempt to be sarcastic(if that was your attempt), you've come across rather unclear than rather keen. could you clarify your position please? "

A. One does what they can. (But I really want to say 'It all depends on what is, is.)

jbyrd - Great! The clearest understanding of a global market in the fewest words.

Spits - Like your energy but sometimes the lower technology (le brick)isn't the best. How about force-counterforce, if you go after a TV station stick a electromagnet, easy to build, on the bottom of their news vans. There are some nice things you can do with microwaves also, but i need help from a brother or sister into techshit.