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Forum on Palestine - This Saturday

This Saturday's Palestine Action Group forum will focus on fundamentalism. Please check it out!
Forum on Palestine
6 pm Saturday 1 June 2002
Koinonia House
633 Sw Montgomery at Broadway

The Palestine Action Group will present the fourth in a series of
forums on Palestine, 6 pm Saturday 1 June 2002, at Koinonia House, 633 SW
Montgomery Street at Broadway.

"The rise of a fundamentalist approach"
Goudarz Eghtedari is a community organizer and human rights activist.
He produces the radio program "Voices of the Middle East" on KBOO 90.7
fm. He has written and lectured on the Iranian Revolution, its political
structure, and its relation to Islamic fundamentalism. Mr Eghtedari
will be talking on the rise of a fundamentalist approach in the political
scene in the Middle East in general, its effect in the Palestinian
struggle, and its future in specific.

"Christian fundamentalism and the Middle East: Who's throwing which
stones and why?"
The Reverend Christopher Laing, Lutheran and Episcopal Campus Chaplain,
PSU, will focus on the nature of fundamentalism in Christian settings,
the application of it in political contexts, and in the Israel/Palestine setting. As an Episcopal priest in varied settings, he has focused on justice issues from a religious perspective. His experience relates to Viet Nam, Israel, Central America, race issues, economic justice, and being a founder of a church-based organizing project in St. Paul, MN. He worked for an ADL program, A World of Difference, for two years in the time around the Gulf War. His is co-chair of the Jubilee Network in Oregon, the campaign to cancel illegal debt held by rich nations over poor as well as address related issues.