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BD Suicide

They haven't a clue that they've set a trap for their own lives.
They haven't a clue that they've set a trap for their own lives.
My Daddy said that we should all pray that the warning of suicide attacks from Bush Daddy's kid's bogus administration pertains to Bush Daddy Tribe trying to get rid of solely themselves in the same way that Bush Daddy is trying to do away with himself (181226). As you should know, last weeks storms in the Ohio-Indiana region of the Midwest indicated that Bush Daddy had fled to that area and that region is one of his strongholds (Jer. 23:19; 30:23; Amos 6:8). Ohio Valley IMC has been inaccessible to me for six months now; plus clicking for OV IMC results in an incessant barrage of pornographic advertisements that can only be stopped by shutting off the computer. The blockage and/or removal of my articles from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Urbana-Champaign IMCs has further accentuated that area as a stronghold of the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots of Bush Daddy Tribe. Not understanding that Bush Daddy has known for over fifty years that he was destined to be the Great Dead King of Israel (Hosea 10:15); Bush Daddy Tribe has embraced the moronic lunacy of Bush Daddy, ignoring the fact that Bush Daddy persuaded them to get in line for their own deaths (Prov. 11:19). This stealing away of my words is not restricted to the Midwest either (Jer. 23:30). In some cases it seems like most posts to sites that are carrying my articles are being blocked; thus BDT will probably claim that these are not active sites with few readers even if these sites are getting more readers then all the other sites combined. Like the apparent fabricated readership of the Madhatter of Danbury, CT; the niggardly asinine Zionist idiots of BDT will use falsehoods about the number of readers in an attempt to seize control of IMC (174299). This is probably what the proliferation of IMC sites is all about. They will falsify claims about readership, have hackers cripple the sites, and uphold the bogus sites as prime examples of their pro-gay coprophagic Zionistic IMC (2 Tim. 4:3). UK, Milwaukee, Madison, San Diego, Seattle, Santa Cruz, Urbana-Champaign, and Atlanta IMCs are what BDT wants IMC to be. Since Bush Daddy has been at work helping God to gather all of his followers to die with him (Mic. 2:12); we should concentrate on bringing their lawlessness into the light to ascertain that they all find what they are looking for (Eph. 5:11).

As we know, Bush Daddy Tribe has been unknowingly confessing to crimes and saying that "No Body is Going to Do Nothing About It" (41739), for they intend to get rid of anybody who opposes them and/or cripple the judicial process (147306). The solution seems to be in using the professed innocence of BDT to trap them: i.e. the trap that they have set for their own lives (Prov. 1:18). In the same way as Hitler's private army, the Storm Troopers manipulated the German populace (174299); BDT has relied on their stupidity and banal authoritive conviction to justify their lawlessness while eliminating anyone who opposed them. BDT never reveals that their "Deceit, Delusions, and Depraved Dementia" (31133) arises from their belief that they are God's chosen people, doing God a favor by killing Israelites (John 16:2; 93509) and other innocent people who were not opposing them (James 5:6). Rest assured that there is a way to bring the iniquity of BDT into the light.

In the same way as Bush Daddy reveals his perverted sickness via an electronic bracelet that functions like a computer chip by connecting to his audio-visual cortex (Is. 14:4; Ps. 64:6; 42982, 43171, 139628, 176670); every member of BDT that has confessed to serious crimes can be affixed with such a bracelet. It has probably been concealed that the electronic bracelets used by the law enforcement of today reveal every thought of those who wear these bracelets"; thus the technology and resources to monitor BDT are probably already here. It would be interesting to hear of the experiences of those who have worn such bracelets. As for BDT clamoring that they are not criminals until it is proven in court, electronic bracelets can assure good behavior and prevent "obstruction of justice", pending a "date" with justice. Although these bracelets are apparently "booby-trapped" so they can't be removed, Bush Daddy claims that Manasseh and Benjamin can remove these bracelets (Gen. 49:27; Joshua 22:27); thus I wonder if BDT will have to go to Hooterville to have them removed (29190). I can imagine Manasseh and Benjamin returning a bushel of bracelets with a note: "Send more!" If BDT ends up seeking death and not finding it as a result of these bracelets (Jer. 8:3); would you call that "suicide"? Keep in mind that Bush Daddy has been begging for death for over 50 years. Although the BDT has a "covenant with death" (Is. 28:15) that has them saying that they are not going to die, keep in mind that this probably means that memories of their stupidity will live forever; plus we have God's word: "A little while, and the wicked will be no more" Psalm 37:10.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

PS: If Bush Daddy Tribe was compelled to listen to Bush Daddy's incessant inane chatter via electronic bracelets, they would probably be happy to get rid of him.

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Poophead Hackers 29.May.2002 07:58

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Preview: Bush Daddy, Disrespecting Morons(??? 30.May.2002 20:38

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..................I, on the other hand, am very respectful of oak trees, whether they are the river oaks of yesteryear or true oaks, and have prepared the following descriptive piece to accompany any of my seedlings that may send forth roots to semi-permanently embrace the earth.

I cut down a few of God's majestic oak trees during the two or three years that I spent cutting firewood; thus I feel that it would be a good idea to bring the oak back to the status that it had in the past. I have also ball-and-burlapped some of the biggest tress ever to be transplanted; and I am doing my part to prove that the oak tree just isn't made for being dug up at any point. It is best to put them in their permanent home as soon as possible. Have you ever seen the meager and mangled roots on a ball-and-burlapped oak tree? I believe that that answer is in planting juvenile seedlings and allowing the tree to shoot for its potential in its selected location from the very beginning. These two liter containers are ideal for these seedlings for two to four weeks of good summer growth. Full sun is ideal for these oaks, with the exception of the "silver oak" , a variant of white oak, which seems to do best in partial shade , at least for the first year of its life. Since these trees suffer from wet roots, they require a thorough watering only once every few days. If the upper layer of soil dries out , watering just enough to wet that layer and promote root growth in that area is preferable to watering heavier, for these roots will rot quickly in soil that stays saturated too long. On the other hand, once the roots fill the containers, they dry out very quickly thus it is best to get them permanently planted as soon as the root ball system is easy to get out in one piece. It is not uncommon for a juvenile oak seedling to become a three or four foot bush that packs a five gallon bucket with roots. Whatever the case, these seedlings will do best in a rich loamy well-drained soil. These oak seedlings will flower and produce seeds later this summer even if someone pisses on it and kills it The object of the juvenile oak bush is to produce a mature yearling stalk; thus if you have a ten inch oak bush in September; you should find a ten inch stalk with small dormant leaf buds at the beginning of the tree's second year of life. On the White Oak, the 3-4 inch mature leaves of the second year will have typical oak leaf shape with a curvy undulating margin. I suspect that the "slow growing" reputation of the oak may be refuted by an oak that is enabled to "reach for the sky while grabbing the earth with all its might". And take heart that if this seedling produces mature seed and then gets killed before it produces a mature stalk, the site that the dead seedling occupied will still produce numerous tiny juvenile oaks the next year. You too can dig these baby seedlings from the soil and put them in a better location, or in a container like this. If you trim a few lower branches in the first few years of a young oaks life, I bet that you could get a few of them to grow 20 feet in four years. If you have ever loved an oak tree, you know that these trees are what makes the world go 'round. ....(to be continued both before and after what is written here)