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portland.indymedia.org Bumper Stickers

Hey kids! Just in time for Rose Festival! Indymedia bumper stickers you can make yourself.
portland.indymedia.org Bumper Stickers
portland.indymedia.org Bumper Stickers
I decided the other day to make myself an indymedia bumper sticker. Although I'm not the world's best graphic artist, I managed to craft a simple black-and-white bumper sticker one can print her/himself. I'm sure I don't need to explain to the readers of this site the obvious promotional benefits of bumper stickers. I probably also do not need to suggest places to stick them. If you do go sticking them in places where you haven't been invited to stick them, however, you may wish to avoid plastic or fiberglass bumpers on the newer vehicles. Adhesives can rip the paint right off 'em.

Visit your neighborhood office supply store. Find some Avery 5165 labels (or, preferably, a cheaper knockoff thereof). I bought a package of 100 for around $20. The .pdf attached is set up to print two stickers to a page, so you'll end up with 200 stickers. You will need to print these using a laser printer ONLY. Inkjets will not work because the ink will run the moment it rains. If you're concerned about extending the life of these stickers, you might find some sort of sealant, although I haven't experimented with this. It's a good idea to run a test copy or two on regular paper just to make sure the right formatting is in place and that the printer is good enough (unlike mine) to print the stickers with a minimum of imperfections. If you lack a laser printer or yours is like mine, put the .pdf on a floppy, grab your labels and head for the nearest Kinkos or similar establishment.

I have long believed that the Portland Independent Media Center could become a "player" in the local marketplace of ideas. This cannot happen, however, without some good, old fashioned promotion. There are plenty of ways to promote Portland IMC -- or any other cause -- without spending a whole bunch of money. Keep it simple. Strive to create as many impressions as possible of the URL -- portland.indymedia.org -- and, eventually, people who might not otherwise visit this site will make it a regular part of their Internet experience.
These stickers are great !! 29.May.2002 12:15

portland indymedia activist

What a *great* idea, Lee !! I checked out your design, and really like it. Thanks for sharing these with everybody. I hope to see them around, soon. (Perhaps I'll design some smaller versions for bicycles.)

ink 30.May.2002 10:42


I hope you all have alot of ink in your laser printers, I'd rather have something a little less expensive say black on white.

Black-on-white Stickers 31.May.2002 08:01

Lee White ltinpdx@zzz.com

For those who prefer a white background with black lettering, here's a version of the stickers just for you.
Black-on-white Stickers
Black-on-white Stickers

Awesome anti-bush bumper stickers! 29.Apr.2004 14:26

Super Dave superdave@oregonducks.org

Please click the link to this Web site to see great, original bumper sticker art that are anti-bush in content. One is blunt, one is funny, both are dead on!!! http://www.bumponthis.com