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9.11 investigation


we need legislators who will be our 'watchdogs' against abuse of govt power
I have been outraged & frustrated since the terrorist attacks of 9-11-2001 at the laxity of the US Congress to swiftly safeguard democracy by acting as 'watchdog' & questioning the actions of the current Bush administration & the intelligence agencies regarding their foreknowledge prior to 9-11 and their failure to act appropriately & successfully to prevent the tragedy.

Many Americans and various national organizations are justifiably suspicious of possible motives & complicity on the part of this administration or certain of its members involved. There are historic precedents for such suspicion. The repressive idea that anyone who questions possible governmental abuse of power is paranoid; looking for conspiracies; &/or suspect of wrongdoing is UN-American. It is our right & responsibility as an active citizenry to question authority & uphold civil liberty.
'Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely'—this concept is a cornerstone of our tri-partite government. Many of my friends, co-workers & acquaintances have expressed similar misgivings. A true democracy does NOT extend 'sacred cow' privilege to ANY leader. Although a horrific possibility, we must still ask:

'What did the President know & when did he know it.'

Congressional inquiry regarding the attacks of 9-11-2001 & the administration's foreknowledge should have been swift & immediate before responding with the reactionary & repressive Patriot Act legislation & marching off to bomb Afghanistan in retribution before ALL the facts were in.

I have collected articles, weblinks, etc. since 9-11-2001 which document various reports to gov't agencies including the FBI terrorist taskforce, FAA et al, in an attempt to 'make some sense of this tragedy---the pieces just don't add up. The wealth of correlating information which shows numerous reports coming in from various reputable sources clearly shows that the executive branch agencies (FBI Terrorist Taskforce, CIA, FAA, Whitehouse WERE receiving regular & RELATED intelligence that terrorist attacks might be imminent.

Partial List of Pertinent Media References:

NY Daily News: From: News and Views| City Beat|Friday, October 12, 2001
Some Got Warning: Don't Go Downtown on Sept. 11-
Feds say Mid-Easterners knew of the coming danger:
Associated Press: JOHN SOLOMON, Associated Press Writer
FAA Alerted About Hijacker in 2001
 link to story.news.yahoo.com
Viewer commentaries on BBCNEWS:
Please read the above-referenced articles! I would appreciate a real-time response rather than a 'thank-you' form letter.

I don't believe we need repressive & un-democratic legislation like the Patriot Act.
What Americans need most is a government that:
A) Is open & responsive to the American people;
B) Remains diligent and pro-active in enforcing democratic laws & due process;
C) Ensures the national security of the United States, NOT by abrogating our most basic & inalienable civil liberties & right of
habeas corpus, but, rather, by upholding 'basic & common-sense' security procedures at airports & points-of-entry into the
country, etc. which all existed prior to 9-11-2001.

I care deeply about our country & the ideals espoused in both our Declaration of Independence & the US Constitution.
I find it frustrating that my US congressional delegation has not to-date written letters to their constituents assuring us of a full & complete investigation & complete disclosure of findings on these pointed issues. I would like to get involved in the process of 'democratic recovery' in our country & our state. Please let me know how I might be of service.

Sincere Regards,
Keith A. Scarmato