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Anarchy: The Intentional Creation, events in Eugene

Events about Anarchism, and Anarchism in Eugene, in Eugene.
This Wednesday at 7 PM
Anarchy: The Intentional Creation of A New Movement
(The First of Three Events)

In collaboration with the comedic play
"The Accidental Death of An Anarchist"

Being performed for the next three weekends at
The Lord Leebrick Theatre
540 Charnelton Street, Downtown Eugene

Wednesday events are sliding scale admission $3-$8 (No one will be turned away for lack of $)

Funds raised will go to support local anarcha-feminist, green anarchist and anti-globalization literature distribution

This week's presentations will include local anarchists sharing their work with:
A Brief History of Anarchy in Eugene
Art and the Whiteaker Neighborhood
Independent Media: Newspapers, Radio, Film and TV
Anarchist Parenting
Shamrock House, Free Skool,
Community Organizing
Conflict with Cops and Prisoner Support
Exciting film shorts will be shown from PickAxe Productions, The Cascadia Media Collective & The Cascadia Alive Music Video Collection

Come learn about, discuss and contribute to the energy, ideas, inspiration and connections that make up the Anarchy movement in Eugene

Where Credit is Due 29.May.2002 16:59

Patrick Ångstrom Poore

Kudos for putting on a play by Dario Fo, the brilliant (living) Italian anarchist playwright. Scourge of Silvio Berlusconi, champion of silliness and accidental revolution!

He deserves a little credit!


when oh when 30.May.2002 10:15


today now being it thursday, when is the next show? do tell.