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Challenge all the governors and team Dubya in Boise this July 13th-16th

The ideas represented at the Governor's Conference are not the interests of the public. Lobbyists represent corporations, prison and military complexes, and natural resource and energy interests. Profits are always put before people at these meetings.
The National Governor's Association will be hosting its annual national meeting in Boise this July 13th-16th. The NGA is a powerful lobbying group bringing hundreds of people to discuss policy, executive power, and state's issues for the upcoming year. This includes the governors of every state, members of the oval office (including the President), members of the corporate media and hundreds of lobbyists (known otherwise as "Corporate Fellows").

The interests represented at the Governor's Conference are not the
interests of the public. Lobbyists overwhelmingly represent large corporations, the prison and military industrial complexes, and natural resource and energy extraction interests (for a list of NGA "Corporate Fellows" please visit their website at NGA.org). The math is simple, 50 governors, 1500 people in attendance. There is a small discrepancy, especially when taking into account that the public are not welcome at all. Profits will always be put before people at influential meetings like these, often for years to come.

IPSA is opposed to policy that negatively effects the environment, worker's rights, women, and people of color. The policies supported by the president, our governor, and others around the nation will often go against everything we stand for and believe in. We invite community members from our state and beyond: join us to demanding change in oppressive policy and encourage more democratic institutions. We hope to have as many of us as there are of them, for there are as many issues of oppression as there are states.


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