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Last note on Irving (repost due to glitch)

Holocaust denier David Irving, revising history again, now accuses those who protested his Portland talk of being "hirelings."
(Note: I'm reposting this because some postgresql glitch seems to have eaten the previous version.)

David Irving, the Holocaust denier whose talk last week was protested by Portland anti-racists, has given Portland a parting shot on his website by claiming that the protesters were really paid to appear by Prof. Deborah Lipstadt, the winner of the suit that bankrupted Irving.

From Irving's website: (begin quote) Deborah Lipstadt announces that she is soon to speak in Portland about David Irving. An Oregon media source informs us, "I just got a press release on it." He speculates on whether the same kind of noisy demonstration will greet her that her hirelings arranged for Mr Irving there last week. (end quote)

Lipstadt is arguably the leading American scholar on Holocaust denial; about a decade ago she came out with a book-length study called "Denying the Holocaust: the Growing Assault to Truth and Memory". In it, she listed David Irving among the deniers; Irving didn't like this and sued for libel, losing quite decisively (www.holocaustdenialontrial.com).

As the judgement against him noted, it's not at all unusual for Irving to simply make things up to support his antisemitic agenda, and his suggesting that the anti-racist protest against him in Portland was paid for by Lipstadt, rather than a genuine expression of opposition to Irving's antisemitic nonsense, is only the latest lie in the pile.

Where's my money? 28.May.2002 11:59

Just a reader

Just another of Irving's lies. Where's my money? Did he say whether we get paid in dollars or pounds? If Irving would pay off the libel suit that he lost, maybe we would get paid faster.