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Join No on Fast Track rally this Wednesday May 29 at the Capitol Steps in Salem

Right in the middle of the Memorial Day congressional recess we gather to protest Fast Track, Chapter 11, NAFTA and FTAA. Join us At High Noon on the Capitol Steps in Salem.
Now that the bill that contains Fast Track has slid passed the Senate like a greased pig at the fair it heads back to the House for conference committee. It passed the House for the first time by just a single vote. Now is the time to claim the victory that was stolen from us that December! We rally to let our Representatives know that we are opposed to Fast Track, Chapter 11 in NAFTA and the Free Trade of the Americas Agreement.

The only thing that Fast Track and the rest will bring us that is free, is a Texas sized boot up the arse from His Fraudulency, King George the ll and his corporate cronies. We must not be idle while OUR democracy is traded away. We must stand up and shout that the Constitution that specifies that Congress has the sole authority for negotiating trade is the best way that we can share our collective wisdom. Its the only way to hold accountable those elected officials that shaft us for the almighty buck. Time to put an end to this power grab by the Thief. Where are you Whyit Urp? We need to see you at High Noon in Salem!

Of great concern is the Chapter 11 provision in NAFTA. The NAFTA negotiators wrote themselves a whole new field of law so that foreign corporations can use Chapter 11 to challenge laws protecting the enviroment, public health and safety, jury decisions and even consumer choices that get between them and projected profit. Under these rules, foreign corporations are suing and winning huge claims before SECRET tribunals. To date both Mexico and Canada have been forced to pay polluters not to pollute. To date the tribunals have never ruled against the corporations. Under US laws the polluter pays but corporations are tired of loosing to us in courts and in our legislatures so they build there own little system to yank democracy away from us. Meanwhile the p(r)esident and his CEO's are wetting themselves in the effort to extend these same investment rules throughtout the western hemisphere. Oh goody, 34 more countries to ship manufacturing jobs to and to pay off to keep them from adding platonium to our kids toys. Even the mostly conservative non-partisan National Conference of State Legislatures, the National Association of Counties, the National League of Cities, the Council of Mayors, Conference of Chief Justices and National Association of Attorneys General are opposed to Chapter 11.

Here at home both Salem and Corvallis City Councils passed No on Fast Track resolutions. Twenty three Democratic legislators have signed a letter opposing Fast Track and Chapter 11. The Democratic Party of Oregon passed four planks in its legislative agenda opposing and restricting Fast Track and trade agreements that over turn State Sovernty. Give Neel Pender a call and urge him to support what the democrats want, not hide from it.

All our efforts go down the drain however if we fail to hold our congressional Representatives with us. Join us this Wed AND start phone chains now to call Rep. David Wu at 503 326-2901 and Rep. Earl Blumenauer at 503 231-2300 and Rep. Darlene Hooley 503 588-9100 and weasel Rep. Walden shouldnt get away without hearing from us. Call him at 1-800-776-4646. Even give our ray of sunshine DeFazio should get a call at 1 800-944-9603 to ask him to lobby the rest. TAKE ACTION.

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