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A last note on David Irving's visit

David Irving now claims the anti-racist demonstrators against his Portland appearance were merely the "hirelings" of Deborah Lipstadt.
Here's something from David Irving's website:

(begin quote) Deborah Lipstadt announces that she is soon to speak in Portland about David Irving. An Oregon media source informs us, "I just got a press release on it." He speculates on whether the same kind of noisy demonstration will greet her that her hirelings arranged for Mr Irving there last week. (end quote)

So Irving's parting shot to Portland is to lie one more time. Surprised?

who's Deborah Lipstadt? 27.May.2002 12:08


When and where is she speaking and what is her agenda? If she opposes Irving, why would she have to worry about protesters? And if she doesn't, why would she "hire" people to protest him?

I'm confused.

About Lipstadt 27.May.2002 16:34


The folks who protested his Portland speech weren't "hirelings" at all, but Irving blamed Lipstadt for hiring them all the same.

I don't know when or where she's speaking.

About a decade ago she wrote the best-known study of the Holocaust denial movement, "Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory." In it she listed, among others, the British historical writer David Irving as a Holocaust denier.

If you saw the Errol Morris documentary "Mr. Death," about the weirdo/crackpot Fred Leuchter, you'll know that it was Irving who published the bogus "Leucther Report" that claimed to prove that the gas chambers at Auschwitz weren't used as gas chambers. That plus other statements from Irving made it perfectly rational for Lipstadt to include him among the Holocaust deniers.

Irving sued Lipstadt, claiming he'd been libeled. In January and February of 2000 there was a court trial in London; in the course of the trial Lipstadt was able to prove that what she said was true -- Irving was a Holocaust denier -- and therefore not libel; Irving lost resoundingly and is faced by a ruinous legal bill. He was also called, in the text of the judgement against him, a racist, an antisemite, and an intentional distorter of history.

Irving has been declared bankrupt; just in the last few weeks the court allowed his house (in London, worth over a million dollars) to be foreclosed upon.

All told, the court battle took five years, and Lipstadt's speech would presumably be about that, although I don't know for sure. In the mean time, the Holocaust denial movement has crashed and burned, in no part due to Irving's self-inflicted defeat in a high-profile case. At least three books I know of have come out about the Irving trial.

It's typical of Irving to growl that those who were protesting against him were simply "hirelings" and to accuse Lipstadt -- without evidence, of course -- of having hired them. It's typical in the sense that it's a complete lie of the sort that he tells his own followers in order to emphasize his martyrdom at the hands of that certain ethnicity he euphemizes as "the traditional enemies of truth."

Hope this helps.