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Ever wanted to STRIKE BACK against that jerkoff in front of you driving the Excursion™? here's a great activist site to HELP YOU STICKER those obnoxious large SUVs! go here now for downloadable sticker kit, rules of engagement, and more!!

Our Mission:

This campaign is designed to tell the world what we think of those mindless suburban drones that insist on getting 8 mpg while driving their kids to soccer practice. Join us as we direct our social activist energies toward the exciting new sport of Big Game SUV Hunting.

Feel the adrenaline rush of stalking the really big game – like the Denali™, Yukon™, or Tahoe™. Get the thrill of witnessing the tagging of an Excursion™, Expedition™, or Escalade™ with a not-so-subtle message that will leave them scratching their heads.

We are trying to use ridicule and social embarrassment to change the habits of the American consumer. Increasing publicity will turn the SUV from a status trinket to the badge of shame that it is. In the old days society had a pillory to shame people out of anti-social behavior. Today we have the mighty Bumper Sticker. This brings us to the next issue, publicity.

The idea of this Web site is to stigmatize the insanity of mindless American consumerism and vapid status acquisition. The all too common image of the single commuter, mom on an errand to the local shopping center, or parent taking their kid to softball practice in a bloated gas guzzling behemoth is enraging those citizens who have a sliver of conscience regarding their lifestyle and the environment.

Now those people who have a legitimate need for these gas hogs, business people who have to haul stuff around and really need the automotive version of the Exxon Valdez to do it should be spared. That leaves 95% of the SUV's on the road that never get dirty or use their 4 wheel drive as fair game.

homepage: homepage: http://www.changingtheclimate.com/index.html