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Men's Rights resources

Here are some useful links for information about gender issues which are usually neglected.





 http://groups.google.com/groups?selm= stever.FADC.0079@cygnus.ieu.comtra.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.angryharry.com/index.html

Men of the world UNITE! 23.May.2002 15:02

The Jheri Curl Kid drippy_juicy_curl@yahoo.com

propaganda? no, not this article.

now why would anyone want to create division among the peoples of the world?

(uh and men, try to think, act, feel differently, in case you do happen to be offending/hurting anyone...but only if you want to)

Why create division? 23.May.2002 20:18

Some dude

I don't know why people want to create division. Why don't you ask the feminists who spend all their time vilifying men, what their motives are?

from one dude to another 24.May.2002 14:07

another dude

yes, i agree...us guys sure have it rough!! not only do those mean feminsists villify all the time, as you so self-righteously point out, but we men have to make more money than women, we have to inspire (rather than feel, usually) fear in others when we just walk down the street, we kind of, sort of, sometimes have to deal a little bit with unwanted pregnancies

we have it so rough--why won't those mean women just leave us alone???

Just a few men's issues 24.May.2002 20:05


We give men higher sentences for the same crime even when all other factors (no. of priors, family situation, etc.) are accounted for. ( http://www.mensnewsdaily.com/stories/angelucci042902.htm)

We ignore male victims of domestic violence even though men are victimized as often as women are and have no shelter or outreach but instead receive ridicule and disbelief. (www.batteredmen.com).

Men are the only ones forced to register for the draft (and it was the two most liberal Supreme Court Justices, Marshall and Brennan, who agreed with the men that this discriminated against them and dissented), even though women support or oppose wars at nearly the same rate that women do.

Men get their penises chopped at birth for no medical reason at all, with all the nerve endings entact, and nobody cares.

Men make the majority of homeless, job casualties, incarcerations, and die six years younger and die more often for each of the 10 leading causes of death. Yet we spend 4 times more on breast cancer than prostate cancer research and we have several offices of women's health with no office of men's health, and we are told the lie that women were excluded from medical coverage, which has been disproven over and over by researchers such as Dr. Sally Satel of Yale University.

Men are bashed for "earning more," yet that 76% figure comes from a snapshot of yearly incomes that doesn't account for overtime, type of work, etc. Men work 90% of overtime and work far more dangerous jobs that pay slightly more than desk jobs at the working class level. When these other things are factored, the wage gap narrows to almost nothing.

Men are routinely discriminated against in family court, having their children robbed from them and then told to pay up and driven to suicide, homelessness or despair, and then called 'deadbeat dads' even though men have a better record of paying their support than women do and most 'deadbeat dads' are poor or homeless and denied access to their kids.

This has nothing to do with right or left. Any form of government, left or right, should give equal rights to the sexes. But few of them give men equal rights. We've been liberating women without liberating men.

You can find out much more about men's right issues at www.mensactivism.org and see how gender feminists have lied and misled the public over and over, and because men are expected to be tough and not complain, the feminists have continued doing so without being accountable for their lies.