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9.11 investigation

Democrats and Republicans Call for full INDEPENDENT 9/11 investigation

Democratic and Republican leadership calls for full INDEPENDENT 9/11 Investigation. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? WHAT ARE THEY UP TO NOW?
Democratic News -- May 22, 2002

Democrats and GOP Leaders Call for Full Independent Investigation Into
September 11. With the recent revelations of terrorism warnings coming
before September 11, Congressional Democrats and Republicans reiterated
calls for a full, independent investigation into the events leading up to
the attacks and strategies to prevent future attacks.

Click here to send President Bush and Congressional leaders a message telling them you support an independent investigation into the terrorist attacks!


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they're alive! 22.May.2002 23:42


wow - it only took congress 8 months to wake up out of their anthrax stupor - impressive - they all deserve to be re-elected!