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Bush Crime Family Defrauding America

Why does it seem that every time the Bush family and associates seem about to get caught red-handed in high crimes and treason, someone gets assassinated, a bomb blows off, an election gets overturned, or they hold the threat of further terror over our heads, as Cheney is doing now?
Allies, Editors & Emissaries:

Anyone who wants to understand what is REALLY going on behind the bogus "War on Terror" and the Bush family's connection to terrorist groups, should study these resources carefully.

Why does it seem that every time the Bush family and associates seem about to get caught red-handed in high crimes and treason, someone gets assassinated, a bomb blows off, an election gets overturned, or they hold the threat of further terror over our heads, as Cheney is doing now?

Sadly, this is nothing new in the rest of the world, where the CIA has run rampant for the past 40 years. Now that they have taken over the U.S. in a classic CIA coup, the horror is hitting Americans right in their hearts, while Bush & associates are busy looting the national treasury and building more expensive weapons systems.

Don't believe us? Read what one of Bush's own CIA commanders has to say below. And at least give a glance at what one of his Generals has to say in "Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Revealed" in the following list:
Defrauding America: The Bushes, Fascism & the CIA

Also, take special note of the "Bush-Florida-Cuba Connection"... therein lies the murdered corpse of JFK...

"We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
-- Martin Luther King Jr.
White Rose Resistance Pacifica




Now, since the "Good War One," World War II, we've had the CIA's Secret Wars.

We've had two serious wars: Korea and Vietnam. But we've had the CIA running its low-intensity conflicts, its secret wars around the Globe. A lot of them. I'll mention that, kind of in passing, tonight because we have so much ground to cover.

We've been destabilizing target governments in every corner of the Globe. We set up a system of governing by oligarchies -- proxy government working through oligarchies in these countries who are permitted to become fabulously rich.

This is the case in the Persian Gulf, the oil emirates who have 0.5 percent of their population of billionaires and millionaires, and the rest of the people share less or none at all of the country's wealth. In Latin America, Central America, this same system is working. If the people don't like it, you organize the police into death squads, as we've done in many countries, including, conspicuously, El Salvador, and you kill enough of them that they are emasculated. They can't do anything about it. They are crippled. They are repressed, suppressed and oppressed, and you can get by with this system of milking the countries to your will and to your way.

The [Sen. Frank] Church Committee of 1975 ..... Again this is not a lecture about the Secret Wars of the CIA. That's a separate lecture. I could give it again, but it takes a full hour in its own right. But you must know how the CIA weaves into this war complex -- this war machinery of ours.

The Church Committee of 1975 investigated CIA "actions" and found that we had run -- if you extrapolate the figures -- about thirteen thousand-plus [covert operations] since we've had the CIA -- since World War II. Now, a lot of these are fairly benign, and some of them fairly trivial. But a lot of them are VERY violent, and some of them lead into wars.

A long destabilization/propaganda campaign led us into the Korean War, and another one led us into the Vietnam War. Now, scholars, including myself, reading these things -- and we have so many of them in the public record that it's obviously very difficult to know exactly how many people died in Vietnam or in Korea or in Nicaragua or in the Congo -- but still, working with conservative figures we come up with a minimum figure of SIX MILLION PEOPLE killed in the Secret Wars of the CIA through its destabilizations over these past forty years: One million people killed in the Korean War; Two million people killed in Vietnam; One to two million people killed in Cambodia; Eight hundred thousand people killed in Indonesia; Fifty thousand people killed in Angola.

Now that began with the war that I organized as Commander of the Angola Task Force, working for a subcommittee of the National Security Council in Washington in 1975 and 1976. Fifty thousand is the number that the Sandinistas and The New York Times pretty much agreed on were killed and wounded in Nicaragua in the ONE BILLION DOLLAR Contra destabilization in that country that we effected in the 1980s.

Now, these six million [people killed from] CIA activities, are all part of the Cold War in which probably about TWENTY MILLION PEOPLE were killed. And that makes it the second or third bloodiest war in all of human history, which is saying a lot.

I call it also the Third World War. You could call it the Forty Years War of the twentieth century. I call it the "Third World" War because when you analyze these things and read through them in the public record, which, again, is massively documented ....

And by the way, the last third of this book [THE PRAETORIAN GUARD] is a bibliography of the best 120 books on the subject, organized to make it easy for you to access each one with a mini-review, so you can decide which book will be most interesting and useful to you, and what this theme is all about.

When you analyze these crimes you find that we do not do these massive bloody things against the Soviet Union. Torture and death squads we do not run in England or Canada or Belgium or Sweden or Switzerland. They are, virtually all of them, done against countries of the Third World where the governments of those countries are not strong enough to prohibit us, to prevent us from brutalizing their people. The six million people killed are people of the Third World: people of the Mitumba Mountains of the Congo, and the jungles of Southeast Asia, and the hills of Nicaragua. And now, of course, the Middle Eastern deserts, in a new wrinkle on this system.

The casualties in Nicaragua -- fifty thousand people -- they were not Russians. They were not Cubans. They were not even mostly Sandinistas. They were mostly rag-poor peasants, including a high percentage of women and children. Communists? They were mostly ROMAN CATHOLICS! Enemies of the United States? Nah. We had thousands of Witnesses [for Peace] who went down to live with them -- to see. And they invariably came back and told us that the Nicaraguan People are the warmest people on the face of the Earth.

They couldn't understand [why], but the Nicaraguans love the United States -- the people from the United States; and that these people had trouble understanding why our Government would want to hire an army to send down there to brutalize them: to haul them out of their homes, and rape them, and slash off their breasts, and cut off their testicles while their children were forced to watch, which is what the Contra program did. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of documented cases.

This is where I came up, then, in writing about the Angola War, with my thesis, the title of my first book: IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES. We were taking this war in Angola to people who did not want to be our enemies -- as we did in Vietnam -- as we did in Cuba and other places. The point of the CIA's activities is they .....ten thousand, thirteen thousand operations -- three thousand major, gory, bloody operations, killing six million people .... they [the CIA] have made the world unstable.

The six million people each leave behind an average of perhaps five loved ones who are traumatically conditioned to violence, who will go on continuing violence and keeping the world unstable and violent for the rest of their lives. And in an unstable world that's brimming and teeming with violence, you can spend trillions of dollars on the arms that you could not spend if the world were, in fact, peaceful.

Now again, I'm moving pretty fast. In other lectures I go into that in considerable detail. But getting into the 1980s, we had a constant conditioning, militarizing, and destabilizing under the Reagan Revolution.

We spent TWO-AND-A-HALF TRILLION DOLLARS, according to our Government, on the largest military buildup in any peacetime period in history; perhaps, arguably, the largest military buildup in all of history. Meanwhile, Ronald Reagan, the great orator, was selling this program to the American People by focusing our paranoid attention on Nicaragua. He spent more time talking about his Contra progam in Nicaragua than any other aspect of his presidency.

He told us that America is feeling great again. He railed at the "Evil Empire" [the Soviet Union]. He said there's a Russian base in Nicaragua -- in our own back yard. He said the Soviets are flying airplanes in this hemisphere for the first time in all of history. Of course, that wasn't true. Aeroflot has been flying out since World War II. But this is rhetoric! He hammered away. And the truth had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

He said it was a two-day drive from Managua, Nicaragua to Arlington, Texas. He said it was closer from Managua to Houston than it was from Houston to Maine. He said it was a two-hour flight from Managua to San Diego. You could almost see the fighter-bombers sizzling up there to bomb San Diego. He said there will be a million communists coming up across our borders from the south.

[Presidential aide] Ollie North volunteered, according to Pat Buchanan, to be put in command of the forces that would fight off the million communists as they came up from Central America through Mexico to invade this country.

Meanwhile, in 1988, President Bush, George Bush, my old boss, inherited the presidency. He won the election. He also inherited big political problems and economic problems because he had been vice-president under Ronald Reagan. And he inherited a four-and-a- half trillion dollar debt.

Now, in the 1970s, we had been the richest country in the world -- a creditor nation. In the middle of the `80s, under this policy of big spending on credit, we crossed the line and became a debtor nation for the first time since World War One. The debt was run up to four-and-a-half trillion dollars, the largest debt in the history of the World. And it is double- compounding, effectively, with the interest and with the continuing deficit.

So you can look for it to jump to ten trillion and twenty trillion dollars, and NOBODY has the faintest idea of what, in fact, will happen to this thing, or what can be done with this thing. Bush inherited a situation .... What I'm saying, by the way, is very simply this: President Reagan -- great irony -- President Reagan and Vice-President George Bush, and then President George Bush, SOLD OUT the United States in the production of arms.

They rendered this country into a condition where other people control our economic future. And again, the irony is that they sold it through patriotism and making us feel great again.

George Bush inherited a situation in which the People were waking up. They were realizing the debt and feeling this ominous burden that we're going to have, which we'll pass on to our children. They were also realizing (even TIME Magazine published discussions on the decade of greed of the `80s, under Reagan and Bush) that the People's pockets had been picked.

There has been a MASSIVE shift of wealth from the poor and middle-classes to the ultra-rich, in this period of time. The ultra-rich, for example, their taxes were cut from seventy percent to thirty-two percent. And President Reagan called it a tax cut. But for the poor -- the bottom half of the society -- it was a tax increase of five percent.

This is the key to understanding the Savings & Loan Crisis. The bankers encouraged irresponsibility. And remember, TWO HUNDRED officials in the Reagan Administration were forced to resign under the threat of trial -- criminal proceedings for their corruption. And some of them were prosecuted and, in fact, jailed. And this irresponsibility trickled down into the savings and loan industry, which the Central Intelligence Agency was using to launder its money into Central America and to launder drug money into its programs.

And the result, of course, is that they were BLOWING our money. We invested our money, and they would blow it, steal it, declare bankruptcy, open up another S&L bank. And this became the norm until eventually they collapsed the industry. The bankers, the CIA, the Mafia and Neil Bush, George Bush's son: all involved in this great scandal, this massive bilking of the American People.

And now they're telling us that this is what George Bush inherited, and that what we need to do is .... They are NOT (the bankers, and George Bush and his cohorts) they are NOT going to pay that money back! But they say WE can't afford to lose the Public trust in the banking industry, so WE have to recondition the industry with five hundred billion to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! And they're going to make the PEOPLE pay for it.

And it was the PEOPLE whose money was stolen by these thieves to begin with! And they are NOT putting them in jail! You know, when I see this thing, I say: "Where's the scream?" You know? "Huh?" How will it restore MY confidence in the banking industry to take MY money to replace what the thieves stole to begin with, while they're proceeding to do it some more.

[John Stockwell is a 13-year veteran of the CIA and a former U.S. Marine Corps major. He was hired by the CIA in 1964, spent six years working for the CIA in Africa, and was later transferred to Vietnam. In 1973 he received the CIA's Medal of Merit, the Agency's second-highest award. In 1975, Stockwell was promoted to the CIA's Chief of Station and National Security Council coordinator, managing covert activities during the first years of Angola's bloody civil war. After two years he resigned, determined to reveal the truth about the agency's role in the Third World. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to expose the criminal activities of the CIA. He is the Author of IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES, an expose` of the CIA's covert action in Angola. Stockwell is a founding member of Peaceways and ARDIS (the Association for Responsible Dissent), an organization of former CIA and Government officials who are openly critical of the CIA's activities. His latest book is entitled: "THE PRAETORIAN GUARD: The U.S. Role in the New World Order."]


The Bush-Nazi-American Biowarfare Connection

If you think the Nazi agenda for world control, disposing of undesirable populations, and experiments to genetically develop a master race ended with World War II, you are in for a shocker! Learn how Hitler's top medical and biowarfare researchers served U.S. and British intelligence, allied pharmaceutical and population control interests, along with the Rockefellers, the Bushes and the British Royal Family!

Get the Video & Find out why the Bushes want to cover up their War Crimes!



Bush Family & BioWarfare:::


WT: What do you know about Michigan Biologic Products Labs, the sole supplier of anthrax vaccine to the military?

LH: Look for links to I. G. Farben, George Bush, and the Nazis. It's seldom I don't find that those who are suspected of foul play are not led by the people or their heirs who were intimately involved in the biological weapons industry under Hitler and that we in the U.S. were literally partners with those people. I'm speaking about the well-documented historical partnership between I.G. Farben, Bayer, Merck & Co, and the Rockefellers [1].

In fact, the president of Merck, George W. Merck, was America's biological weapons industry director, personally appointed by President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stinson in the early 1940s. And in 1945, when Hitler realized he was going to lose the war, he ordered Martin Bormann, the Third Reich's economic chief, to bury his war chest to assure Germany's economic recovery after WW II, but also to assure a virtual monopoly over the world's pharmaceutical and chemical industries and the "rise of the Fourth Reich." Much of that money went into Merck & Co.

Now this at the exact time that George W. Merck is advising President Roosevelt on America's biological weapons status, as director of the industry. And follow the history of those Nazis, including Erik Traub, Hitler's top bioweapons developer -- who was brought over by Henry Kissinger and General Bolling in Project Paperclip -- and the exportation of 2000 Nazis into the U.S. industrial and intelligence organizations. And Traub went to work for the U.S. Navy biological research lab, which is affiliated with many of the academic institutions in the U.S. that are the premier biological weapons development and testing operations.

You have to begin to see that there is a whole underlying network of extraordinarily wealthy individuals, in fact, who have an ideology for population reduction, and specifically, the Merck company's fund as well as the Rockefeller Foundation, two of the premier American population control funding agencies. And when you see that these people are multinational supporters, and you understand that their ideology for population reduction follows the same reasoning that Hitler followed with racial hygiene: to make it American intelligence's and national security's primary interest for foreign policy.

This policy was funded by Prescott Bush (George Bush's father), General William Draper, and the Rockefellers -- the first people in the congress in 1968 that came out in favor of population reduction in the third world -- and translated into legislation by Henry Kissinger in National Security Memorandum 200, penned in 1971.

So you begin to see that these are the same people with the same agenda and the same money. And far more money because they've invested it all those years. And today's history that is unfolding before our eyes is a repeat.

WT: According to the U.S. Army Medical, Chemical, and Biological Defense Program [10] the Anthrax vaccine licensed to USAMRIID is a killed vaccine tested to be free of mycoplasma incognitus (although the Army admits that "It is a difficult organism to detect under some circumstances") and has been available since the early 70s. So what makes you think it's potentially contaminated?

LH: That's the exact period of time I've been talking about. It doesn't matter of it's dead or alive. The anthrax bacterial protein, when it combines with your own host cell proteins, forms what is called an "antigenic complex": a combination of your own host cell protein with a foreign bacterial protein. The body recognizes the entire complex as foreign, and it mounts an immune response against the entire complex, including against your own host cell protein. And now you have an autoimmune illness developing that results in autoimmune diseases such as lupus, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis and doctors say "We don't know what caused this." They're doing it for population reduction.

WT: Of course, unlike bioweapons, vaccines can target specific groups (except perhaps for genetically-engineered bioweapons).

LH: Exactly. For example, the most plausible vaccine that initiated AIDS was the 1976 and 1978 strain of hepatitis B given to retarded children, gay men, and blacks -- the same targets as Hitler. And now they're targeting militia groups.



The Bush-Florida-Cuba connection
By Larry Chin

On November 22, 2000 a violent Republican-sanctioned mob shut down the Miami-Dade canvassing board, stopping a decisive ballot recount, and snuffing out Al Gore's chances for victory.

This incident, which was instrumental in seizing the American presidency for George W. Bush, was not (as most media accounts suggest) merely the work of [Tom] DeLay congressional aides and angry pro-Bush protestors.

In fact, the true intimidation came at the hands of hundreds of militant right-wing Cuban operatives. It is important to note that the recount shutdown was the latest chapter of an alliance between the Bush family, right-wing anti-Castro Cubans, Florida-based covert operatives and extreme elements of the Republican party that has persisted for nearly half a century.

1953. CIA operative George Herbert Walker Bush founds Zapata Petroleum in Texas. Its subsidiary, Zapata Offshore is used as a CIA front. Initiating his career-long foray into Latin American shadow politics, Bush establishes ties with CIA operative and narco-trafficker Manuel Noriega of Panama (later its dictator).

1960-1961. Bay of Pigs. Bush and fellow CIA operative Felix Rodriguez organize and train Cuban exiles in Florida and across the Gulf region for an invasion of Cuba, and the assassination of Fidel Castro, with assistance from elements of the Mafia (based in Florida). President John F. Kennedy pulls the plug on the operation, infuriating the Cubans, the CIA, the mob, and Bush.

1963. JFK is assassinated in Dallas. The involvement of Cubans, CIA operatives in Florida (Felix Rodriguez), and the questionable activities of Bush, Richard Nixon, Texas oil moguls and Texas politicians during the period, are detailed by numerous assassination researchers. J. Edgar Hoover interviews a "George Bush of the CIA" regarding "anti-Castro exile reaction" to the murder.

1968-1973. With Richard Nixon in the White House, Antonin Scalia in charge of the White House communications office, and George H.W. Bush heading the Republican National Committee, the Republicans maintain close ties to right-wing Florida Cubans. Bebe Rebozo, a prominent Florida Cuban with intelligence ties, is a close friend of Nixon. In 1971, journalist Ken Collier calls on Nixon to investigate 1970 Florida election fraud by Republicans. Scalia persuades Nixon to remain silent, Collier alleges.

1973. The Watergate Break-In is conducted by anti-Castro Cubans and CIA agents tied to the Bay of Pigs: Rodriguez, Bernard Barker (former Cuban secret police), Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, and Eugenio Rolando Martinez. Nixon tapes reveal that the objective is to hide evidence regarding "Dallas" and "the Bay of Pigs thing." Bush assists Nixon in the coverup, and the stonewalling of the Congress.

1976. CIA Director George H.W. Bush stonewalls Congress regarding the aerial bombing of a Cubana Airline jet and a car bomb slaying of a Chilean diplomat. Anti-Castro Cubans are arrested, including Luis Carriles. Carriles' immediate superior is Felix Rodriguez (who boasts to have assassinated Che Guevara).During the Bush CIA years, the loyal Rodriguez is involved with the Phoenix program, Air America, and heroin smuggling in Southeast Asia.

1982-1986. Iran-Contra. With Vice President Bush "in the loop" with CIA Director William Casey and other members of the Reagan "firewall," Felix Rodriguez coordinates the contra resupply program in El Salvador under Oliver North. In Senate testimony, Rodriguez alleges to have passed ten million dollars to the contras from the Colombian Medellin cocaine cartel.

In Florida, Jeb Bush (the head of the Dade County Republican Party) operates as the Republican administration's unofficial link with Cubans, the contras and Nicaraguan exiles in Miami. During this period, Jeb aligns with Leonel Martinez, a Miami-based right-wing Cuban-American drug trafficker associated with contra dissident Eden Pastora. Jeb forges business ties with contra supporter Miguel Recarey, a right-wing Cuban, and major contributor to PACs controlled by then-Vice President Bush.

Florida-based drug-running fronts funnel US government funds as humanitarian aid to the contras. Senator John Kerry investigates Miami-based Ocean Hunter, one of many Florida-based drug-running fronts, and discovers $200,000 channeled south.

1986. Reagan appoints Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court. At his confirmation hearing, Ken and James Collier accuse Scalia of sandbagging their lawsuits against the Republican National Committee for election fraud in Florida.

1988-1992. With George H.W. Bush as president, the US invades Panama, toppling former CIA ally, contra compatriot and narco trafficker Manuel Noriega. Cuban operatives assist.

As a link to that powerful and wealthy South Florida community, Jeb remains a tireless supporter of reactionary Cuban-American political causes, such as the freeing of right-wing terrorist Orlando Bosch. Bosch is responsible for more than 50 anti-Castro bombings in Cuba and elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere. Jeb is also a supporter of CANF projects like Radio and TV Marti (propaganda broadcasts into Cuba, in violation of telecommunications laws).

Jeb Bush is also involved with Florida-based BCCI banks and money laundering operations. The Miami US Attorney is rebuffed by the Justice Department in his efforts to indict BCCI and some of its principal officers on tax fraud charges.

1994. After benefiting financially and politically from oil, money and CIA ties to his father and brother, George W. Bush becomes governor of Texas.

1998. Jeb Bush becomes governor of Florida with strong backing from long-time friends in the Cuban community. Jorge Mas Canosa, president of the ultra-right wing Cuban American National Federation (CANF) succinctly describes Jeb's role throughout the 1980s and 1990s: "He is one of us."

The Elian Gonzalez affair ignites Florida, setting off partisan conflict (and violence). Anti-Castro Cubans are incensed at the Clinton/Gore administration.

2000. Jeb Bush "promises to deliver Florida" to his brother, presidential candidate George W. Bush. Florida is delivered, and the election sealed with help from Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

With the Southern Hemisphere foreign policy agenda (ranging from the American involvement in Colombia to the future of Cuba) about to be handed to a right-wing George W. Bush administration, the Bush-Florida-Cuba connection will continue to be a play an active and dangerous role.

After the election, Fidel Castro mocked the incoming president as "the little idiot son of the former CIA director friend of mafia worms." The gauntlet has been thrown.


George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order

A New American View -- International Edition White Paper

For the initiates of the Order, the question of whether secrecy and ambiguity are used for the purpose of accomplishing "good" or "evil" is of secondary importance. Secrecy and ambiguity are essential instruments for wielding power. The effective wielding of power is one of the overarching goals of all Bonesmen. The secret ties built up during the Bonesmen's senior year of active membership in the Order are maintained for life. Those ties link each Bonesman to every other initiate, especially to those initiates who were members of the Order in the same year.

Thus, every member of Skull & Bones is, in real and practical terms, part of a small elite group of young Yale graduates -- most from wealthy and powerful WASP families -- who enter the world of politics, business, finance, intelligence or education and who proceed to make their mark on the world.

According to several sources, President George Bush to this day frequently consults with several of his fellow Yale Bonesmen, and has, on occasion, called upon Skull & Bones members to carry out secret diplomatic missions for the White House.

To the Bonesmen, the use of military power is a natural and essential corollary to political power. The Bonesmen are taught that, although ideas have their place, to truly transform history, military force is almost always required. Critics of the Order have pointed out that this philosophy of power and the imperial use of military force comes straight from the chronicles of the Roman Empire -- especially the Roman Empire during its phase of decline and collapse.

The criticism may prove to be most prophetically true of the current generation of Bonesmen who are leading the United States under the presidency of George Bush. During the final phase of the Roman Empire, legions were deployed out around the world to conquer and subjugate vast territories, while back in Rome, there was a breakdown, a crisis in which the entire social and cultural fabric of the early Roman republic was eroding and giving way to something akin to the drug, rock-sex counterculture of today. The Roman imperial policy of attempting to gloss over the decadence at home by engaging in constant wars of expansion led ultimately to the total collapse of Rome.

In this regard, the Spartan-Roman imperial outlook of the American WASP warrior caste, exemplified by Skull & Bones, cannot be precisely compared to the Japanese samurai code of Bushido. The Japanese Bushido code emphasized honor among the warriors and presumed a fundamentally moral or ethical vision of the world.

No such emphasis on morality and honor exists in the code of Skull & Bones. On the contrary, the Skull & Bones philosophy, according to several of its most astute critics and historians, emphasizes the "double-cross system." The "double-cross" is symbolically represented by the crossbones on the emblem of the Order. According to this philosophy, anyone who is not an initiate is inferior, and can be lied to and manipulated to further the power of the WASP Establishment. To the extent that Japanese leaders view their American WASP counterparts as men of honor whose word is sacred and whose intentions are presumed to be virtuous, they will miss the fundamental character of the American imperium. This is of special importance today, with a leading member of the Skull & Bones system occupying the White House.

Skull & Bones philosophy first manifested itself at the American national political level in the late l9th century. At that time, the men of the Order adopted all the critical features of the British imperial system, especially the belief in the Anglo Saxon God-given right to rule over all the other races. Even countries like Japan, which were never colonial possessions of the Anglo-American combination, were viewed as inferior nations to be treated no differently from the colonies in Africa, India or Latin America.

One hub of the Order's postwar economic power, the major multinational oil corporations, have clearly benefited greatly from President Bush's "charming little colonial war" in the Persian Gulf. The leading oil companies which are linked to the Order are: Standard Oil Trust Corporation, Shell Oil of America, Creole Petroleum Corporation and Pennzoil Corporation. The founder and present chairman of the board of Pennzoil started out in the oil business in partnership with George Bush in Zapata Oil. It is interesting to note in the context of the Bonesmen's deep involvement in the world petroleum business that George Bush, during his early days as a Texas oilman, had worked closely with the Kuwaitis.

Eight major Wall Street and Washington, D.C. law firms stand out as practically wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Order of Skull & Bones. Each of these firms was founded by members of the Order, and each of these firms continues to provide up-and-coming Order initiates in the legal community with training, credentials and connections. A review of the major corporate clients of these firms would reveal many of the most powerful companies among the Fortune 500.

As a result of the military victory over Iraq, the United States is in the process of establishing a string of permanent military bases throughout the Persian Gulf and Near East. The oil sheikdoms of the region, led by Saudi Arabia, are now thoroughly dependent on the American military presence to ensure the survival of their regimes. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is effectively captured by Washington. American bankers aided by U.S. gunboats now are setting world oil prices. Thus, one consequence of the Persian Gulf War is that the United States now has an oil weapon -- pointed principally at Germany and Japan. Ironically, America's two chief economic rivals have paid out a total of $27 billion to date to help finance a Bush administration military adventure which put the oil weapon in Washington's hand.

Full Paper w/ Refs :::


Halliburton Corporation's Brown and Root is one of the major components of

Michael C. Ruppert

The success of Bush Vice Presidential running mate Richard Cheney at leading Halliburton, Inc. to a five year $3.8 billion "pig-out" on federal contracts and taxpayer-insured loans is only a partial indicator of what may happen if the Bush ticket wins in two weeks. A closer look at available research, including an August 2, 2000 report by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) at www.public-i.org, suggests that drug money has played a role in the successes achieved by Halliburton under Cheney's tenure as CEO from 1995 to 2000. This is especially true for Halliburton's most famous subsidiary, heavy construction and oil giant, Brown and Root. A deeper look into history reveals that Brown and Root's past as well as the past of Dick Cheney himself, connect to the international drug trade on more than one occasion and in more than one way.

This June the lead Washington, D.C. attorney for a major Russian oil company connected in law enforcement reports to heroin smuggling and also a beneficiary of US backed loans to pay for Brown and Root contracts in Russia, held a $2.2 million fund raiser to fill the already bulging coffers of presidential candidate George W. Bush. This is not the first time that Brown and Root has been connected to drugs and the fact is that this "poster child" of American industry may also be a key player in Wall Street's efforts to maintain domination of the half trillion dollar a year global drug trade and its profits. And Dick Cheney, who has also come closer to drugs than most suspect, and who is also Halliburton's largest individual shareholder ($45.5 million), has a vested interest in seeing to it that Brown and Root's successes continue.

Of all American companies dealing directly with the U.S. military and providing cover for CIA operations few firms can match the global presence of this giant construction powerhouse which employs 20,000 people in more than 100 countries. Through its sister companies or joint ventures, Brown and Root can build offshore oil rigs, drill wells, construct and operate everything from harbors to pipelines to highways to nuclear reactors. It can train and arm security forces and it can now also feed, supply and house armies. One key beacon of Brown and Root's overwhelming appeal to agencies like the CIA is that, from its own corporate web page, it proudly announces that it has received the contract to dismantle aging Russian nuclear tipped ICBMs in their silos.

Furthermore, the relationships between key institutions, players and the Bushes themselves suggest that under a George "W" administration the Bush family and its allies may well be able, using Brown and Root as the operational interface, to control the drug trade all the way from Medellin to Moscow.

Originally formed as a heavy construction company to build dams, Brown and Root grew its operations via shrewd political contributions to Senate candidate Lyndon Johnson in 1948. Expanding into the building of oil platforms, military bases, ports, nuclear facilities, harbors and tunnels, Brown and Root virtually underwrote LBJ's political career. It prospered as a result, making billions on U.S. Government contracts during the Vietnam War. The "Austin Chronicle" in an August 28 Op-ed piece entitled "The Candidate From Brown and Root" labels Republican Cheney as the political dispenser of Brown and Root's largesse. According to political campaign records, during Cheney's five year tenure at Halliburton the company's political contributions more than doubled to $1.2 million. Not surprisingly, most of that money went to Republican candidates.

Independent news service "newsmakingnews.com," also describes how in 1998, with Cheney as Chairman, Halliburton spent $8.1 billion to purchase oil industry equipment and drilling supplier Dresser Industries. This made Halliburton a corporation that will have a presence in almost any future oil drilling operation anywhere in the world. And it also brought back into the family fold the company that had once sent a plane - also in 1948 - to fetch the new Yale Graduate George H.W. Bush, to begin his career in the Texas oil business. Bush the elder's father, Prescott, served as a Managing Director for the firm that once owned Dresser, Brown Bothers Harriman.

It is clear that everywhere there is oil there is Brown and Root. But increasingly, everywhere there is war or insurrection there is Brown and Root also. From Bosnia and Kosovo, to Chechnya, to Rwanda, to Burma, to Pakistan, to Laos, to Vietnam, to Indonesia, to Iran to Libya to Mexico to Colombia, Brown and Root's traditional operations have expanded from heavy construction to include the provision of logistical support for the U.S. military. Now, instead of U.S. Army quartermasters, the world is likely to see Brown and Root warehouses storing and managing everything from uniforms to rations to vehicles.

Dramatic expansion of Brown and Root's operations in Colombia also suggest Bush preparations for a war inspired feeding frenzy as a part of "Plan Colombia." This is consistent with moves by former Bush Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady to open a joint Colombian-American investment partnership called Corfinsura for the financing of major construction projects with the Colombian Antioquia Syndicate, headquartered in Medellin. (See FTW June, 00). And expectations of a ground war in Colombia may explain why, in a 2000 SEC filing, Brown and Root reported that in addition to owning more than 800,000 square feet of warehouse space in Colombia, they also lease another 122,000 square feet. According to the filing of the Brown and Root Energy Services Group, the only other places where the company maintains warehouse space are in Mexico (525,000 sq. feet), and the U.S. (38,000) square feet.

According to the web site of Colombia's Foreign Investment Promotion Agency Brown and Root had no presence in the country until 1997. What does Brown and Root, which, according to the AP has made more than $2 billion supporting and supplying U.S. troops, know about Colombia that the U.S. public does not? Why the need for almost a million square feet of warehouse space that can be transferred from one Brown and Root operation (energy) to another (military support) with the stroke of a pen?



The Bush Nazi Coke Moonie Connection
by Nick Mamatas

This past April, Texas Governor George W. Bush proclaimed a week of remembrance for the Holocaust. He said, "I urge Texans to never forget the inhumanity of those who perpetrated the Holocaust, and reflect upon our own humanity and our responsibility to respect all peoples." Good advice. He should reflect upon his own family, if he is interested in reflecting on inhumanity.

G. W.'s grandfather and great-grandfather, Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker, were among the chief American fundraisers for Germany's Nazi Party. Through industrialist Fritz Thyssen, the Bush-run Union Banking Company and W. A. Harriman & Company, the Bushes sold over $50 million in German bonds to American investors, starting in 1924. Thyssen in turn pumped money into the infant Nazi Party, which had proved its desire to rule and its willingness to use brute force in 1923's Munich Beer Hall Putsch.

George Walker, GW's great-grandfather, also set up the takeover of the Hamburg-America Line, a cover for I.G. Farben's Nazi espionage unit in the United States. In Germany, I. G. Farben was most famous for putting the gas in gas chambers; it was the producer of Zyklon B and other gasses used on victims of the Holocaust. The Bush family was not unaware of the nature of their investment partners. They hired Allen Dulles, the future head of the CIA, to hide the funds they were making from Nazi investments and the funds they were sending to Nazi Germany, rather than divest. It was only in 1942, when the government seized Union Banking Company assets under the Trading With The Enemy Act, that George Walker and Prescott Bush stopped pumping money into Hitler's regime.

George Bush, then an eighteen year-old man, held off entering Yale (a long-time Bush family destination, Prescott had graduated in 1917) to enter the military, perhaps to remove some of the tarnish from his family's honor. After the war, however, Bush joined the intelligence community and utilized his own connections to help fund drug runners from Laos to Panama. Most shocking was the so-called "cocaine coup" in Bolivia in June 1980, masterminded by fugitive Nazi Klaus Barbie, "The Butcher Of Lyons." Bush, as director of the CIA, had funneled enormous amounts of cash to drug runners including Manuel Noriega and helped in the destabilization of Argentina. Barbie, who had been previously secreted in Latin America by the CIA, began working closely with the Argentines and used drug money to finance a neo-Nazi cabal, one that succeeded in overthrowing the government. The troops swept through the capital wearing Nazi armbands, according to former DEA agent Mike Levine. They may as well have been wearing armbands portraying syringes, dollar bills and "Bush For President" buttons.

After the cocaine coup, the notorious Unification Church, the "Moonie" cult, began making inroads across Latin America. Among the first to arrive in La Paz after the Nazi/coke coup was Bo Hi Pak, Rev. Sun Myung Moon's right hand man. Moon had invested $4 million in the coup, it so turns out, and still had plenty of money left over to help finance George Bush's campaign for president in 1988. Moonie lieutenant Thomas Ward also acted as the go-between between Barbie and his CIA payrollers. The Moonies were also large funders of the Contras and heavy investors in Latin America generally. Bush is still in Moon's pocket: as recently as 1996, former President Bush flew to Argentina to appeal to Argentine president Carlos Menem to attend the gala celebration for Moon's latest right-wing newspaper. Bush has made hundreds of thousands of dollars stumping for Moon groups since leaving the Oval Office, and has been working to make sure GW Bush gets his share of drug-tainted, Nazi managed cult money for the latest Presidential campaign. That is something we should all reflect on.

By Nick Mamatas


Bush Crime Family Body Count

Bush Body Count

Paul Wilcher
His partially decomposed body was found in his home, still seated on the
toilet. According to the Washington Times, "...he was investigating the
theory of an 'October Surprise' conspiracy during the 1980 federal
election campaign. He had been interviewing an inmate who claimed to have
piloted George Bush to Paris so he could secretly seek to delay the
release of 52 American hostages in Iran."

Sid Adger
Mr. Adger, a Houston oil supply company executive and Bush family friend,
died in 1996 of unknown causes. Adger was the mysterious businessman who
approached General James Rose and asked him to help George W. Bush avoid
Vietnam by recommending him for a pilot position with the National Guard.

General James Rose
General Rose recommended George W. Bush for a pilot position with the
Texas National Guard. He died of unknown causes in 1993. He was
immediately buried and no autopsy was performed.

Orlando Letelier
He was torn to bits by a car bomb on the streets of Washington DC just
before he was to testing against the Chilean dictator Pinochet. After the
bombing, CIA Director George H. W. Bush told the FBI that there had been
no Chilean involvement whatsoever. In 1991 the post-Pinochet Chilean
Supreme Court asked George H. W. Bush if he would submit to questioning.

Ronni Moffit
She was Letelier's assistant. She and her husband were riding in the car
with Letelier when the bomb exploded. Mr. Moffit survived. Ronni didn't.

Amiram Nir
He was a former Israeli agent who was in Jerusalem with George Bush
during Iran Contra. He went under the assumed name of Pat Weber. Nir was
scheduled to testify to the Senate subcommittee and it was feared he
would reveal the truth. He perished when his aircraft was shot down with
missiles from the helicopter of a man called Gene Tatum, 25-year CIA deep
cover agent.

Senator John Tower
He was appointed by the Reagan/Bush Administration to chair the
bipartisan committee to investigate the Iran/Contra scandals. He directed
the Tower Report and had all the Iran Contra documents that told the real
story. He was killed in an airplane crash later in Georgia in 1991. Also
killed was his daughter, Marian.

Mario Ruiz Massieu
An apparent suicide, Massieu was facing charges that he laundered money
for the cocaine cartels. A Houston, Texas jury had found that $8 million
in his bank accounts was paid to him by cocaine cartels.

Steve Kangas
His web site, Liberalism Resurgent, was meticulously researched and
presented such a problem to the "real boss" of George Bush, Richard
Scaife, that he hired a private detective to look into Kangas' past.
Steve Kangas was found in a 39th-floor bathroom outside of Scaife's
offices at One Oxford Centre, in Pittsburgh, an apparent suicide. Mr.
Kangas, a very prolific writer, left no note. He had brought a
fully-packed suitcase of clothes with him to Pittsburgh. He bought a
burglar alarm shortly before he left for Pittsburgh. Why did he need a
burglar alarm if he was going to commit suicide? An avowed advocate of
gun control, he nevertheless bought a gun. What was he afraid of? Why did
he go to Pittsburgh? After his death, his computer was sold for $150 and
its hard drive wiped clean. Everything in his apartment was thrown away.

Mohammed Zia al-huk
Dictator of Pakistan, and knew all about Iran/Contra, the training,
funding, and arming of narco-terrorists like Osama bin Laden. In August
1988, the same day George Bush got the Republican nomination, his plane
crashed into the ground with all engines running. The Pakistanis kept the
bodies around (in violation of Islamic custom) for weeks, awaiting US
experts. They showed up three weeks later and never checked the bodies.

Malcolm Baldridge
Commerce Secretary May 1987. Baldridge was familiar with the Bush family
ties to the Communist Chinese. He died in a mysterious horseback riding

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy
An internal FBI memo reported that on November 22 a reputable businessman
named George H. W. Bush reported hearsay that a certain Young Republican
had been talking of killing the President when he came to Houston. The
Young Republican was nowhere near Dallas on that date. According to a
1988 story in The Nation, J. Edgar Hoover said in a memo that Mr. George
Bush of the CIA had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the
reaction of anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of
President Kennedy. George H. W. Bush has denied this, although he was in
Texas and cannot account for his whereabouts at the time.

Hale Boggs
He sat on the Warren Commission, which concluded that President Kennedy
was slain by a lone assassin. Later, in 1971 and '72, Boggs said that the
Warren Report was false and that J. Edgar Hoover's FBI not only helped
cover up the JFK murder but blackmailed Congress with massive
wire-tapping and spying. He named Warren Commission staff member Arlen
Specter as a major cover-up artist. Congressman Boggs' plane disappeared
on a flight to Alaska in 1972. The press, the military, and the CIA
publicly proclaimed the plane could not be located. Investigators later
said that was a lie, that the plane had been found.

George de Mohrenschildt
A rich Russian oilman, he was described with his wife as being the two
people friendliest to Oswald at the time of the assassination. De
Mohrenschildt was the man who moved Oswald to Dallas. In the late 1970's,
shortly before the first meeting of the House Select Committee on
Assassinations, de Mohrenschildt started seeing a new doctor in town. He
quickly became mentally unstable, at which time his wife convinced him to
stop seeing the doctor. They moved away and left a false forwarding
address. On the same day that the Committee tried to contact him about
testifying, he was found dead of a gunshot wound. In his personal address
book was the entry Bush, George H.W. (Poppy) and Zapata Petroleum Midland
(the oil company owned by George H.W. Bush).

Barry Seal
He was supposedly murdered by Medellin cartel members, but a 6-month
investigation by Sam Dalton, attorney for three of the accused murderers,
into Mr. Seal's life and death uncovered some interesting points. The
accused's cartel connections were well known, but not their association
with Oliver North's enterprise. Mr. Seal was a drug smuggler, up to his
armpits in smuggling cocaine for - guess who? - the CIA. During the
penalty phase of the Columbians' trial, testimony by one government
witness on the activities of Mr. Seal was so damaging to the government
that 2 of the jurors wanted to change their verdict to "not guilty". The
personal telephone number of George H. W. Bush was found in the trunk of
Mr. Seal's car.

William Colby
This former CIA director disappeared in an apparent boating accident, and
a body was later discovered (minus the life jacket Colby's friends
insisted he always wore while boating) and buried promptly. John DeCamp,
a lawyer from Lincoln, Nebraska, and Colby's close friend and confidant,
said Colby's death was not an accident. He stated that Colby was prepared
to disclose that missing P.O.W.'s were working for a dope smuggling
operation orchestrated by General Colin Powell, Pentagon official Richard
Armitage, and George H. W. Bush.

Mrs. E. Howard Hunt
In December 1972, while George H. W. Bush was at the Republican National
Convention, a United Airlines flight carrying Mrs. Dorothy Hunt, CIA
operative and wife of Howard Hunt, (CIA operative and suspect in the
Kennedy assassination) crashed. Believed to be carrying $25,000 in "hush
money", she died in this crash.

Vince Foster
It has been conjectured that Mr. Foster was killed by Republican
operatives for George Bush after he found evidence of Bush involvement in
the death of Mrs. E. Howard Hunt when reviewing the White House Travel
Office files.

Danny Casolaro
He was working on a book that tied together the scandals surrounding the
presidency of George H. W. Bush. He told his friends he was going to
"bring back" the head of the Octopus. Instead, his body was found in a
hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on August 10, 1991, an apparent

Olof Palme
He was the prime minister of Sweden, assassinated in 1986. Oliver North,
the golden boy of the Bush/Reagan machine, had met with Mr. Palme to
discuss the possibility of obtaining false end-user certificates for the
plethora of weapons that were being purchased, so that they would seem to
have come from a country other than the U.S. Mr. Palme refused to
participate, after the plan was presented to him. He was dead within

Archbishop Oscar Romero
Archbishop Romero was a true hero, speaking out against atrocities by a
Bush/Reagan-backed fascist government. He refused to appear in public
with any army or government personnel, and was a voice for the thousands
of tortured, slaughtered and oppressed in El Salvador. He was shot in the
back while preparing Mass. The death of Archbishop Romero is one among
many. There is not enough space to list the hundreds of thousands who
died under Reagan/Bush-backed, right-wing governments.

William Casey
William Casey was CIA Director during the Reagan/Bush Administration. He
died 2 days before he was to testify about his and others' involvement in
the Iran/Contra scandal.

Edmond J. Safra
Banker Edmond J. Safra died mysteriously when a fire swept his Monaco
penthouse apartment. His banks had been used for laundering money by the
Bush Iran/Contra traitors.

Charles Ruff
Attorney Charles Ruff successfully defended President Bill Clinton
against the smear campaign by the reich wing Bush machine. He died of an
accident in his home. Details of the accident are unknown. Ruff had been
assisting Vice President Al Gore's legal team during the recount
proceedings in Florida, where a battle for the right to know the will of
the people is raging.

Lars Erik Nelson
Lars-Erik Nelson was a reporter for the New York Daily News and a
constant critic of George Bush throughout the 2000 Presidential campaign.
He wrote a series of articles on how Bush was trying to steal the Florida
election. Found dead
in his living room of an apparent stroke on November 21, 2000, the very
day that Bush lawyers were making their arguments before the Florida
Supreme Court.

Henry B. Gonzalez
Henry Gonzalez, former Congressman from Texas, was the Chairman of the
House Banking Committee during the Reagan and Bush years. He oversaw
hearings on the S&L fiasco which nailed Neil Bush, and tried to have both
Reagan and George Bush impeached. In a speech before Congress on July 27,
1992, Gonzalez revealed that George Bush signed a top secret National
Security Decision directive, known as NSD 26, ordering closer ties with
Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Henry Gonzalez died of unknown causes on
November 27, 2000.

Charles M. McKee and Matthew Gannon

Charles M. McKee, ostensibly a military attache for the DIA in Beirut,
Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut, and three others were
on board Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. They
were part of a counterterrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible
rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon. The McKee team uncovered
evidence that a rogue CIA unit called COREA, based in Wiesbaden, was
doing business with a man called Monzer Al-Kassar, a Syrian arms dealer
and drug trafficker. Al-Kassar was part of the covert network run by U.S.
Lieut. Colonel Oliver North. Outraged that the COREA unit in Wiesbaden
was doing business with a Syrian who had close terrorist connections and
might endanger their chances of rescuing the hostages, the McKee team
decided to fly back to Virginia unannounced and expose the COREA unit's
secret deal with al-Kassar. They never got there. "For three years, I've
had a feeling that if Chuck hadn't been on that plane, it wouldn't have
been bombed," said Beulah McKee, 75, Charles McKee's mother, to Time
Magazine. Four months after her son was killed for his efforts to expose
the CIA, Mrs. McKee received a sympathy letter from George H. W. Bush.
Mrs. McKee has never been satisfied with the government's version of



Children Lament the Dying Age

Like angels their eyes glow in smoke
faces streaked with soot and tears
wrapped in yesterday's ragged cloak
sorrow smolders beneath dirt and fears

Children rise like flowers on Earth
singing songs of passion and rage
demand just cause for their birth
a wild rattle of the cultural cage

Glaring out on Her wasted lands
burning eyes on blackened beach
the wounded wild in little hands
survival seems just out of reach

Mockery of war a painful grimace
tearing the heart out of their world
old men plot with poisoned premise
as to Hell's pit their sons are hurled

Now cold stones rise in rows
names carved on their silent faces
somewhere are held the names of foes
millions of dead and their flowered vases

Witness to the weapons and reasons
bearing the standards and scars
holding ashes of hearts and seasons
eyes filled with sad dust of wars

Like angels on the roofs of tombs
children stand in steaming street
and stare haunted into future's fumes
stone faces shimmering in the heat

B.Z. Botani

"I do not know what the third world war will be fought with,
but the fourth world war will be fought with sticks and stones."
--Albert Einstein


"People who are willing to give up freedom
for the sake of short term security, deserve
neither freedom nor security."
—Benjamin Franklin

"I have no reason to suppose that he,
who would take away my Liberty, would
not when he had me in his Power,
take away everything else."
--John Locke

"It does not require a majority to prevail,
but rather an irate, tireless minority keen
to set brush fires in people's minds.."
--Samuel Adams

"When the people fear the government you have tyranny...
when the government fears the people you have liberty."
--Thomas Jefferson

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"Human salvation lies in the hands
of the creatively maladjusted"
--Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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