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Women in Prison

The goal of WEFT (Women Embracing Freedom Together) is to help women leaving the justice system do so with a support network that to this day does not exist.
A Presentation by the Women Embracing Freedom Together (WEFT), formerly known as the Advocates for Women In Prison (AWIP).
"The goal of WEFT (Women Embracing Freedom Together) is to help women leaving the justice system do so with a support network that to this day does not exist. Seven out of ten inmates return to prison, our goal, to reduce that figure here in Oregon. To help women with job search, clothing, transportation, and healing. We embrace each woman to let them know they are worthy of a safe, secure life. Free from abuse, drugs and the criminal system."
There will also be presentations by members of Portland's Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network (APLAN) and the Eugene-based Break The Chains Northwest Political Prisoner Support Group (BTC/NPPSN) . All proceeds from this benefit will go towards the WEFT, and to buy books for politically-conscious prisoners here in the Northwest.
At the 100 Willamette Room at the University, Friday, May 31st, at 4pm. We will be asking for donations of $3-5, but no one will be turned away for a lack of funds.
Prisons and Patriarchy: Statistics About Women In Prison: *The concept of a cage is a patriarchal concept. *90% of women in prison are single mothers. *A conservative estimate of 250,000 children is separated from their mothers by jail and prison walls. *80% of female inmates report incomes of less than $2000 a year. 92% report less than $10,000 a year. *Many female prisoners are subject to sexual abuse from prison authorities.

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graphic 22.May.2002 23:41

peace rebel boy


Huh? 23.May.2002 09:45


How is a cage a "patriarchal concept"? Are you claiming that under, say, a matriarchy there would be no prisons, chicken coops, zoos, animal testing labs, pet carriers or pet shelters?

The Cage is a Matriarchal Concept 23.May.2002 22:33

Some Dude

That's why 95% of prisoners are men.

seems reasonable to me 24.May.2002 07:25


well i don't know much about feminist theory, but it seems to me like a cage is a representation of the power that one person has over another person (or other animal). power over seems like a pretty patriarchal concept to me, and there are many arguments linking patriarchy to the consumption of meat and particularly the factory farming system. insofar as patriarchy is associated with force, coercion, black and white thinking, etc. and matriarchy is concerned with
nurturing, inclusion, and co-operation, it seems like a reasonable statement that a cage fits in better with the first.

perhaps a less patriarchal society would have more imagination to deal with "criminals" (or whatever) than pretending they don't exist by locking them behind high walls and demonizing them just because we can. there are other examples of dealing with problems arising from "crime" or "anti-social" behaviour: for example healing circles, having a bit more leeway in society so that less actions are deemed "criminal" (petty theft, tax evasion, and protesting come to mind), i'm sure creative people have come up with many others... or would if we let them...

just some scattered thoughts... what do other folks think?

mandy :-)

yeah, well... 26.May.2002 20:16

Flaming feminist

Ever fucking heard of men's violence aganst women?
yeah, women control prisons, bullshit