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Waking up from the Matrix!!

I am very encouraged by the numbers of people that are refusing to buy the garbage being put out by the main stream indoctrinators. I hope you will enjoy the material on the site that is linked here as it contains a lot of excellent material.
God Bless the conspiracy therorists as they best understand the mind set of the criminal elements that have hijacked your country and your rights!!

homepage: homepage: http://thewebfairy.com/awakening/

Amen 21.May.2002 19:24


Absolutely. The so called conspiricists are only that because that's what the powers that be want you to believe. We were right about 9-11 foreknowledge and ENRON and will be proven correct about much more, including our negligence and, therefore, complicity.

If you recall, about a year ago, the big argument was that the brown outs in were caused by the energy wasteful Californians. We knew that energy giants were playing games and we know the truth now.

Larucheite rightist crap 22.May.2002 13:05


yep, read the site.

all of it comes from L. Larouche. A very dangerous rightist who likes to disguise himself as on the left.

wake up before you allow morons like this to kill the left!