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Natural Building Convergence - Photos and text part 1

The Natural Building Convergence has officially come to a close, but the building that was done remains for Portlanders to enjoy and learn from. With great enthusiasm, people from around the country came together to create the first such natural building project held in an urban environment. These works are an inspiring mix of vision and practicality. Vision to create a new path of sustainable culture and practicality of making it actually physically work - To be inexpensive, non-toxic, aesthetic, and lasting.

A close-up collage of the bike memorial.

Another view

The cob sauna is beautiful structure, still under construction. People were stripping bark off of poles for the roof while cobbing is still going on the wall. By the door, is a cob sculpted elephant shown here in the photo.

One of the windows in the sauna. Generally, after the basic shapes are in place, another layer of fine cob is put on and burnished to a smooth surface.

At the uplift site, there is a kiosk with a connected bench and a bench on the other side of the entrance shown in part here. The sculpted woman laying down with the tail of the lizard by her head.

What a creative and aesthetic bench to sit on.

Side of the kiosk.

Closeup detail of the armrest of the bench.

Other side of the kiosk

Closeup of the lizards face, and the bench stonework.