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9.11 investigation

Welcome to the NWO! Would you like a side order of TERROR with your LIFESTYLE?

Don't let your guards down...don't be fooled! Even though it is pretty safe to say that these "terror warnings" are fake and are meant to draw attention away from the Bush Administration's complicity in the 9/11 attacks, THEY WILL NOT ALWAYS BE FAKE! This fascist administration is bent on terrorizing its people and taking complete control of the world.....the attacks WILL COME....they have to in order to keep Americans in line.......WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD TERROR ORDER! The AMERICAN NIGHTMARE!
Officials: Terrorists may target tall apt. bldgs.
FBI chief: 'We will not be able to stop it'
May 20, 2002 Posted: 11:15 PM EDT (0315 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. intelligence services recently picked up al Qaeda discussions about packing explosives in apartments to topple tall buildings, U.S. officials told CNN Monday.

The officials said the purported plot was learned from diverse sources. The "chatter," as it's called in the intelligence community, resulted in the FBI asking apartment owners and property managers to report any suspicious activity.

The FBI did not issue a formal alert or advisory because the information is "uncorroborated" and was not specific to any city or region, one official said.

"The discussion was about renting some apartments, packing them with explosives and bringing some tall buildings down," another official said.

The official said that as far as he knew the plan had "not gotten beyond the talking stage" -- a sentiment echoed in the FBI memo to property managers.

Officials would not elaborate on the specific manner in which the information was gleaned or what cities might be potential targets.

Mueller: New attack 'inevitable'

The news came as FBI Director Robert Mueller Monday predicted there would be "another terrorist attack" in the United States.

"We will not be able to stop it. It's something we all live with," he said in comments to the National Association of District Attorneys in suburban Washington.

The FBI director also called it "inevitable" that the United States would one day see pedestrian suicide bombers.

Meanwhile, two leading lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee said it's almost assured that the country will face another terrorist attack in the next few years.

"There is a likelihood almost to the point of certainty that over the next say, three to five years, that there will be another terrorist attack inside the U.S.," said Sen. Bob Graham, the chairman of the committee.

Graham, D-Florida, based that timeline on "the historical pattern" of the terrorist network al Qaeda, but he said "there is no empirical data" that points to a likely time.

"We don't know the specifics, the time and the place, but we have great reason to believe that we could be hit anytime in the next few years," said Sen. Richard Shelby, the top Republican on the Senate intelligence panel.

As future attacks were predicted, a new Justice Department report called the Immigration and Naturalization Service's method of tracking students arriving from abroad "significantly flawed."

The report also blamed "widespread failure" in the INS for the episode in which the INS sent student visa approvals for September 11 hijackers to a Florida flight school six months after the attacks. (Full story)

Plan to allow airline 911 calls dropped
Despite the possibility of new attacks, federal transportation officials decided against the idea of having an emergency toll-free 911 number airline passengers could dial.

"We're not going to pursue that option. We're taking a different course of action," a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration said Monday. "A number of complicating factors prevent us from undertaking it."

Instead, the TSA said, pilots will be responsible for notifying authorities if there's an emergency on a plane.

"There will be another terrorist attack. We will not be able to stop it. It's something we all live with."
FBI Director Robert Mueller

The spokesman said agency will work with the FAA and the airline industry to improve cockpit emergency tools that will allow more effective emergency communications with air traffic control, airline flight operations and the appropriate emergency responders.

Congress told the TSA to take a look at a 911 emergency call system in the air when it passed the Aviation and Transportation Security Act last November.

According to the FAA, pilots can now talk to air traffic control and they can activate a certain frequency on board that signals they're being hijacked. That apparently would be enhanced.

The TSA also considered toll-free 911 numbers for passengers in trains, but decided not to go forward with it because a large percentage of passengers on trains have cell phones that can be used in an emergency.
the death of the us republic 20.May.2002 23:58

t. paine

you may be very close to the truth.

Amazing. The general populace still does not see the hand writing on the wall. They are losing their precious republic. Sated with TV sports and porno; they trundle to their doom.

How can we stop this?

the kings 21.May.2002 10:12

King louie

Throughout history the rich have sent the poor to kill each other over simple family
arguements between themselves. We have been the pawns of the egos of
megalo maniacs since the institutionalization of kings.
now they seem to be cooperating to keep the public from asking why we work so hard for so little while others work so little for so mutch .
The term "conspierocy theory " is a horribly successful propiganda buzzword
intended to make the questioner of coruption feel silly about questioning coruption
when we all know coruption is simply a fact of power . The average media watching stiff might simply not be aware of the power of the colective .
Example : A flock of birds or school of fish dont need to have secret meetings to deside witch way to fly or swim. The same goes for human colectives as well the pollice need criminals to exist the inteligence comunity needs people to spy on the military industrial complex needs people to war on each other.etc.....

We need to come together 21.May.2002 10:54

Jody Paulson

I think the struggle for the truth has gone beyond the point of documenting detail by detail on the web. The facts are there. Now people need to come together, physically, and begin a movement demanding that everyone be privy to these facts. If indeed there is another attack, we can't depend on the Internet to always be there as a tool. It's time to organize. The good news is: I honestly think it's too late for the government to stop this. Sure, they'll cite polls (who knows how legitimate they are) that say only 38% of Americans want an investigation. These numbers hide the fact that about 3-5% (in my estimation) are on to Bush and equate the man with the antichrist. No matter what they do now, these numbers are only going to get bigger, because the truth is on our side. Think about it. If 5% of your house is on fire, you're not going to be able to put it out by yourself.

Don't ALWAYS count on the internet 21.May.2002 11:28


They can shut down the internet whenever they WANT TO! They can use sophisticated software and super-computers to "jam" certain websites!